Who is Douglas Ramsey? Why was the COO of Beyond Meat arrested? Explained


Who is Douglas Ramsey? Why was the COO of Beyond Meat arrested? Explained


The COO of Beyond Meat was detained for biting a man in a quarrel. Let’s see who is Douglas Ramsey and why was the COO of Beyond Meat arrested in detail

Who is Douglas Ramsey?

As per the reports, he is accused of third-degree violence and making terroristic threats. Following his LinkedIn page, Ramsey started working with Beyond Meat in December 2021.

The vegan business from California takes pride in its plant-based beef and says that moving away from animal products may “positively affect the earth, the environment, the climate, and even ourselves.” Ramsey was hired last year, and according to a press release announcing the decision, the company’s founder and CEO Ethan Brown stated he “could not be happier” to have Ramsey on board.

The company’s purpose is to “create great products that are healthier for our customers and more sustainable for our world,” according to Ramsey, who is honored to join it.

Ramsey worked with Tyson Foods from 1992 until he began at Beyond Meat, according to his biography on Tyson’s website. He was described by Tyson Foods as a “servant leader” and “advocate of team member safety.”

Why was the COO of Beyond Meat arrested?

Following an altercation in an Arkansas parking garage, Doug Ramsey, 53, was detained for “pulling the flesh on the top of the nose.”

After biting a man’s nose during an altercation, Beyond Meat’s COO was taken into custody. On Saturday night, Doug Ramsey was arrested, then he was freed on Sunday.

Ramsey, 53, was detained for “pulling the skin on the tip of the nose” after an argument in an Arkansas parking garage, according to the local news station KNWA.

According to reports, the Beyond Meat COO struck the Subaru driver when it collided with his Ford Bronco as it was pulling out of the garage. Ramsey allegedly “punched through the back windshield of the Subaru” after getting out of his car. The owner of the Subaru reported that when he got out, Ramsey pulled him in close and started pounding his body.

According to the KNWA report, he “bit the owner’s nose, shredding the flesh on the tip of the nose.” When he arrived at the scene, a responding police officer reported seeing “two individuals with bleeding faces.”

The Subaru driver claimed to have heard Ramsey “threaten to kill” the driver, and so did another witness. Before things became worse, other people in both cars were able to separate the two.

Doug Ramsey joined Tyson Foods for thirty years before being named COO of Beyond Meat in December 2021. The corporation turned down multiple attempts from the media to comment on the situation.

After the University of Arkansas football game, an altercation took place in a parking garage close to Razorback Stadium, but campus police declined to comment due to an ongoing investigation.


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