Ja’Ceon Terry died due to suffocation: What happened? Explained

Ja'Ceon Terry Cause of Death

Ja’Ceon Terry died on July 17 as a result of “positional asphyxia,” which means his body position caused him unable to breathe. Let’s see who is Ja’Ceon Terry, how did he die, what happened, and what was Ja’Ceon Terry Cause of Death.

How did Ja’Ceon Terry die?

Ja’Ceon Terry’s family is mourning all over again as new information about his death becomes available.

Details about his death have been provided as part of an investigation initiated by Louisville Metro Police and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

LEX 18 received a statement from Brooklawn Foster Care Facility. They stated that following Ja’Ceon’s death, they have increased their safety efforts and fired two staff members involved in the event.


Ja’Ceon Terry Cause of Death

Ja’Ceon died of positional asphyxia, according to a Jefferson County coroner, and his death is being investigated as a homicide.

“I simply felt someone had done something to my son,” Dominique, Ja’Ceon’s mother, stated. She hadn’t seen her kid in over two years and had hoped to reclaim custody until learning of Ja’Ceon’s death.

The death-turned-homicide investigation has been made more traumatic for Dominique and her father George by a lack of communication and transparency.

“When my daddy’s sister called and told us the headline from the Louisville news, I went and checked, and that’s precisely what it was.” “No phone call, no nothing, I hadn’t even gotten the autopsy that I was supposed to get, I hadn’t gotten nothing,” Dominique explained.


Dominique and her father

A news release apology is insufficient for Dominique and her father.

“To say apologise now… it’s a little late,” George said. “They didn’t apologise when it happened, and there was no communication to console us in our hour of need… to apologise on the phone or in person Going to the press and releasing it in the newspaper means nothing to me.”

Dominique and George spend the majority of their days at Ja’Ceon’s burial, nearly two months after his death. The circumstances behind his death have been revealed, but only justice will bring closure.


Who is Ja’Ceon Terry?

On July 17, the 7-year-old died in the hands of the Bellewood and Brooklawn foster care facility in Louisville.

“He’s seven years old; he couldn’t have been too strong for two adults to handle,” George explained.

“Instead of throwing an arm over his neck and choking him out, there should have been training, and I believe the two responsible should have been jailed and charged with murder.”


Tribute to Ja’Ceon Terry

Megan Mannering said,

“They said my child would be safer in foster care than with me.” Dominique Terry’s 7-year-old died in a foster care facility in July. Now, Ja’Ceon’s death is deemed a homicide.

Shay McAlister said,

Autopsy results reveal 7-year-old Ja’Ceon Terry died at Louisville facility for foster kids from positional asphyxia. Experts deemed his death a homicide. Brooklawn said the child “should not have died on our watch.” They have since fired 2 people.

Wikisin said,

Ja’Ceon Terry died July 17 of “positional asphyxia,” meaning his body position left him unable to breathe. It provided no further details other than that the child was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Ricky Sayer said,

The death of Ja’Ceon Terry, the 7-year-old who died in foster care, has been ruled a homicide, according to the Jefferson County Coroner. It’s officially listed as “positional asphyxia/homicide,” which means Ja’Ceon suffocated.



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