CrazySlick’s s*xual assault allegations: AdrianahLee’s old clip Explained


CrazySlick's s*xual assault allegations: AdrianahLee's old clip Explained

AdrianahLee, a Twitch streamer, responds to an old video of Mizkif downplaying CrazySlick’s sexual harassment. Let’s see CrazySlick’s s*xual assault allegations in detail

CrazySlick’s s*xual assault allegations

AdrianahLee, a Twitch writer, has come forward in support of Trainwrecks’ claims that former streaming partners Mizkif and Maya hushed up her accusations of sexual assault against their friend CrazySlick. She asserts that occurred in January 2020.

AdrianahLee said in a Twitter post that a fabricated account of the alleged incident demonstrated how insane she was a year after it allegedly occurred. After she started dozing off, Slick followed her around and tried to kiss her. She was then spotted stroking her neck and chest.

According to AdrianahLee, CrazySlick “did it out of concern to see whether she was alive.” She said she didn’t rape or assault her, but she wasn’t sure if it was true.

Instead, he left him feeling awkward. As soon as possible, on September 19, Trainwreck claimed that Mizkif had sent Maya to cover up all of the sexual assaults. This caused AdrianahLee to clarify the issue and enable him to thoroughly substantiate his claims.

The controversy started on September 20, when Twitch sensations Tyler “Trainwreckstv” and Mizkif got into a debacle on Twitter, following ItsSliker’s gambling and “scamming” controversy.

After a bit of back-and-forth, Trainwrecks accused Mizkif of covering an alleged s*xual assault, which involved the latter’s roommate, CrazySlick.

Following this, Twitch streamer AdrianahLee took to her Twitch channel and spoke about the subject matter. She revealed that CrazySlick placed his hands on her chest when she was passed out and continuously stated that he was “checking her pulse.”

Twitch streamer AdrianahLee plays an old clip featuring Mizkif, wherein he seemingly admits CrazySlick's s*xual assault

At the 1:40 hour mark, one viewer shared Mizkif’s old YouTube video during which he talked about CrazySlick.

In it, the streamer could be heard saying:

“Look, I don’t think there’s a single person that we used to hang out with, that doesn’t hang out with Slick anymore, because of what happened. I actually think there’s literally none. Because the reality is, worse comes the worst of it, it’s something like s*xual harassment, right?”

The YouTube clip continued with Mizkif adding:

“When people like, think of it, they think that he stuck his f***ing d**k inside her, without her consent, and I’m like, ‘That’s what people perceive it as,’ when they don’t…”

AdrianahLee paused the video, and remarked:

“I just hate the narrative of, ‘He didn’t r*pe her, so it’s okay. He only touched her inappropriately.’ Like, I don’t understand how that’s a narrative? How that makes it okay? I’m… like, s**t like this; because s**t like this gets f***ing pushed under the rug, is the reason why girls don’t come out about this s**t.”

The Twitch streamer talked about the MeToo movement:

” Why? The MeToo little movement, that happened, in f***ing Hollywood, is a thing! Because people don’t want to f***ing risk their careers, and lose their careers, because they get inappropriately touched. They got treated inappropriately.”

AdrianahLee provided an example of her Twitch chat:

“But we’re not allowed to say anything, because, look at my f***ing (Twitch) chat. Look at how people are constantly undermining the situation. Any possible reason they can.”

The streaming community responds to an old YouTube video by Mizkif

When AdrianahLee’s livestreaming mishap was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, it shot to the top of the forum’s threads.

Redditors expressed shock at Matthew’s comments and the following:

Pievan posted,

Why the F*CK would he say this out loud? These streamers are some of the dumbest people on earth.

Dover posted,

Because he thought he was invincible and why wouldn’t he, he said that and got away with it. He said that a year ago and still retained his viewership. Why was this not pointed out a year ago, when he said it. Hopefully this situation goes full scorched earth and exposes more of these gremlins.

Bother posted,

Its more about feeling untouchable

Batman posted,

And look how miz Andy’s will STILL suck his dick after this

Krish posted,

when you know there are thousands of kids thinking you as a god and will obey and agree to every shit that comes out of your mouth , You develop a thing called EGO . Ego that makes you believe you are the GOD , untill reality hits you

Astra posted,

after Maya’s stream, I don’t think this was as bad as it looked originally. if what Maya said is true, then Adriana told her that at the time she didn’t want to call it assault or rape but that she felt uncomfortable. then isn’t mizkif saying it wasn’t as bad as ppl were making it out to be at the time, accurate? at least to his own knowledge from what his GF told him. And him saying no one gave a shit is what actually happened, no one cared after a couple days.

Ram tweeted,

Why is the man always guilty until proven innocent ? Nowadays all women can say they were raped and we need to believe it 100%? That’s not fair

Pookie tweeted,

I’m just curious when Twitter and Twitch became the law. Back in my day if someone was harassed or assaulted the police where called and charges where filed. If he’s guilty get the law involved. Isn’t that what unpopular people do?



Mizkif says CrazySlick is “missing” and sent goodbye messages following sexual assault allegations:

Streamers Mizkif and Trainwreck got into a Twitter argument while there was a discussion on Twitch about gambling material.

However, their argument became dark when Train made the shocking claim that Mizkif had assisted in “covering up” sexual assault charges.

AdrianahLee later verified that the claims Train was making concerned both her and CrazySlick, a streamer Mizkif is close to.

Following Lee, Mizkif and her ex-girlfriend Maya requested that she keep some details confidential.

Following allegations, CrazySlick is “lost.”

Mizkif hasn’t streamed since the scandal broke out, although he has been active in several Twitch discussions, including his offline chat. He said, “I’m worried about him,” as he spoke there. He isn’t at home. He just mentioned he was heading to a girl’s place, but I have no idea where he is.

Around two hours later, as his worries grew, he posted, “None of us know where Slick is. Slick sent some of us farewell messages, but he hasn’t messaged the rest of us. Please let me know if any of you have a contact or know anything about Slick.

The police had been contacted to inquire about Slick around 20 minutes later, according to Mizkif, who also confirmed: “We called everything. I made a police report.

Both Mizkif and Slick himself have not provided any more updates as of the time of writing. I have never sexually assaulted anyone and never will, Slick had tweeted shortly after the claims surfaced. Never in my life did I intend to hurt anyone. It’s unfair that I make an effort to check on someone and then am accused of rape. I’m going to get a lawyer right away. Think before you speak after the Johnny Depp situation.

Later, the tweet was taken down. As more information about CrazySlick and Mizkif becomes available, we will update this post.

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