Who is Name 10 Books kid? Meet the TikTok Star Crashes 2022 Game Awards

Matan EvenOff

Matan Even is the young Tiktok Star who is also known as Name 10 Books kid or Bill Clinton kid, known for crashing events and shows. Let’s see more about Matan EvenOff in this article.

Who is Matan EvenOff:

Matan EvenOff is a famous American YouTuber known for crashing numerous events, shows, and TV programmes. He was born in 2007 in Los Angeles.

Matan frequently broadcasts his views on American politics on Twitch, in addition to Elden Ring and Minecraft gaming streams. He has a huge number of followers on his Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok accounts.

He frequently intersperses his commentary on American politics on Twitch with Minecraft and Elden Ring gaming broadcasts. Even also interviewed Owen Shroyer from InfoWars.

Matan EvenOff would keep posting videos about his chats with other YouTubers and those documenting his attendance at the Game of the Year (GOTY) Awards.

Matan also has a video on his channel where he plays Elden Ring in addition to providing commentary. On his mataneven account, he has more than 850 000 followers.

How Matan EvenOff became famous?

In March 2019, he signed up for Twitter. He became famous in October 2019 when he waved a “Fight for Freedom, Stand up for Hong Kong” t-shirt while appearing on television during the Los Angeles Clippers’ home opening game.

In his first video, Matan spoke in-depth about the situation facing the Hong Kong protesters in 2019 in an interview with InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer.

At the 2022 Game Awards, he stormed the stage and seized the microphone to nominate his “reformed Orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton.” The police escorted him away after they had carried him off the platform.

He mocked Logan Paul’s response to the CryptoZoo scandal in a parody video he made.

Hong Kong protests:

Even participated in open pro-Hong Kong protests at BlizzCon and an NBA game in the fall of 2019. This led to requests to appear on Owen Shroyer’s far-right conspiracy-focused show InfoWars, where Even was interviewed in 2019 and 2020.

During the Hong Kong-China conflict, Matan Even rose to fame as an agitator. Matan brandished a “Free HK” TV during the Clippers’ 2019 home opener game and consequently began to appear on some news networks.

He used his Twitter handle to reveal police brutality during the 2019–2020 Hong Kong protests. He posted 56 videos of ordinary people being beaten by the cops.

After the Hong Kong demonstrations were over, he ceased uploading videos and tweeted about his break. He tweeted, “Hello everybody, I haven’t posted in a while and I just wanted to let you guys know why.

The reason I have not posted is due to there not being much to post about. Currently, no protests or news is happening in # Hong Kong. I may start posting again, and I’ll update you guys again soon”.

GOTY award speech:

Matan has also profited from his recent notoriety by going viral for some of his recent exploits. His speech at the GOTY event on December 8, 2022, has gone viral.

During the Game of the Year Awards, Matan was able to sneak up on stage and say, “I want to nominate this award to my reformed orthodox rabbi, Bill Clinton,” after Hidetaka Miyazaki and the FromSoftware team had received the Game of the Year Award from Geoff Kinglsey for Elden Ring.

Here is the full speech of Matan at the 2022 Game Awards: “ Hey, my turn. You know, real quick I want to thank everybody and say that, I think I want to nominate this award to my reformed orthodox rabbi, Bill Clinton. Thank you, everyone.“

Everybody talks, nobody listens ” ―Matan Even

Both attendees at the event and viewers of the live stream were perplexed as to how Matan, a non-member of the FromSoftware or Game Awards personnel, managed to get past the security.

After that, he tweeted, “Today, there is a lot of talk and speculation. More information will be released on all fronts sooner than later”. The tweet crossed 5,000 likes and 900 retweets.

Later, Geoff Keighley tweeted that Matan had been taken into custody. But the LAPD said, a police report was taken, “there is no arrest related to this incident”. Even refused to remark on the specifics of his detention, only acknowledging that security personnel had led him offstage.

Bill Clinton kid:

Matan EvenOff identified as Jewish and Hebrew. He maintained on numerous occasions that his criticism of Bill Clinton was “not anti-Semitic” or connected to “far-right” politics.

Although Kanye West wore a pair of Yeezy sneakers to the event last night, Even told Polygon that he thought those views were “not good.”

Name 10 Books kid
Name 10 Books kid


Additionally, even though Orthodox and Reform Jews belong to separate organizations and “Reform Orthodox” does not exist.

Matan said in an interview, “At the end of the day, [Reform and Orthodox] are both Jewish, and I think that you know, secluding one group from the other would be maybe anti-Semitic. So I thought that calling Bill Clinton a Reform Orthodox rabbi would include all types of Jews out there.” He even admitted to being Jewish.


As a result of this event, numerous memes started to spread quickly online. These jokes ranged from ones about the lack of security of the awards to ones about how Bill Clinton had gotten more nominations than particular games.

After the incident, the Game Awards would never again reference Matan in their broadcasts. Even admitted “I don’t think it’s a bad thing to want attention, to want to be heard and loved and admired. I wanted that at age 15, and I’ll admit I still want it now. But the difference is that I actually give a shit about saying something that matters – or at least something clever. And this wasn’t that.”


Many other creators, including ShortFatOtaku and Lilith Lovett, would interview Matan about his actions after his presence at the Game of the Year Awards.

Matan has also participated in a debate with Steven Bonell. He has also worked together with SNEAKO and NeonSniperPanda. He has been featured by news websites like Polygon, Forbes, and Kotaku in addition to YouTubers.

Is the boy actually striving to advance a cause? Or, in light of the Game Awards disaster and the most recent videos, is he attempting to establish himself as a brand? The most recent videos of him yelling at ladies also give the impression that he is channeling his inner Andrew Tate.

What do you think of him? Please share your opinions in the comments section below.


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