Watch Video: Who is Kadejah Michelle Brown? Mississippi Woman Charged with Killing Husband During Facebook Live Argument


_Watch Video Who is Kadejah Michelle Brown Mississippi Woman Charged with Killing Husband During Facebook Live Argument

Authorities in Mississippi believe a woman killed her husband on Facebook Live, and she is now in custody. On Saturday morning, Columbus, Mississippi resident Kadejah Michelle Brown killed her husband during a fight that was being broadcast on Facebook Live.

“A true mother would never do this,” says the lady in the Kadejah Brown shooting video as she murders her husband live on Facebook.

Keep reading this article to learn more details about Kadejah Michelle Brown the Mississippi Woman Charged with Killing her Husband During Facebook Live Argument.

Trigger Warning: This page includes references to shooting and upsetting video material. Caution is urged before reading or watching.

Who is Kadejah Michelle Brown?

In Lowndes County, Mississippi, Kadejah Michelle Brown, 28, was charged with murdering her husband following a fight that was broadcast live on Facebook. According to reports, Brown shot Jeremy to end their argument when he was attempting to leave their residence.

Who is Kadejah Michelle Brown

According to representatives of the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), deputies responded to a domestic violence incident at 500 Green Tree Drive at roughly 7:42 a.m. They discovered that the 28-year-old resident of the house had passed away from a single gunshot wound.

The victim and Kadejah Michelle Brown, 28, got into a physical argument, according to LCSO officials. After then, Brown is accused of shooting the victim, which authorities claim was caught on Facebook Live.

They claimed that the scene included evidence, including a firearm. Brown was detained and accused of killing. She was checked into the Adult Correctional Facility for Lowndes County.

“Brown and the victim had a history of domestic violence. Our condolences and prayers are extended to the victim’s family as a result of this tragic and senseless homicide. The criminal justice system will hopefully hold Brown accountable now that she is in custody, according to Lowndes County Sheriff Eddie Hawkins.

Why did she kill her husband?

Kadejah attacked her husband Jeremy for being a liar and gay days before she reportedly shot and killed him. Kadejah stated,

“I have a bisexual husband, Jeremy Roc Brown,” in a social media post.

In another social media post, Kadejah wrote, 

National sale and lease manager fucks his employees Jeremy Roc Brown.”

An image that appears to be a screenshot of Jeremy texting another lady on Facebook Messenger was shared on social media by Kadejah. Kadejah labels Jeremy a “cheater” in the caption.

Watch the Live video below:

Only the audio of the shooting was broadcast on Facebook, where the woman apparently streamed the final section of the argument: You heard gunfire after the phone had been tossed on the ground.

A background weeping sound that appeared to be coming from a child was also audible in the Facebook live video. Sheriff Hawkins also made reference to the couple’s alleged history of domestic violence:

“There was a history of domestic violence between Brown and the victim. This was a tragic and senseless murder and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim. Fortunately, Brown is in custody and we look forward to the criminal justice system holding her accountable.”

Reactions from online users after Kadejah Brown shot her husband on Facebook live

Social media users were outraged by the act and demanded justice for the victim. Children were present at the apartment at the time of the shooting and were heard screaming and pleading with their father to stop throughout the live stream, according to YouTube user Sarah Gates.

The commenter expressed concern that kids would learn that “mothers behave this way” and that husbands can be removed because mothers are “angry about workload and shared duties.” They further stated that a “genuine mother” would never act like Kadejah and would always put the needs of her children first.

Lakisha Griffin-Morris

This sad af killed that man and all she had to do is let him GO simple as that. Those babies are crying and she’s going to tell them that their daddy is dead! These kids going to need some therapy and I’m praying for his family and for justice.

Kareema Kareema

The fact that she didn’t even know it was one in the chamber like people have to stop grabbing guns when they get in arguments like wtf man then kids had to experience that smfh and it was all caught on audio smh

Terika D Fifer

Both the mama and daughter sound slow. He did not deserve this. He asked her numerous times to keep her hands off him. This is sad. Poor babies crying for their dad while he’s laying there dead.

Naomi Johnson

She talking about she didn’t know one was in the chamber that’s why you don’t play with guns and you damn sure don’t pull them on someone unless you intend on using it… the man is packing trying to leave you’re the aggressor but felt you needed a gun plus ignoring the fact that the children are in the home accidental discharge or intentional the results are the same you were reckless violent and it resulted in your husband’s murder now 4 children have endured unthinkable trauma that can never be reversed

Sherrie Wright Morris

What mother cosigns with her daughter’s domestic violence? It’s two women in the house and you tell me neither one of you can cook for those poor children. If you two are waiting for him to cook, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s responsible for the home being cleaned. Saying prayers for the young man’s family and those innocent children that had to hear and witness this.

Kadejah Brown is reportedly being held at the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center, according to Sheriff Eddie Hawkins, and no bond has been set as of this writing.

She is being jailed while awaiting her first court appearance after being apparently hauled into custody without a hitch. Investigations are also being done into the shooting incident.


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