Who is Marcus Spanevelo? Ex-boyfriend of Cassie Carli was extradited

marcus spanevelo

Cassie Carli’s ex-boyfriend was returned to Alabama on Thursday night after being arrested in Florida for abuse of a body in connection with Carli’s death in April. Let’s who is Marcus Spanevelo and why the ex-boyfriend of Cassie Carli was extradited in detail.

Who killed Cassie Carli?

Cassie Carli was reported missing in March and later she was found dead. The investigation is still going on to find the suspect and her boyfriend, Marcus Spanevelo is arrested by the police yesterday. According to the report, 35-year-old Marcus Spanevelo signed papers indicating his willingness to be extradited from Santa Rosa County, Florida, to St. Clair County, Alabama. As per the documents, he was taken into custody at 6:16 p.m. on Thursday at the St. Clair County Jail.

Spanevelo might be charged with further offenses in Alabama, the St. Clair County District Attorney’s Office informed the media outlet. He could spend up to 10 years behind bars if found guilty of the corpse abuse allegation.

After the State’s push to transfer the case to Alabama, the family of slain Florida mother Cassie Carli continues to be “confident.” No murder charges have been brought against Spanevelo in Carli’s death. However, he was charged, one interfering with evidence and the other lying to law enforcement. Spanevelo was accused in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

Why did the police arrest Marcus Spanevelo?

Marcus is accused of abusing a corpse about Cassie Carli’s demise. Carli’s cause and manner of death were listed in an autopsy report by Alabama medical examiners as “undetermined,” but Harmon, the police officer said it is still under investigation. According to Harmon, “This current charge does not preclude any agency or state from bringing extra charges at the proper time.”

If someone knowingly handles a human corpse in a way that “outrages common family sensibilities,” they are guilty of the offense of abuse of a corpse, according to Alabama law. The offense is a Class C felony, which carries a prison sentence of one to ten years.

marcus spanevelo

The Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit me from talking about anything affecting ongoing investigations and open cases besides what I’ve already said. Therefore, unless further charges are filed, I won’t be making any more statements about this investigation.

Who is Marcus Spanevelo?

The ex-boyfriend of a Florida lady whose body was discovered in a shallow grave in Alabama has been arrested and is being held in the St. Clair County Jail. Marcus Spanevelo was deported to Alabama after officials revealed earlier this week that Marcus is accused of abusing a corpse about Cassie Carli’s death.

According to jail records, Spanevelo was checked into the St. Clair County Jail at 6:16 on Thursday. A bond has not yet been established. On Monday, District Attorney Lyle Harmon made public the felony arrest warrant for Spanevelo. He is not facing any charges in Carli’s death.

marcus spanevelo

In a statement made public on Monday, Harmon stated, “First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Cassie Carli. Currently, three states and their various state agencies are all involved in a broad inquiry into Cassie Carli’s death. These organizations continue to put in nonstop effort together for the sake of justice.

Harmon made his announcement after Spanevelo’s charges in Florida were dropped last week. In Santa Rosa County, he had been accused of tampering with evidence, providing false information on a missing people inquiry, and destroying evidence.

According to court documents cited by a television station, “to prosecute the strongest case, and after communicating with law enforcement agencies in both states, the Office of the State Attorney believes that in the interest of justice, the actions of Marcus Spanevelo are most appropriately prosecuted in Alabama.”
“Law enforcement will bring Spavelo to Alabama.”

Carli’s death:

After meeting Spanevelo in a restaurant parking lot in Navarre, Florida, to pick up their daughter after a visit with her father, Carli vanished on March 27.

Carli’s father reported her missing to Santa Rosa sheriff’s authorities on Monday, March 28. Her car was discovered the next day in the parking lot behind Juana’s Pagodas, the restaurant where the couple had met for the child exchange. The contents of her purse were in the car.

Carli’s body was discovered on Saturday, April 3, in a barn off Highway 11 in Springville. Authorities only had two addresses in Springville for Spanevelo, one of which was the unoccupied house. Before Carli’s disappearance, Spanevelo had been residing and working in Springville.

According to documents from Bruce A. Miller, public defender, Marcus Spanevelo, the primary suspect in Cassie Carli’s death, has entered a written plea of not guilty and canceled his presence at the May 5 hearing.
Additionally, according to the paperwork, Spanevelo declined to have the allegations read aloud to him.

Spanevelo is pleading not guilty to the allegations of deleting evidence, impeding a criminal investigation, and interfering with the administration of justice. As the results of the autopsy are still pending, he is not presently facing charges in relation to Cassie Carli’s passing. A jury trial was also asked by Spanevelo’s attorney. The following hearing for Spanevelo in this matter is scheduled for June 13.


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