Who is Sumner Stroh? Instagram model accuses of Adam Levine – All We Know so far


Who is Sumner Stroh? Instagram model accuses of Adam Levine - All We Know so far

For claiming that she had an affair with Adam Levine, an Instagram model went viral on TikTok on Monday. Let’s see Who is Sumner Stroh and why this Instagram model accuses Adam Levine in detail

What accusation did Sumner Stroh make?

At first, the lady, Sumner Stroh, referred to the cheater merely as a “guy who is married to Victoria’s Secret model.” Since 2014, the 43-year-old singer of Maroon 5 has been wed to Behati Prinsloo, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Stroh, 23, stated in the video, “At the time, I was young, I was naive, and, quite simply, I feel exploited,” without elaborating on the specific date of the alleged affair. 

“I was extremely easily misled because I wasn’t in ‘the scene’ like I am now.” Stroh, however, revealed to Page Six in an exclusive interview that the alleged affair happened “last year,” when she “graduated college in 2021.” The model insisted that she and Levine had a “physical” relationship when questioned whether the alleged romance was sexual or merely emotional cheating.

She also told us, “I haven’t spoken to him in months.” By allegedly uploading pictures of direct conversations that the rock star allegedly gave her, Stroh exposed Levine as her lover in the popular video. She made a mild shot at his band, saying, “Maroon 5 is virtually elevator music at this point, so I’m sure you know who Adam Levine is.”

Private messages from the singer Adam Levine 

Levine allegedly told the woman, according to the texts that flashed on a green screen behind her, “It is just unreal how f-king hot you are.  Like, my mind is blown. Then Stroh seemed to say, “I mean, I think the same. When I first met you, I was like… 

I’m screwed. The “She Will Be Loved” singer allegedly continued by writing, “You are 50 times hotter in person. I’m the same way, hehe. Levine and Stroh supposedly dated for “almost a year,” but a few months later, he allegedly asked her if he could name his next child after her.

Levine allegedly asked Stroh in a DM whether he could name his next child after her.

“Ok, serious question, he said. If I have another child, I want to name him Sumner if he is a boy. Do you agree with that? Reading the supposed DM out loud, the model exclaimed, “DEAD serious.

The messages appear to have been connected to Levine’s verified Instagram profile, according to a video that Page Six has seen.

Levine and Prinsloo have made their third child’s impending birth public knowledge. The couple already has two kids, Gio Grace, 4, and Dusty Rose, 5. Levine is reported to have called Stroh regarding the namesake request, at which point Stroh declared that she was “in hell at this point.”

The brunette beauty said, “I mean, my principles were unwittingly compromised.” My every move was influenced. Stroh claimed she was the victim of extortion by a friend who threatened to sell the information to a tabloid, despite saying in the tape that she intended to “handle things discreetly” and “never come forward.”

Being associated with a tale like this — I know the clichés, she continued. “I know the implications of doing what I do, making money the way I do, and being an Instagram model.”

Who is Sumner Stroh?

Stroh was born on August 11, 1999, and now she is 23 years old. 

The University of Texas awarded her a degree. Stroh is an Instagram model who also runs an OnlyFans page.

According to a YouTube video from August 2020, Sumner celebrated her 21st birthday with her friend in Cabo San Lucas.

As per her Instagram profile, where she has gained 364,000 followers at this time, Sumner has lived in Missouri, Branson, and Los Angeles.

The Instagram star followed a marketing career for a few years before transitioning into a full-time influencer and model, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Sumner Stroh’s Career

Several well-known companies, including the dating app Bumble and the clothing retailer Boohoo, partnered with Sumner.

Before that, she worked as the marketing manager for her sister’s 2016-founded jewelry business, Strung by Stroh.

She manages the college ambassador program, according to her LinkedIn profile for the position. 

I look for influencers to collaborate with to increase website, social media, and sales traffic.

Sumner is reportedly managed by Verge Agency, a talent management company that mostly represents content creators, according to her Instagram account.

The Instagram model and influencer also has 372,000 followers on her TikTok account.

You tube channel of Sumner

Sumner is a well-known internet celebrity on TikTok and Instagram in addition to running a low-key YouTube channel.

She primarily posts vlogs, lifestyle material, travel videos, and stuff with pals on her channel.

Modeling picture shoots and clothing hauls are featured in other films. She started her channel in 2015, and as of now, it has just over 6,000 subscribers. Her most recent video, which she released more than a year ago, shows a wardrobe haul from the Princess Polly company.

Stroh’s  family 

Sumner Stroh shared a picture on social media but hasn’t shared many details about her family. According to our sources, her mother’s name is Tracey Ann Stroh and she has three siblings. As we mentioned earlier in this article, her elder sister is Baylen Stroh, and two younger brothers, Asher and Brandon.

