Who is Randy “Popper” Jones? suspect shot and killed NYPD cop Adeed Fayaz during a robbery in Brooklyn

Randy “Popper” Jones
Randy “Popper” Jones is accused of murdering Adeed Fayaz


A man accused of shooting an off-duty NYPD cop during a botched robbery was arrested Monday night at an upstate New York motel. Let’s who is Randy “Popper” Jones and what happened in detail.

What happened to Adeed Fayaz?

Adeed Fayaz, NYPD officer was shot by Jones after the robbery went wrong.

After officer Adeed Fayaz was shot, police tracked down Randy “Popper” Jones, a 38-year-old reputed career criminal, who was hiding out with his girlfriend and her children.

Adeed, a 26-year-old father of two, was shot in the head during the failed heist and he was on the life support in a hospital in New York City.

Fayaz, an off-duty police officer, passed away three days after being shot during a botched heist.

A criminal arrested in the shooting of an off-duty police officer may be charged with murder.

A murder complaint was filed against the Harlem man on Tuesday, hours after off-duty NYPD officer was pronounced dead at the hospital, according to authorities.

Adeed Fayaz
Adeed Fayaz, 26 year old officer


Car buying scam:

Fayaz and his brother-in-law agreed to buy a Honda Pilot on Facebook Marketplace.

Randy “Popper” Jones, 38, allegedly shot the 26-year-old father of two in the head during a failed robbery in East New York on Saturday night, according to police and sources.

The pair was carrying $24,000 in cash at the time. Jones allegedly lured the two into a shadowy alley and started shooting “almost instantly,” hitting Fayaz once in the temple.

Then, as Jones fled, the officer’s brother-in-law took the weapon out of Fayaz’s holster and started firing again.

Jones remained at large until police located him at a hotel in Rockland County on Monday. There, they used Fayaz’s handcuffs to take Jones into prison.

Randy Jones was taken into custody by police on Monday, February 6.

Who is Randy “Popper” Jones?

Randy “Popper” Jones is a 38 year old career criminal who is  suspected of shooting an off-duty NYPD officer.

On Tuesday, Jones was accused with both robbery and murder.

The getaway car, a black BMW SUV, was discovered by police on 129th Street and Park Avenue in Harlem on Sunday and impounded it.

Randy “Popper” Jones
Randy “Popper” Jones arrested by officers


In front of hundreds of police officers, many of whom were from the 66th precinct where Fayaz worked, Jones was carried out of the 75th precinct Tuesday night while wearing handcuffs and a white Tyvek suit.

Randy’s criminal history:

Jones has a lengthy criminal rap sheet, according to reports. He was wanted by police for questioning in connection with a vehicle and traffic warrant from 2019.

His criminal history includes arrests for grand theft, harassment, and strangulation. Over the course of his lengthy career as a criminal, he was reportedly busted a total of 22 times.

According to ABC News, Jones is suspected of using Facebook Marketplace in a previous robbery scheme identical to the one that resulted in the shooting of off-duty officer Fayaz Adeed on Saturday.


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