Who is Maxine Wahome? Know more about the girl who assaulted Kenyan rally driver Asad Khan

Maxine Wahome, a Kenyan motor rally driver, was charged with domestic violence on Wednesday as a result of an altercation involving her boyfriend and another rally driver, Asad Khan. Let’s see about the girl who assaulted Kenyan rally driver Asad Khan in detail.


Who is Maxine Wahome?

At the age of 26, Maxine Wahome made history by becoming the first Kenyan woman to win the third-tier WRC Safari Rally.

Wahome made history by defeating male rivals to win the World Rallying Championship in Naivasha and being the first woman to achieve such a title.

According to reports, Asad Khan, alias Kalulu, a fellow rally driver and Wahome’s partner, was attacked and suffered serious injuries.

Maxine Wahome appeared before chief magistrate Bernard Ochoi at Milimani Law Courts, where the judge granted her a Sh100,000 cash bail after the prosecution requested a 14-day detention to allow for the completion of the investigation into allegations that she had assaulted and seriously injured her fiancee on December 14, 2022.

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Kalulu is receiving treatment in the High Dependency Unity Center right now (HDU).


Police claimed that after the two got into a fight at their flat, household items were left all over the dining room floor.

According to the investigators there was a pool of blood in the house and blood stains spread on the floor and staircase.

The magistrate was informed that the battle broke the panes in the windows and doors.

Gachoka informed the court that Wahome’s other co-conspirators are still at large and being sought by police.

Asad Khan’s Health Condition

In order to hold the rally driver in custody until the lover “Kalulu’s” condition gets better, detectives asked for an additional two weeks.

Khan reportedly received major injuries in the intense altercation and was transported to Avenue Hospital.

State prosecutor James Gachoka said,

“The complainant Khan is admitted at High Dependency Unit in critical condition with serious deep cuts on the right ankle.”

Police’s Request

The police requested that she be held for 14 days while they filed charges against her for causing Asad Khan serious damage, but Magistrate Benard Ochoi turned down their request.

Every Thursday until the investigations are over, she must appear before the investigating officer at Kilimani Police Station, according to Ochoi.

Khan is currently unconscious and in a serious state at the high-dependency unit, according to the police, who asked the court to hold her for 14 days.

He testified before the court that the woman is thought to have intentionally cut the man’s ankle.

She was detained on Thursday at their flat, according to the investigating officer, after the boyfriend’s brother reported an attack to the police.

DPP’s request

She is under investigation for the crime of causing great bodily harm and could receive a life sentence if found guilty.

The DPP requested an extension of the suspect’s detention because she is powerful and that the majority of the witnesses in the case reside in her apartment.

Gachoka said,

“We want to monitor the condition of the complainant, subject the covered mobile phone and sim cards recovered from Wahome to cyber analysis and obtain necessary reports which we believe contains crucial information.”

In addition, the State wanted Wahome to stay behind bars so they could escort her to the government chemist for a DNA test before they could press charges against her.

Wahome’s Statement

The cops discovered a lot of blood in the home during the arrest, along with broken glasses, the court heard.

Wahome, however, asserted that the man injured himself while he was hitting her and claimed to be a victim through the help of her attorneys.

At the Milimani Law Court on December 14, 2022, rally driver Maxine Muringo Wahome is seated in the dock.

(Image source : National Media Group.)

Since the intended complainant is still unconscious and unable to record a statement, his attorney informed the court that no one knows who the victim, in this case, is until the inquiry is complete.

On Bail

Shortly after turning down the Director of Public Prosecution’s (DPP) request to keep Wahome in custody so that detectives could finish their inquiries, Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi granted her a KSh 100,000 cash bail.

The 26-year-old was given the abovementioned bail and told to report to Kilimani Police Station each Monday till the investigation into the incident is concluded.

Request to Block Media coverage

Her defense team had asked the court to prevent public coverage of the case because, after the inquiry was complete, she might turn out to be the victim.

Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi, however, decided that unless there was evidence presented in court to support media misreporting, there was no purpose in prohibiting the media from telling the public about court proceedings.


Is Asad Khan Dead?

There are unverified rumors spreading on twitter that Asad khan has passed away in ICU. But it is not officially announced by the Family.

People Comments about the issue

The conversation about her case is raging on Twitter.

Following are some of the responses to the widespread calls for her sponsors to revoke their support.

Neok tweeted,

Hello@SafaricomPLC , are you still sponsoring Warrant Officer I Maxine Wahome, the Queen of Assault Infantry, in the Kenya Defence Fighters? Your response is highly welcome.”

Drey tweeted,

Maxine Wahome is a boyfriend beater and abuser , praying for the boyfriend’s mental health , it’s not easy having abusive memories espec from someone who was an upcoming rally driver sponsored by safaric*m”

Cyprian Nakundi tweeted,

“Imagine Maxine Wahome was boychild. The green company headed by that short man would have issued a statement distancing themselves from the boychild. But it is what it is. It is what………?”

Guru Vorke tweeted,

“Cancel Culture only targets the boychild; Safaricom, which sponsors this woman, should have given at least a statement.”

Edgar tweeted,

Rally driver Asad Khan has unfortunately succumbed to injuries inflicted by his girlfriend Maxine Wahome. She is about to walk away with murder like CS Aisha Jumwa because she comes from a rich family. Safaricom, Betika and WRC continue to sponsor her, cont condemning anything.”


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