Sumner Stroh’s Net Worth

According to the information we gathered from the Sources, Sumner Stroh’s net worth is less than 1 Million US Dollars.

Who was Adam Noah Levine?

The lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the pop rock band Maroon 5 is American singer, songwriter, and musician Adam Noah Levine (/lvin/; born March 18, 1979). With the band Kara’s Flowers, of which he was the lead guitarist and vocalist, Levine launched his musical career in 1994.

The band was resurrected as Maroon 5 in 2001 following the financial failure of their sole album, The Fourth World, with James Valentine taking Levine’s place as lead guitarist. Levine first met Russian Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Anne Vyalitsyna in early 2010 while performing at the magazine’s Las Vegas release party. They started dating each other. In April 2012, they called it quits in an “amicable and supportive manner.”

Personal life of Levine

Levine started dating Behati Prinsloo, Victoria’s Secret model from Namibia, in May 2012. On July 19, 2014, the pair got hitched, with Jonah Hill presiding. The two daughters of Levine and Prinsloo are Gio Grace (born on September 21, 2016) and Dusty Rose (born February 15, 2018). Levine is a supporter of same-sex marriage and LGBT rights. Her brother Michael is gay.

In 2011, he posted a video in favor of the It Gets Better Project on Maroon 5’s official YouTube channel. He declared in January 2012 that Maroon 5 had relocated the site of their post-Grammy Awards performance as a result of the “unnamed Los Angeles restaurant’s support of Proposition 8”.

An anonymous security guard claimed in a 2013 complaint against Universal Music Publishing Group that the company’s Santa Monica branch was “infiltrated with rampant drug usage where you could smell marijuana leaking from various offices and openly smoked in common areas, and lounges.”

In the complaint, Levine was cited. When the security officer objected to the cannabis smoke coming from one of the studios, she claimed she was told that “it’s Adam Levine… if he wants to come to the lobby and do a line of cocaine on the floor, it’s OK.” The charges were called “absurd” by UMPG (Universal Music Publishing Group) in an official statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

Levine and Prinsloo worked with Ferrari and Save the Children in July 2020 to generate money for American education initiatives amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Levine and Prinsloo established Calirosa Tequila in 2021. Tequila bottles from the brand became available in December 2021. Levine and Prinsloo are reportedly expecting their third child together on September 7, 2022.

Sumner Stroh allegation on Adam

Adam Levine is married to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo since 2014. The couple is expecting their third child and they announced it on September 6th. But, In June, Adam Levine asked permission from Sumner Stroh to name his boy “Sumner” to show Adam’s affection towards Sumner Strow. In the chat, Adam asks “Ok, serious question. I’m having another baby and if it’s w  boy I really wanna name it Sumner. You OK with that? DEAD Serious”.

People reacting to her allegations:

Wayne Ostrowski said,

She most likely took the Kim K 101 class in college !!!

Rico Krobar said,

Floating in a river one day??

Good girl posted,

Strategically leaked to bring attention to her scantily-clad body. Hey girlie, this is an old move. You’ll have to be a bit more creative if you want public sympathy. People are laughing because at least every other week some clueless, half-naked bird is doing the same thing as you’re doing. Is there an app for this?

Postina said,

This is 100% her fault too. Omg- the fact the women like her can show off to her friends, so unapologetically admit she had an affair with the husband of a “Victoria Secret” model and know that she will continue to profit and earn a living from the public says alot about society too. Her posts and style of pictures are not “naive” ones. Totally the opposite very suggestive. She takes no responsibility, makes no apology, plays the victim and just knows it’s acceptable now days for some reason to do this. So sad

Peter lee said,

So her extortion and blackmail didn’t work. He can press charges against her now since that’s a criminal offense.

Suckit said,

Imagine the timing of it all. True or not, I feel empathy for his wife just announcing her pregnancy. PEOPLE JUST SUCK!

Irish said,

“The scene” honey TikTok is not “a scene” as anyone can do it 🤣 people who become famous for things like this never remain famous for long

Ana posted,

I’m the most shocked about this. Figured he was cheater…but to want to name your unborn child with your wife after your mistress?!?!?!? He is disturbed.

Gay shaker posted,

But also so is she for knowingly sleeping with a married man just because he’s a celebrity. He ain’t even hot.

Winston posted,

I just checked out her old posts on IG – straight up different face. It’s sad these young women feel the need to change their looks like this.

Dancer posted,

my opinion on adam levine will always stay the same. he’s a sleezeball. i have felt that way for years. today, it has come to fruition that he is, indeed, a sleezeball.


Why is it that all these young ladies who seek fame and fortune by dating or having affairs with older men later claim they were exploited?? They use their sexuality as currency but then complain about the posted price.


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