Sahara Salman died by gas explosion: What happened? Explained

Sahara, who was thought to be four years old, perished when a terraced house in Galpin’s Road fell. Let’s see how did she die, what happened, and Sahara Salman died in a gas explosion.

What happened to Sahara Salman?

One month before her fifth birthday, the young girl perished in the devastating blast on Monday that caused a terraced house to collapse. Three additional people suffered injuries.

Sahara had been absent as her family frantically looked through the wreckage of their house.

I can’t find my niece, an uncle said as he combed through the debris.

She had been in the bedroom, but she is no longer there.

Tuesday afternoon, the London Ambulance Service announced that she had passed away.

Sahara Salman died in gas explosion

At her terraced home in Thornton Heath, south London, Sahara, who was thought to be four years old, passed away on Monday morning.

The explosion also left three other persons with serious injuries.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, some 80 residences have been evacuated. Response teams are now waiting for the last of the gas to escape.

What did the Merton Council say?

In contrast to Merton Council’s claim that it has assisted more than 200 residents, the police claim that the supply to Galpin’s Road has been cut off for this reason.


Is there any issue with gas leakage?

Siobhain McDonagh, a local MP, claimed on Tuesday that there was “a lot of frustration” over the time it was taking to fix the gas leak, which was discovered last month.

In his remarks on Tuesday night, Mr. Garrod stated: “The Health and Safety Executive visited Galpin’s Road this morning to start its inquiries. Additionally, Southern Gas Networks (SGN) is still present.”

Added him: “The gas stench is still very strong, and we realise it might take a few days for the leak to stop.

“I want to emphasise that this is a preventative measure to guarantee resident safety.

What did the insurance company say?

The response of insurance companies, many of which are refusing to provide homeowners with basic accommodations, is not the least of the difficulties we are currently facing.

Who is Sahara Salman?

Local media have identified the young woman murdered in the south London house explosion as Sahara Salman. Sahara, who was thought to be four years old, perished after a Thornton Heath terraced house collapsed owing to a fire brought on by a gas leak.

People’s reaction to Sahara Salman’s Death

London Live said,

A young girl killed in a gas explosion in south London has been named locally as Sahara Salman. Sahara, believed to have been four years old, died after a terraced house collapsed in Galpin’s Road, Thornton Heath, shortly after 7am on Monday.
Flowers have been laid and children have written touching tributes in chalk on the ground near the scene where a young girl died following an explosion in #ThorntonHeath #Croydon
Gwyn Wright said,
The family of ‘’beautiful’’ four-year-old Sahara Salman reported concerns to the gas company a week before she died in a huge explosion in Thornton Heath, South London. Reporting in @thetimes @DailyMirror and @DailyMailUK today via @SWNS
London World said,
Breaking: Girl, 4, killed in Thornton Heath gas explosion named as Sahara Salman. Family friend Thoheed Maricar said little Sahara was a “beautiful” and “cute” girl and that the family had been in touch with the gas company for a week before the blast.
Naveen said,
Sahara Salman: Heartbreak as 4-year-old girl who died in London gas explosion in photo | United Kingdom | New
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