Who is Nona Bayat? Meet the Fitness Influencer – Bio, Age, Parents & Workout plan


Nona Bayat is a well-known American Instagram Star, Tiktoker, and Fitness Model. She is renowned for the wellness-related content that she publishes on many online media platforms.

Nona frequently shares a variety of workout plans and regimens with her followers. She is among the most stirring young women on TikTok. Her internet media profile is growing at a startling rate.

She is recognized for her stunning Instagram photos and videos as well. Reading this post will quell your curiosity about her personal and professional life. Before reading the rest of the article with interest and an open mind, let’s first look at her bio.

Nona Bayat: Biography

NameNona Bayat
Famous forAthlete, Fitness & Instagram Model
ProfessionInstagram star and fitness influencer
Marital statusUnmarried
Age24 (as of 2023)
Date of BirthApril 29, 1999
BirthplaceUnited States
Zodiac signTaurus


Who is Nona Bayat?

Everyone wants to be physically strong and healthy. Almost everyone resolves every year to improve their level of fitness and health.

The majority of us, however, would prefer the advantages of a healthy and active lifestyle without making the necessary commitments to effort and restraint.

(Source: Playbook) 

However, we can all think of at least one friend who is a complete gym rat and every time we spend time with them, our desire to work out is rekindled.

The devil, however, always seems to find a way to overtake us, leaving behind the spirit of procrastination and the explanations for why we can’t maintain our regular gym attendance.

Anyway, we’re here to talk about Nona Bayat, a rising fitness celebrity. Nona Bayat’s social media knowledge and artistic abilities recorded her online initiatives to enhance her physical wellness.

Nona was a TikTok user who created content and was passionate about Physical exercise and Nutrition. She has gained over 390,000 fans and more than 6 million app preferences thanks to her food and workout regimens that have gone viral.

Social Media Accounts



Instagram (1.2M followers)


Youtube (77.6K Subscribers 64 videos)







Read Nona Bayat’s, Fitness Journey

When they were young, the now-famous fitness influencer Nona Bayat and her brother came from Iran to Los Angeles with their parents in search of better possibilities.

She had an early interest in physical fitness activities like swimming and swam for her high school team from the time she was 12 years old till college.

Fitness obsession at a young age

However, she had always had a passion for fitness, so when she was 17, she joined a gym. Although she couldn’t afford a personal trainer at the time, she spent countless hours researching on Google, and YouTube, and talking to bodybuilders to learn more about weightlifting, making fitness a huge part of her life.

Even though Nona Bayat is now well-known for her commitment to fitness, it all really started in 2020 when she finally caved and downloaded the hyped-up app Tik Tok.

She found that there should be more content on health and fitness. So she posted a video of herself doing her regular ab workout at the gym without giving it a second thought to the app.

Nona as a Brand Ambassador

As a result, she amassed an enormous fan base on Tik Tok, and the next day, her video became viral and had over a million views on the app.

After realizing that social media provided a way for her to combine her two greatest loves—pursuing her passion and assisting people around the world—she started to receive approaches from businesses like GymShark, one of which she ultimately decided to collaborate with because their principles align with hers.

For the past six months, she has also served as an ambassador for OneSol, a manufacturer of plant-based supplements. Her friend and his wife founded OneSol because they share a dedication to gut health and offering people secure, efficient nutritional supplements.

She chose to work with them because they value their clients so highly that they pay attention to and take action on suggestions to enhance the brand.

Educational Background

At the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Nona Bayat graduated with a degree in psychology. Nona is a first-generation college student who recently graduated from the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) and has a recent UCLA degree in psychology.

As per Nona’s Linkedin profile, she was a pre-med student with patient-care experience and clinical experience at the UCLA Hospital.

Also, she wishes to seek more opportunities in the medical field. Nona knew that she wanted to be a doctor and spent a lot of time as a hospital intern learning from doctors.

She applied to medical school in January 2020 and was accepted; when she initially rose to fame, she was attempting to combine her two occupations.

Nona currently works full-time as a content creator, promoting wellness and fitness to improve people’s lives.

