Austin Bergstrom Airport fire today: What happened? Explained

Fire alarm-related evacuation at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The fire alarm, according to officials, was set off by a water flow issue outside next to an airplane. Let’s see Austin Bergstrom Airport fire today.

When did the Fire alarm start?

Starting around 7:30 a.m., all passengers were evacuated while the break was being inspected “out of an excess of caution.” It was ultimately determined that there was no threat.

All evacuated visitors and employees must now return the terminal and go through a new screening process.

Austin Bergstrom Airport fire today

After the facility was evacuated due to a false fire alarm, staff employees at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport are attempting to get all travellers back inside the Barbara Jordan Terminal so they may be rescreened.

According to AUS, the fire alarm was set off by a water main break on the airport’s apron, or the area where planes are parked while passengers board and disembark.

What does the AUS say?

According to AUS, passengers who have been evacuated onto the airfield are being taken through the terminal and outdoors, while those who are waiting on the curb outside are being directed to the Red Garage by staff members and police officials. All passenger reentry and rescreening lines will be organised as a result.

When was the airport posted?

Airlines are changing flight schedules, according to AUS. To find out if their flights have been delayed or cancelled, passengers should check the status of their flights.

Around 7:45 a.m., the airport posted a notice on social media requesting that people leave the terminal, and instructed people to do so by following staff directions.

What did the Airport announce?

The alert had been cancelled, the airport announced in an update around 15 minutes later, and travellers could return to the terminal to go through security screening once more.

The evacuation took place “out of an abundance of caution,” the airport claimed, since “a water flow issue outside near the aircraft activated the fire alarm.” The airport reaffirmed there is no threat after that.

It was a “malfunction in the alarm system,” the Austin Fire Department told KXAN, which has now been fixed.

People’s reactions to fire alarm

Damned Nazisd said,

Anyone flying out of ABA today? There was an electrical fire early this morning at Austin Bergstrom Airport. They had to evacuate everyone. Things are back in working order but the lines are literally hours long.

AUS said,

Passengers are re-entering the building for TSA screening after this morning’s terminal evacuation. If you have a flight today, please check your flight status for cancelations or delays before heading out to AUS. Thank you for your patience.

Leslie Rangel said,

People are being re-screened now. They were let back in about an hour after the airport announced the evacuation.


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