Who is Adam Barcenas? Video shows man approaching Police officers with steel bar

Adam Barcenas video
Adam Barcenas, shot and killed by cops


After calling police officers “pigs” and rushing towards them with a steel bar, a California man, Adam Barcenas was shot and killed by cops on Sunday. Let’s see who is Adam Barcenas in detail.

Who was Adam Barcenas?

Bodycam footage reportedly shows Adam Barcenas, 60, charging officers with a five-foot steel bar in Oxnard, California, at 6 a.m. on Sunday. 

Officers from the Oxnard Police Department were conducting a DUI investigation when Barcenas, who was not engaged, approached them.

Barcenas can be heard calling the officers “pigs” and yelling “I hate you” in the footage. A 60 year old Adam yelled,

Hey you f–king pigs, I hate pig. Come on. I hate pig. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.”

He was told by officers to back off, but when he moved closer to one, the officer opened fire with four bullets. 

According to a news release from the Oxnard Police Department, Barcenas disobeyed the officers’ orders and kept moving aggressively and menacingly in their direction. So, the officers started shooting at him, and was hit by the bullets.

The officers provided first aid after the shooting until EMS personnel came. At around 8:30 AM, Barcenas was taken to the Ventura County Medical Center where he was later declared dead. 

What happened at Oxnard Boulevard? Shooting Explained:

Three Oxnard Police Department officers were looking into a possible DUI in the 100 block of West Fourth Street, between ‘A’ Street and Oxnard Boulevard, just before the shooting event.

The inquiry was completed by officers Bryce Parker, Alexus Santos, and Shayn Schwartz. Officer Santos and a member of the public were on the pavement when Adam Barcenas, the suspect, sped up from the west. 

Barcenas was not engaged in the DUI investigation. He was yelling at the police and expressing his hatred for them over and over.

Adam Barcenas was wielding a steel bar, roughly five feet in length, with both hands. As he approached the cops, he continued to yell at them, prompting the officers to shoot.

Oxnard police released the briefing statement on their official page describing the incident.

Why did the officers shoot Barcenas?

The officer instructed the member of the public to move away from the danger, and the officers ordered Barcenas to lower the bar. 

Barcenas neglected the officers’ orders and kept moving aggressively and threateningly in their direction. 

Officers Schwartz and Santos drew their duty weapons. Officer Schwartz fired four rounds from his gun as Barcenas moved closer to him. 

Adam Barcenas
Adam Barcenas holding a steel bar


Three of the four bullets hit Barcenas. Barcenas received gunshot wounds to his left upper chest, left hip, and right inner thigh. Simultaneously, Officer Santos fired her taser. 

Taser probes struck Barcenas, but they became embedded in his clothing rather than penetrating his flesh. Officer Parker did not use his weapon. Barcenas died a few hours later.

Barcenas’ Crime history:

Barcenas had a history of violent crime, according to the KVTA. He attacked two elderly strangers on the street in 2019.

He rushed up to a 71-year-old woman, punched her in the temple, knocked her to the ground, and then kicked her repeatedly. Prosecutors were unable to conclusively link her death to Barcenas’ assault, but she passed away eight days later.

A short while later, he went up to an 80-year-old guy who was strolling with his wife and punched him in the face, walked away, and then came back to strike him again.

Police launched crime investigation. Oxnard Police Chief Jason Benites said, “Whenever there is an officer-involved shooting, or the officers are otherwise involved in a fatal incident, three separate investigations are set into motion”

Police Investigation:

According to the department, all three cops were given administrative leave. None had previously been engaged in a shooting incident.

Schwartz began working for the Oxnard Police Department in April 2022. He had worked at the Burbank Police Department as a detective from August 2018 to March 2022.

Three distinct investigations are launched: First, the Oxnard Police Department’s Major Crimes Investigations Unit investigates the complete incident.

This investigation will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for legal review once finished. The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office is monitoring the investigation as it unfolds; their office was informed of the shooting and reacted immediately to begin their investigation.

Second, a separate administrative inquiry is being carried out by our Professional Standards Division to ascertain whether the officers’ actions were legal and within the bounds of policy. This internal affairs probe will also include a review of the tactics used during this incident.

Third, the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office will also conduct an inquiry to examine to confirm it was a justifiable homicide.

Authorities are requesting anyone who might have witnessed the incident, or has additional information to contact Detective Meagan Tobey at (805) 385-7755 or [email protected].


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