Seara Burton died: What happened to the Richmond Police Officer? Explained


Seara Burton died: What happened to the Richmond Police Officer? Explained

After being taken off life support more than two weeks ago, a police officer who was shot in the head during a traffic check in eastern Indiana has passed away. Let’s see how Seara Burton died and what happened to the Richmond Police Officer in detail

What happened to Seara Burton?

More than two weeks after being taken off life support, a police officer Seara Burton from eastern Indiana who was shot in the head during a traffic stop in August has passed away, according to officials.

Officer Seara Burton of the Richmond Police Department passed away late Sunday night at a Reid Health facility, according to a message on Facebook from the department.

The statement from several officials read, “We would like to thank the Richmond community, as well as those who have supported Seara, her family, and the department from near and far.”

Burton suffered a serious injury in the incident on August 10. After being taken off of life support on September 1 at a hospital in Dayton, Ohio, the 28-year-old cop was transferred to hospice care two days later.

On Monday afternoon, Richmond police and other authorities were supposed to accompany Burton’s remains as they left the Dayton region.

Burton had worked for the Richmond police department for four years. Richmond is located about 65 miles (105 kilometers) east of Indianapolis.

Who is Phillip Matthew Lee?

Phillip Matthew Lee, 47, is accused by the prosecution of three charges of attempted murder, three counts of narcotics possession for methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin, and one count of having a firearm in their possession while a major violent criminal. He entered a not-guilty plea.

According to the reports, police officers stopped Lee and contacted Burton for help with her police dog. The canine suggested that drugs might be present. According to court filings, the rider pulled out a revolver and fired at the officers, shooting Burton in the process. He fled after other officers opened fire on him. Lee was caught after a brief foot chase.

No additional policemen were shot. According to investigators, Lee received treatment for gunshot wounds.

Days before her wedding, Seara Burton shot at a traffic stop (August)

Nine days before her wedding, Richmond Police Officer Seara Burton, the city’s first female K-9 handler, was shot.

Authorities stated that Nine days before her wedding, an Indiana K-9 Officer who was shot in the head while on duty in August is still fighting to live after being pulled off life support on Thursday. 

Officer Seara Burton, 28, of the Richmond Police Department, “is still alive and surrounded by family,” according to a statement released by Richmond Police Chief Michael Britt on Thursday.

Burton, the city’s first female K-9 officer, was shot in the head on August 10 while assisting police with a possible drug-related traffic stop.

Richmond Police Narcotics Unit heeding Phillip Lee. The Richmond Police Narcotics Unit allegedly observed Phillip Lee, 47, stop at a garage on August 10 while conducting an operation, according to police, according to WTHR.

Then, officers stopped Lee in the 200 Block of North 12th Street. Burton arrived at the scene at 6:30 p.m. with her canine companion, Brev, and had him perform an open-air smell on Lee and the moped he was riding. According to authorities, the open-air smell revealed the presence of drugs, WXIX.

Phillip Lee pulled out a gun and fired

Lee allegedly pulled out a gun and allegedly fired, hitting Burton, as the officers were speaking to him, according to the police, WXIX reports. Officers opened fire on Lee, who then ran away on foot.

Seara Burton is in critical condition Burton, a four-year department veteran, and freshly certified K-9 Officer were sent to Miami Valley Hospital in critical condition, where she battled for her life, according to a statement from Chief Michael Britt on August 18.

Her situation is still very serious, but there have been some encouraging signs since Wednesday, he wrote. “We are very appreciative of the doctors and nurses who are giving her the best medical care available. The Department and the Community are still hoping and praying for her recovery.

However, Richmond Police painfully announced on Wednesday that Burton would be removed from life support on Thursday.

According to the statement from Chief Michael Britt, Major Jon Bales, and Major Aly Tonuc, her injuries are irreparable.

Chief Britt stated in an update on Friday that “Officer Seara Burton is still with us this morning, and her status did not significantly alter overnight. He said, “She is still not on life support.”  “We are keeping a careful eye on the issue, and we will keep the public updated as it develops. Seera keeps showing us how resilient she is, he wrote.

Lee, who sustained injuries on Aug. 10, appeared in court via video from his hospital bed on Aug. 19 — the day Burton was supposed to marry her fiancée Sierra Neal, WIBC reports.

According to WRTV, Lee is accused of many narcotics offenses, unauthorized possession of a firearm by a major violent criminal, and three counts of attempted murder. To each charge, he has entered a not guilty plea.  His detention is under a $1.5 million bond. It’s unknown if Lee has a lawyer who can represent him in court.

Her fiancee visits Burton ‘You Are My Wife’

On Aug. 19, Burton’s fiancée visited Burton at the hospital, wearing her wedding dress as she walked toward Burton’s hospital room.

“This walk was supposed to look a lot different, but I will always be thankful we still got to celebrate,” Neal wrote in a caption for the TikTok video. “Even if it is not legal on paper, you are my wife. I love you Seara.”


Police officers, medical personnel, and Burton’s loved ones lined the hospital hallways on Thursday as they staged an honor walk for her as she was brought from the intensive care unit to the operating room for organ donation, according to Dayton 247 Now.

Brev, Burton’s K-9 partner who survived the gunfight, led the charge. The chief stated in the statement, “He is currently being looked after by one of our Investigators who is a former K-9 handler. He is receiving the very best care and is in wonderful hands.

“Seara will live on and continue to be a hero with her unselfish gift of organ donation,” Chief Britt stated in his statement on Wednesday. After she is gone, Officer Burton will still be of service to others.

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