Who is Mike Davidson? Meet actress Michelle Collins husband


Who is Mike Davidson? Meet actress Michelle Collins husband

Michelle Collins has married her fiancé Mike Davidson after 10 years of dating. Let’s see Who is Mike Davidson, EastEnders star Michelle Collins’s husband

Mike and Michelle’s marriage declared

The 60-year-old former EastEnders actress, who played Cindy Beale in the popular BBC One serial from 1988 to 1998, and Mike, 38, were married on Wednesday, August 10 in a low-key ceremony in London.

In the company of their loved ones, including Michelle’s former EastEnders co-star and on-screen spouse Adam Woodyatt, 54, who is best known for playing Ian Beale, they exchanged vows at Islington Town Hall.

Dad-of-two Adam, who is taking a break from acting in the popular soap opera, cut a relaxed figure in a striped shirt and navy blue pants. He completed his look with black athletic shoes and a crossbody bag.

Michelle Collins and Mike Davidson have tied the knot at Islington Town Hall

In 2012, Michele Collins and Mike Davison started dating after being introduced by the actress’ niece, who worked for Mike.

After they made their connection known to the world, many people made fun of her, saying she had found a “Toyboy.”

Look at what time has given us instead. Even though they had to put up with the hostility and shaming for ten years, they are now happily engaged and married.

Who is Michael Davidson? Meet actress Michelle Collins husband

The reason Mike Davison is most well-known is that he is engaged to English actress Michelle Collins, whom he met through shared friends.

He has no known origin in this universe.

They were first compelled to keep their relationship on a more grounded level by the negative comments made about them by the general public regarding their appearance.

In contrast, Mike started his own men’s clothing company in 2012 after working in a jeans store in Surrey. He started his company in 2012. Under the handles heroesofrichmond on Instagram and Twitter, you may find his store, Heroes of Richmond.

Age of Mike Davidson

Although Mike Davison will turn 38 this year, there isn’t any solid proof of his exact birthdate.

The British actress’s prospective husband’s age is just a matter of math because we already know that he is 22 years younger than she is.

On the other hand, according to her birth certificate, Michelle Danielle Collins will be 59 years old in 2022. She was born on May 28, 1962, in Hackney, London, England.

What was Mike Davidson profession?

He started his men’s clothing company in Richmond, South-West London, as was previously mentioned, in 2012.

His wife and he were wed in 2012.

In addition, he maintains a store website and is active on Twitter and Instagram. He does not, however, have a sizable fan base in either media despite being active for more than a decade.

Net Worth of Mike Davidson

Mike Davison’s net worth is not currently visible to the general public online.

However, there may be some disagreement over the figures when it comes to Michelle’s net worth. His net worth has increased from $1.16 million to a staggering $73 million, making it seem a little exaggerated.

Who was Michelle Collins?

On May 28, 1962, Michelle Daniella Collins was born in Hackney, London, England.

Her role as Ian Beale’s first deceitful wife Cindy Beale in the BBC soap opera is what made her most well-known in the EastEnders fandom.

She is also a well-known actress who has been in parts on television shows like Doctor Who, Two Thousand Acres of Sky, and Coronation Street.

Michelle Collins Personal life

Collins has a daughter named Maia Rose by her ex-husband Fabrizio Tassalini (born 29 September 1996).

Collins revealed in 2014 that she attempted suicide in 1998 while filming Sunburn in Cyprus because she was depressed over the breakup of her relationship with Tassalini and was under professional pressure. 

After taking an excessive amount of sleeping medications, she overdosed, woke up, and requested her co-star drive her to the hospital.

Collins had a cordial relationship with Tassalini, who lived nearby after they divorced, and the two of them raised their daughter together until he died in 2014. 

Moreover, she announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend Mike Davidson in April 2022.

she was one of 200 public personalities who, in the months leading up to the September referendum on Scottish independence, signed a letter to The Guardian in August 2014 opposing that idea.

Collins participates in charity endeavors. 

She has been to Brazil, South Africa, and Armenia as an Oxfam ambassador to advocate for the importance of the fundamental right to education. 

She also serves as a patron for the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation and an ambassador for Ambitious about Autism. 

