Who is Idris Virgo & His Boxing Record? Meet KSI’s new sparring partner


Who is Idris Virgo & His Boxing Record? Meet KSI's new sparing partner

In preparation for his fight with Joe Fournier, KSI has made his most recent sparring video available. Idris Virgo, a Love Island star and undefeated boxer, and KSI engaged in a taxing training session before Joe Fournier’s battle. This is everything you need to know about Midlands-born professional boxer Idris Virgo.

Fans now have a look inside KSI’s most recent training ground

The billionaire businessman Joe Fournier, who has a 9-0 professional boxing record and has previously fought David Haye in an exhibition match for eight rounds, will be the opponent of the YouTuber-turned-boxer, who is currently getting ready to go toe-to-toe with him.

KSI captioned the video

KSI has been sparring with unbeaten professional boxer and former Love Island competitor Idris Virgo in order to get ready for the most difficult test of his brief boxing career. The 29-year-old stressed on social media that he is working hard to get another boxing triumph by posting a clip of a taxing workout with Virgo.

“Me sparring 12-0 pro-Idris Virgo. “This is what I gotta do to prepare for my next fight on May 13th. I’m not taking Joe Fournier lightly. “As a 9-0 pro, the odds are stacked against me. He’s a better boxer than me and has more experience than me, plus I know if I lose this, Jake Paul and his fans are gonna have a field day. “May 13th I’ll put my all into it and will hopefully not let you down.”

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Who is Idris Virgo? Meet KSI’s new sparring partner

Idris Virgo is an undefeated super middleweight professional boxer from Birmingham.  British boxer Idris Virgo fights in the light heavyweight division. Virgo has been competing as a professional athlete for 5 years. A 24-year-old Virgo made his professional debut on March 24, 2018, against Iain Jackson Idris won by points (PTS).

He is presently a resident of Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. Idris may be most known for featuring in season 4 of ITV’s most-watched program Love Island, but he has made it obvious that he wants to pursue a career in sports after joining one of the country’s biggest promotions, Hennessy sports.

Idris is one to watch after moving from his homeland of Birmingham to Brighton to train with coach Scott Welch and his stable of elite fighters. Idris, a fervent advocate for mental health, will serve as an ambassador for the organization Sports Mind starting in 2021.

                 Idris Virgo: Stats

BirthnameIdris Virgo
Nickname‘The Bodybreaker’
Birth Date1993.06.11
Age 29
Height5’11” (180cm)
Universal ID822058
Boxing Record12-0-1  (2 KOs)  
Divisionlight heavy
Total Fights13
ResidenceBirmingham, United Kingdom


Idris Virgo Boxing Record

  • Total fights: 13
  • Wins: 12
  • Wins by KO: 2
  • Wins by dec: 10
  • Losses: 0
  • Draws: 1
Anthony Taylor 


2021-12-10Adam Trenado
(6 – 2 – 0)


2021-11-13Gregory Trenel
(14 – 7 – 2)


2021-05-22Lewis van Poetsch
(9 – 124 – 2)


2020-12-18Kearon Thomas
(1 – 8 – 1)


2020-12-11Kevin McCauley
(15 – 208 – 12)


2020-09-05Scott Williams
(0 – 7 – 0)


2020-08-22Josh Hodgins
(0 – 1 – 0)


2019-10-26Nathan Junor
(0 – 5 – 0)


2019-09-07Lewis van Poetsch
(9 – 108 – 2)


2019-05-10Rene Molik
(2 – 4 – 0)


2018-11-02Vaidas Balciauskas
(3 – 14 – 0)


2018-06-30Scott Hillman
(0 – 28 – 0)


2018-03-24Iain Jackson
(5 – 39 – 2)


Idris Virgo Instagram

The influencer’s online profile became well-known as a result of his television appearance, and he currently has over 124k Instagram followers.

A famous figure from the Midlands entered the well-known television competition by saying he was “searching for a soulmate, a partner in crime.”

The celebrity appears to have turned away from reality television since leaving the villa, instead choosing to return to his love and career in boxing, fitness, sports, and wellness.

