Who is Abigail White? Why did the OnlyFans model stabb his BF Bradley Lewis? Explained

Abigail White got arrested

Abigail White, the OnlyFans model stabbed his boyfriend Bradley is now facing a life sentence. Let’s see who is Abigail White and why did she stab his BF Bradley Lewis in detail.

How did Abigail White’s boyfriend Bradley die?

Abigail White, a 24-year-old woman, is a self-described “Fake Barbie” who made up to £50k as a pioneer on the pornographic website. White stabbed her bf Bradley Lewis, 24, in the heart at their house with “murderous intent.” After being convicted guilty of fatally stabbing her lover, an OnlyFans model is sentenced to prison.

White attacked after seeing the couple, who had three children together, bickering at a pub on CCTV. White admitted picking up the knife to “shock and scare” him and ‘thrusting’ it into his chest, but Bristol Crown Court heard that she did not realize what she had done until it was too late.

Although she had previously admitted manslaughter, she killed him not intentionally. Abigail White was arrested as she killed her lover Bradley Lewis.

Why did White kill her BF, Bradley Lewis?

Bradley Lewis, 24, was stabbed in the heart at his home by Abigail White, a self-described “Fake Barbie”. After Bradley Lewis broke their relationship earlier in the day, Abigail White stabbed him at their house in Kingswood, close to Bristol. She first denied stabbing him on March 25, but she eventually confessed to manslaughter.

Before White is qualified for parole, she must spend a minimum of 18 years in prison. White said that Mr. Lewis had been controlling the money she earned while working on the online streaming platform OnlyFans, where people can purchase and sell content. White made £50,000 in one year.

The jury was informed that they had a troubled relationship and that Mr. Lewis had moved out of the family home and was now staying at his mom’s home.

The court heard that White stabbed Mr. Lewis in the arm in the days before her killing him. On another occasion, he called a friend and pleaded for help, saying, “Help me, Sophie, she’s trying to murder me, she’s trying to stab me, she keeps beating me up, she’s hurting me.”

Why did the police arrest, Abigail White?

A post-mortem investigation revealed that Mr. Lewis had only one fatal wound towards the chest, at least 7 cm deep, that had penetrated his heart.

He informed White in a park on the day of the assault that he no longer desired to be with her. They later reunited with friends at a bar, where White sparked fighting with some of the other drinkers.

She claimed she was upset with Bradley for ‘failing to stand up for her in the argument at the bar, which resulted in the blow that knocked her to the ground. She testified throughout the trial that he had “never planned” to stab him but had originally misled police about the incident.

We were fighting, and after that, he started shoving me a little, she told the jury. When I entered the kitchen, I noticed a knife by the side. I went back to Brad after picking it up. I rushed over to him to frighten him with a knife and shock him. I stabbed him before I even realized it.

When a neighbor heard White screaming, she dialed 911 and saw Lewis on the kitchen floor. The court heard that White informed her neighbor, Mr. Lewis, that he had hurt himself. “Angry and upset”. Lewis was found dead that day. She initially refused but later accepted, that she stabbed him.

Who is Abigail White?

Abigail White, a young model known as ‘fake Barbie’ on the pornographic video website OnlyFans, has allegedly been charged with her boyfriend’s death. Abigail White, age 23, is accused of fatally stabbing Bradley Lewis in Bristol earlier this month. White attended a hearing in the case this week at a nearby magistrate’s court. The incident has shocked White’s social media followers, who know her as Mitzee Lewis.
She posts a video on the OnlyFans website, it is pay per view platform.

White threw her drink over a man at the pub after consuming a bottle of wine, several other drinks, and a little amount of cocaine, according to the testimony given in court. Minutes after they got home, she attacked Mr. Lewis, who had just left the pub with White.

The model then called another acquaintance and told them, as well as the police, that Mr. Lewis was responsible for the stabbing. White later acknowledged stabbing him. At trial, she claimed that she intended to “shock and scare” Mr. Lewis with the knife. White acknowledged lying after stabbing Mr. Lewis, but she insisted it was not out of self-preservation.

What did the Lewis family say?

The family of 22-year-old Lewis expressed their sorrow in a statement in his honor. “Our wonderful much-loved son Bradley, taken from us too early,” they said, as quoted by local Bristol World. According to reports, Lewis’ family is informed of the status of the inquiry and any changes involving White’s court appearances.

Steve Lewis, the father of Mr. Lewis, said after the verdict that he did not believe “that we have obtained justice as we have now received a life sentence.”

In addition to his family, Brad’s loss “has brought so much pain to the many people that knew him,” he said.

We are fortunate, in a way, to have had and continue to receive unwavering support from everyone who knew Brad or knew us, and I thank them for that.

He continued by expressing gratitude for the assistance of the police and social services before concluding, “Brad would say ‘that’s enough dad, stop going on,’ to which I would reply ‘that’s my child.”


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