How Did Michelle Collins Meet Her Husband Mike Davidson?

Online platforms indicate that Michelle Collins and Mike Davidson were introduced by Michelle’s niece.

According to speculations, Collins would wed her fiancé Mike Davidson the following week. She shared an image from a friend’s account on her Instagram Tales to verify the info.

The reception is supposed to take place in a split-level private bar in North London that has a heated rooftop terrace and a pub with a Venetian chandelier after the wedding.

Ten years after they first met, Mike proposed to Michelle as they were hiking up Temescal Canyon in Los Angeles, an engagement Michelle revealed on social media in April.

Michelle, best known for playing Cindy Beale in EastEnders, displayed her engagement ring in an eye-catching photograph.
She gave her new fiance a back hug while wearing a headpiece that read “be kind.”

The age difference between Michelle Collins and Mike Davidson

There are 22 years between Mike Davidson and Michelle Collins. Despite this, Michelle has repeatedly stated that she is fine with the generation gap.

Collins, a former EastEnders actress, has attacked detractors who refer to her as a “cougar” because her partner, Mike Davison, is 22 years older than she is.

She said that it was never mentioned that an older man should date a young girl. Nobody ever brings up the fact that Rod Stewart’s wife Penny is roughly 30 years younger than he is.

She is helpless to do anything if others assume she is his mother because she appears old enough. It is one of the negative aspects of celebrity, in her opinion.

She now makes jokes about it, but she still gets annoyed by it, and she or he despises the word “cougar.” Because cougars are carnivores that prowl the countryside in search of younger flesh, she thinks it humiliating. But she is not at all like that.

Relationship History of Michelle Collins and Mike Davidson

Since Michelle Collins and Mike Davidson have been together since 2012, they have a long history of dating.

Michelle was hesitant to accept the feelings that she felt for her boyfriend. When they had first met, but she couldn’t help but gush about him.

He never got married, but she did have a daughter named Maia Rose. Who is now 22 years old, from a prior relationship with the late Fabrizio Tassalini.

She and Parry Cockwell were previously engaged, but they called it quits and split up in 2005. Additionally, she was romantically involved with Parry Cockwell and cameraman Mark Waters.

On Thursday evenings, Michelle would share several adorable pictures of the couple along with the news on Instagram.

While traveling to LA, the couple trekked up Temescal Canyon to see Mike pop the question. They are currently enjoying some sunbathing.

Mike Davidson and Michelle Collins’s marriage ceremony

Today in London, toy boy Mike, 38, and Michelle, 60, got married in front of Adam Woodyatt and other famous friends.

The actress could be spotted stepping out in an all-white jumpsuit with a long white train, looking gorgeous.

She wore a flower crown and let her blonde hair fall loosely in waves as she attended the service in Islington.

For the service on Wednesday morning, Michelle opted for a neutral makeup look and accessorized with modest silver jewelry.

Husband Mike, meanwhile, dressed in black suit pants. And a black top, adding a vivid white blazer to dress up his ensemble.

A loving kiss was shared by the happy couple in front of their friends, family, and some of Michelle’s previous co-stars.

One of them was her on-screen husband Adam, 54, who up until last year portrayed Ian Beale in the venerable BBC soap opera.

The actor kept his look simple in a striped shirt and dark pants, accessorizing with a black man bag.

Following the wedding, Michelle and her new husband were photographed getting into a vintage car and driving off after exchanging champagne kisses.

Mike and Michelle disclosing their relationship

It was disclosed last week that Michelle and Mike, who is 22 years her junior, were planning to get married.

“We know it’s late notice, but we’ve been together for ten years, so what’s the sense in waiting,” the actress said to their friends.

We believed that life was too short and that we should rejoice by seeing all of our friends.

The reception will be held at a split-level private bar in North London after the ceremony. 

The location features a heated roof deck and a pub with a Venetian chandelier.

Following a 2012 set-up by her niece, Michelle and Mike, the owner of a fashion company, fell in love. Mike then proposed to Michelle in April of last year.

Back then, she remarked, “I never believed it would happen, but after ten years I thought it was time.”

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