Idris constantly updates his followers on his personal life, athletic exploits, and intriguing new ideas and collaborations with other brands on Instagram, where he shares his love.


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Collaboration with Fitness products

He collaborates with companies like meal prep company Propowerhealth in a series of sponsored articles where he promotes the brand and recommends their wholesome vegan meals because he is a major proponent of fitness and health.

Also, he has a compensated agreement with Grosvenor Casinos as evidenced by the frequent social media postings he makes while using their amenities and promoting the brand.

His admirers and followers are inspired by the inspirational photos and videos he posts on social media to follow in his footsteps and achieve optimum fitness and health.

He is one of the most motivating fitness influencers for many audiences to follow, whether they are Love Island fans, fellow boxers, influencers, or aspirant fitness icons. He posts a variety of challenges and exercises ideas.

Idris Virgo as a Love Island star

Idris Virgo, a Love Island star, discusses his boxing career and plans for the future following the ITV2 program. After leaving the villa, Love Island stars frequently move on to seek other occupations. It’s not surprising when people change careers given the success of Wes Nelson in the music industry and Tommy Fury’s larger brother as a boxer.

Idris Virgo opens up about his boxing career

Idris Virgo is one Love Islander who has established a reputation for himself since leaving the resort. The Birmingham resident, 27, who participated in the show’s fourth season, is now eagerly anticipating his next match as a professional boxer.

Idris talked candidly to the Mirror about his path leading up to the battle. The teenage boxer, who recently relocated to Brighton, spent four months “in camp” getting ready for the battle.

Before matches, fighters must trim down to their desired weights, and Idris insists that nutritionists are the key to success in this process. “My best recommendation is to hire a decent nutritionist,” he added. “You need a nutritionist that is qualified, knows what they’re doing, and is as committed to the sport as yourself.”

Idris has just experienced a winning streak, which, in his words, “feels amazing.” It feels great, I want to continue my winning streak, and I now have a mentality coach to help me with that, he stated.

About his childhood experience

Idris clarified that maintaining his winning streak requires him to remain focused before a battle. The young boxer claims that he has always been drawn to the activity and that a childhood incident inspired him to take up boxing.

When he was a child, he was struck in the head with a wooden stick. As a result, he decided he should acquire some self-defense techniques. “I believe boxing was my destiny, and I’ve also always enjoyed entertaining, in the back of my mind. I enjoy giving performances in front of crowds.

He was quick to express his appreciation for the fan base he had developed throughout his time on Love Island, calling them “one of the greatest fanbases out there.”

The boxer acknowledged that it is common for boxers to be millionaires, but he likened it to “normal work,” noting that to reach such heights, you must “raise yourself.”

If you aren’t well-known in the boxing world, haven’t competed in the Olympics, or weren’t a great amateur, you need to sell tickets, according to Idris.

“You’ve got to sell a certain amount of tickets just to make a decent income, for example, if you’re a boxer and you can’t afford to pay your rent or car you’ve got to get a part-time job. You’ve got to get a second income just to cover that.”

He confessed that he wants to help out boxers who are struggling to make ends meet as they start their careers, saying: “When I get to that stage, boxers who are less privileged but have a good mindset I’ll help them out. “I’ve been there before and I want to give back.”

Television & Boxing Career

Idris is eager to advance both his TV career and his boxing career, and he has a particular interest in a few series. “Bodybreaker,” he said: “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here is something I truly want to accomplish! or Strictly Come Dancing, as I believe I have good footwork.”

The actor said he feels like it’s time to settle down as he approaches his 28th birthday. Idris said that despite still being unmarried, he would be open to returning to Love Island in the hopes of finding love. He stated: “I require a grounded person there. I briefly considered participating in Married At First Sight.”

Despite the fact that he’s content to fall in love off camera, he has said that he reads his Instagram DMs and that he would be open to dating a fan. He said: “If [a fan] tickled my fancy, why not? I don’t have to go for someone who is in the limelight. I’m not that type of person.

“I do believe I do need to settle down and I do need someone beside me, especially for boxing to keep me focused.” For any fans who are looking to shoot their shot, he said: “FYI, anyone out there who wants to slide into the DMs and tickle my fancy, why not? Let’s get it on.”



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