Nona Bayat’s Workout planNona Bayat  

Boss Up Workout Split

The “Boss-Up Workout Split” is Nona’s workout split that she has been using at the gym for several months.

She said that this program is listed for 5 weeks, so make sure to increase the weight you are lifting as the week progresses.

For example, if you are using 10 lb weights for week 1, try to use 15 lb weights for week 2. At the end of every single workout, I always do a quick ab workout, so we will end our workout with a little ab session.

Day 1- Shoulders & Triceps

Day 2 – Full Legs

Day 3 – Back & Biceps

Day 4 – Full Body                                                                                   

Day 5 – Glutes

Nona about her Time-saving ab workouts

In order to show how time-effective core workouts can be, fitness trainer and Gymshark athlete Nona Bayat have put together five ab-targeting exercises.

For those with busy schedules, this is a time-saving choice because, according to Bayat, it just takes nine minutes and 30 seconds to finish.

(source: Playbook)

Even though it sounds brief, you will perform each of the five exercises for 30 seconds without taking a break in between because you will be performing them back to back.

Nevertheless, you are allowed to rest for a minute after each round of the exercise, and Bayat advises that you aim to finish all three.

3 rounds, 30 seconds per exercise, 1-minute rest after each round:

Hollow hold with heel taps | 30 seconds
Bicycles | 30 seconds
Knee hold crunches | 30 seconds
Elbow-to-toe touches | 30 seconds
In & outs | 30 seconds

After you complete this round, you take a minute rest before repeating it 2 more times to complete the 3 rounds. Try your best to do the exercises back to back until you finish the round.

This exercise regimen is not only quick to complete, but it also doesn’t need any special equipment, so you can do it anytime you want.

It serves as a useful workout finisher. After a weightlifting practice that included compound lifts, you might want to get in a brief ab workout.

Compound workouts call for core stabilization, therefore the more powerful your core, the more effectively you can lift.

Nona’s Personal Habits

She avoids all types of tech-related distractions for the first two hours of her day after getting up at six in the morning, unlike everyone else who would check their alerts or go through their phone.

Because of this, she starts each day by stretching her entire body, making herself a cup of tea, and, if the weather allows, reading at least ten pages from a self-help book or a book about personal finance.

Nona’s Diet plan

She finishes her breakfast and then starts her day in the gym, where she adheres to a new routine every day.

Nona will always say a set of dumbbells if you ever run into her at the gym and ask what her essential fitness gear is since they are portable but still efficient for working out your full body.

Also, she prefers protein shakes or a healthier version of Taco Bell’s beef crunch wrap after a rigorous workout since they replenish the minerals she lost while exercising.

Nona Bayat diet plan

(source: Pinterest)

Nona enjoys eating chicken or fish with rice, pasta, or potatoes. On the side, you can choose a salad or some fried vegetables.

Since her family has always come first in her life, she checks in on them after the workday is finished to make sure everything is good.

Overall, getting healthy is a decision that demands hard effort and determination. If I go on any more, you’ll have to read through the entire day’s fantastic work that she has been doing.

Nothing in life comes easily; you must pursue it as Nona Bayat does since ambition is a priceless quality that runs deep within you.

Nona about her fitness app

App preview


I’m Nona, and this is my story

Hi, my name is Nona Bayat! I’m so excited for you to be here. I started training at the gym around 4 years ago and it has changed me for the best physically and mentally. On my app, you will be able to train just like me. I will provide you with my current weekly split, home workouts, gym workouts, and more. If this is the start of your fitness journey, don’t worry because I am here to guide you!

Nona’s New app Level Up with Nona

Click here to download the app on Play Store.


Nona Bayat, who is only 24 years old, has achieved a significant reputation as a fitness influencer in a short period of time. Although she had always been active in sports, she joined a gym to deal with her despair.

She then prepared her mentality to become a fitness model and began training hard. Nona Bayat is an inspiration to many people because she has the self-control necessary to do all of this and gets it done.

Moreover, Physical fitness serves as the cornerstone of intellectual activity that is both dynamic and creative, making it one of the most crucial keys to a healthy body.

“Stay healthy & Live happily”

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