Who disrespects Floyd Mayweather in Japan? All about the Japanese Politician


Who disrespects Floyd Mayweather in Japan? All about the Japanese Politician

Floyd May weather gets insulted: After a politician throws flowers at Floyd May weather, fans accuse him of racism. Let’s see Who disrespects Floyd May weather in Japan and how Fans react to Floyd May weather being insulted at RIZIN 38 in detail

What happened at Floyd May weather and Mikuru Asakura Face off?

On September 24 at Tokyo’s Saitama Super Arena, Floyd May weather faced Mikuru Asakura. 

The American displayed superior performance in his second exhibition match under the RIZIN banner. 

In the middle of all the excitement, there was a specific incident before the bout that upset boxing fans.

‘Money’ was meant to receive a bouquet of traditional flowers from a man wearing a kimono during the fighter introductions. 

The man, who appeared to be a dignitary in some way, however, threw the bouquet at the unbeaten boxer’s feet. 

After being speechless for a short while, May weather picked up the flowers and gave them to his corner.

To learn more about what happens, watch this video.

Why this Japanese fighter insults Floyd?

The petty animosity might be caused by Floyd May weather having destroyed a Japanese MMA fighter more than times.

In 2018, May weather drilled Tenshin Nasukawa before thrashing Asakura.

During their fight, he also got into a little argument with his most recent adversary when May weather’s security Jizzy Mack shoved Asakura for being too close to “Money.”

In the second round, Mayweather eliminated his opponent by not reacting and doing what he does best.

Mayweather dominated right after the bell rang.

The money ended the fight in the final seconds of the second round with a sweeping right followed by straight hands after assessing his opponent in the first round.

How do Fans react to Floyd Mayweather being insulted?

People show much hatred and react to the person Who disrespects Floyd May weather

Moreover, as ceremonial flowers are thrown at Floyd Mayweather’s feet, fans react and call it racist.

Fans weren’t overly impressed by Floyd Mayweather’s antagonistic behavior.

People were astonished to see this kind of behavior because they are used to Japanese people being exceedingly respectful and nice.

One person tweeted,  Who disrespects Floyd May weather? That it was blatantly disrespectful “Damn! This was just plain rude. Contrary to what the majority of commenters believe, I don’t believe it is related to racism.

This, however, is demeaning to one of the sport’s legends. They may have been playing mind tricks on him, but I believe they went too far.”

One user used funniness to take a dig at the man and praise Mayweather:

“When gifts or offerings are made to a king, or priest, or teacher, they are not placed in his hands, but at his feet. Always remember that… Floyd is the King of the Ring.”

Other users felt that this act was racist on the part of the man in the Kimono. Many users quickly retorted, saying it was Floyd Mayweather who has said “racist” things about Asians in the past.

Jeffry tweeted,

The man rudely throwing flowers at Floyd Mayweather’s feet is Okuno Takashi (奥野卓志), leader of the Burdock Party (#ごぼうの党), a small political party that failed to win a single seat in Japan’s 2022 Upper House Election.

Now let’s see Who disrespects Floyd May weather in detail:

Who is Takushi Okuno?

Mr. Takushi Okuno, the representative of the burdock party, has become a hot topic by throwing a bouquet of flowers at Mayweather on the floor during the RIZIN Mirai Asakura vs Mayweather match held on September 25, 2022.

Let’s take a look at the detailed profile of Mr. Takushi Okuno, the leader of the Burdock Party.

  • Takashi Okuno was born on April 8, 1974, and is currently 48 years old.
  • He was the representative of the new political party “Gobo no Party” launched in June 2022.
  • Born in Kochi prefecture, he is the great-grandson of Mokuma Nomura.
  • His birthplace is Kochi Prefecture, and his great-grandfather is Mokuma Nomura, who was known as the “King of Kochi Traffic”.
  • Mr. Mokuma Nomura also built a bronze statue in Kochi Castle and said that he was a sponsor of former Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida who built the statue. 

Here is a video where Takushi Okuno talks about being the great-grandfather of Mokuma Nomura.

Takushi Okuno’s Educational Background

Takushi Okuno talked about his educational background on Instagram in the past.

I passed Keio University and Waseda University Senior High School in the high school entrance exam, and entered Chuo University High School with my good friends.

From the second semester onwards, all subjects were blank, and I couldn’t make it through the second year, so I was expelled from Chuo University.

Finally, I arrived at the second-lowest high school in Japan.

Source: Takashi Okuno Instagram (currently deleted)


  • Mr. Takushi Okuno, serving as the leader of the burdock party,
  • Mr. Takushi Okuno himself is also active as a businessman and runs 14 companies.
  • One of them is Toyo Life Service Co., Ltd.
  • It was established in 1997 when Takushi Okuno was 23 years old.
  • It sounds like you ran the company when you were young. This company manufactures and sells beauty and health-related products, as well as wholesales, sells, and maintains housing equipment.
  • Takushi Okuno is also the owner of Ginza Ittoku, a luxury club, and bar in Ginza.
  • As you can see from the interior, it seems to be based on the concept of “inheriting and protecting Japanese traditions and techniques.”
  • It is a complete membership system, and entering the store is face recognition …!
  • It is said that politicians sometimes use it to let foreign ministers feel Japanese traditions and culture.
  • On January 29, 2020, 16 ambassadors from various countries and VIPs from the business world gathered at Ittoku Ginza for the Junko Koshino VIP Fashion Show.
  • This photo was posted on Instagram by Takushi Okuno, but the people around Okuno in the center are spending time there.
  • There was a rumor that Mr. Takushi Okuno had a very deep connection with China. There was also information that it was connected to the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Mr. Takashi Okuno is working with Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. to run a mega-solar business.

What is the burdock party represented by Takushi Okuno?

Finally, we would like to introduce the Burdock Party headed by Mr. Takushi Okuno.

The Burdock Party is a new political party launched by Takushi Okuno in June 2022.

The burdock party becomes the protection party when written in kanji.

The origin of the name burdock party is that the edible part of the burdock root is over 1 meter long, so it has deep fruit and meaning, and it has deep roots. It’s a very new name. Smile The catch copy is “truth, love, smile”. Hmmm, when I think about the incident of throwing a bouquet of flowers at Mayweather, I feel like I’m not following my beliefs. Is love really there? It makes me want to say.


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