Who is Mitchell Wilson? Dangerous Suspect with AK-47 involved in several shootings in Brisbane

Mitchell Wilson, 27, has been identified as a wanted person by detectives looking into a suspicious fire at Sunnybank and firearms offences at Brendale and Mount Gravatt. Let’s see about it in detail.

Major points:

  • For several alleged offences, police have issued a warrant for Mitchell Wilson’s arrest. He is 27 years old.

  • His appearances feature light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a robust physique. He is characterized as being Caucasian, around 185 cm tall.

  • According to Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham, Mr.Wilson may have “significant weaponry.”

Who is Mitchell Wilson?

After numerous horrifying shooting events in Brisbane earlier this week, police have launched a manhunt for a man they claim is “armed, dangerous, and irrational” and may be carrying an AK-47.

After a suspicious fire at Sunnybank on Thursday night and two other altercations earlier that day where he allegedly discharged a firearm at Brendale and Mt Gravatt, 27-year-old Mitchell James Wilson has been issued an arrest warrant, according to Brisbane Region Regional Crime Coordinator Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham.


According to reports, Mr. Wilson is Caucasian, around 185 cm tall, with a strong build, light brown hair, and hazel eyes.

Mitchell James Wilson. (Queensland Police Service)

The individual has been encouraged by police to come forward, and they have pleaded with anyone assisting him in eluding capture to “do the right thing.”

According to police, Mr. Wilson reportedly discharged the semi-automatic handgun many times during a confrontation with another guy at a shop in Brendale on Thursday about 2:45 p.m.

Superintendent Massingham described the altercation as ‘disturbing and concerning’. Footage of the incident shows Mr Wilson pulling a sizable pistol out of a black bag and starting to discharge it in the man’s direction.

Superintendent Massingham said on Sunday,

“He became engaged in a discussion with another male that became heated.”

During the argument, Mr Wilson reportedly went back to his car and got a semi-automatic weapon, according to Superintendent Massingham.

He said,

“That firearm is discharged a number of times,” 

“Shortly thereafter there would be what I’d call a life and death struggle for that firearm between the men that lasted for some time.”

After that, Mr. Wilson reportedly snatched the pistol and drove away in a grey Audi, which has since been found.

Following the incident in Brendale, the individual, who is now out on bail for drug trafficking, cut off his ankle-tracking device at Bracken Ridge, according to Superintendent Massingham.

Later, on Thursday night, at around 8:55 p.m., Mr. Wilson reportedly waited for two ladies to exit a store on Logan Road in Mount Gravatt.

Superintendent Massingham said,

“While armed with this firearm [he] parked in a nearby laneway and waited on a seat for two females that were working at a nearby business,” 

“When those females walked down a darkened laneway, Mr Wilson appeared and ordered one of those females to enter the Audi.”

Mr. Wilson is accused of threatening the woman with the pistol after she refused to get in the car.

A Sunnybank residence is where Mr. Wilson is claimed to have gone hunting for the same lady he reportedly met at Mt. Gravatt around 20 minutes later.

Superintendent Massingham said, “Fearing for their lives, both women left on foot hiding in bushes and when they did flee, they heard a shot fired. “That man was able to flee to safety, but a pet dog did perish in that fire.”

When a man opened the door, Mr. Wilson reportedly poured fuel from a jerry can down the hallway and lit the house on fire, according to the police.

Police have released security footage that purportedly captures Wilson firing a gun into concrete close to another guy. According to Massingham, there was “what I would call a life-and-death fight between the two males that lasts for some time” after Wilson reportedly arrived at the scene. (7News Brisbane)

Police Statement:

The individual has already been charged with weapons offences, according to Superintendent Massingham, and there have been warnings on the police database for some years regarding Mr.Wilson and his access to firearms.

According to authorities, the warrant was issued for accusations related to arson, using a weapon to incite terror and other weapons offences. Police have been brought back into duty to look for Mr. Wilson, but they have not yet found him.

The public has been requested to look out for the individual, and lodging establishments have been asked to examine their records.

Superintendent Massingham said,

“We cannot exclude that it’s an AK-47… certainly it’s significant weaponry that concerns me,” 

“I consider this man armed dangerous irrational but particularly unpredictable,” 

“It is important as a community that we do all we can to locate Mr Wilson.”

“We ask if people are harbouring him to do the right thing and convince him to hand himself in to the nearest police station,” 

“I urge Mr Wilson if he hears my message today to make contact with us.”

Superintendent Massingham urged anyone who sees the man carrying the weapon to call Triple-0 and not to approach him.

“Our advice is simply to note where he is, phone us and our response will be swift.”

Authorities want him to turn himself in because they think his behavior is becoming worse. Anybody who sees the man carrying the firearm was asked by Superintendent Massingham to phone Triple-0 (000) and to stay away from him.


Help the Investigation:

If you have information for the police, call 131 444 or submit your tip using the online suspicious activity form available 24 hours a day at www.police.qld.gov.au/reporting.

Use Crime Stoppers to provide anonymous criminal information. To report a crime, dial 1800 333 000 or go to www.crimestoppersqld.com.au.



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