Watch Video: Who is Jordan Douglas Krah? Man arrested after racist, homophobic rant


Watch Video: Who is Jordan Douglas Krah? Man arrested after racist, homophobic rant

Following a trending TikTok video, a Colorado man has been detained for breaking California’s hate crime statutes. Learn more about Who is Jordan Douglas Krah the man arrested after a racist, homophobic rant in detail.


Watch the Video of a man arrested after a racist, homophobic rant:


Who is Jordan Douglas Krah?

According to authorities, a popular TikTok video purportedly shows a Colorado man shouting prejudiced, racist remarks about other diners inside an East Bay In-N-Out restaurant, leading to his arrest for breaching California’s hate crime laws.

The culprit was named by the police chief of San Ramon as Denver native Jordan Douglas Krah, 40. The incident took place on Christmas Eve night. The video received millions of views very soon after being posted the next day.

After opening an investigation into the event on December 25, Jordan Douglas Krah was detained by San Ramon Police on two counts of committing a hate crime on Monday afternoon. On TikTok, the video had more than 9.1 million views as of Monday.

Press Release- Arrest made for Hate Crime

Man arrested after racist, homophobic rant

Jordan Douglas Krah Conversation: Explained

A popular TikTok video from December 24 shows a patron at an East Bay In-N-Out hurling homophobic and racial remarks at two college students.

A man can be heard off-camera calling Arine Kim and Elliot Ha “strange gays” and inquiring if Ha is “Kim Jong Un’s boyfriend” while the two were filming their orders at the burger restaurant in San Ramon.

Two diners are seen sampling several menu items in the TikTok video that documents the conversation while someone in the background says: “You’re recording yourself as you eat? You strange homosexuals.”

The suspect asks if they are Japanese or Korean as the customers appear surprised. The suspect then states when one of them replies “Korean” “I had it in mind. You’re dating Kim Jong Un, right?”

The suspect then calls himself “a slavemaster” and utters a homophobic slur while the patrons giggle uncomfortably. The suspect then says, “See you outside,” before leaving.

San Ramon officers, Statement

San Ramon Authorities Chief Denton Carlson tweeted a picture of a guy driving a silver Mustang with Florida license plates on social media on Sunday afternoon and stated that police were looking for information regarding the culprit.

The chief said on Monday that Krah would be detained at Martinez’s Contra Costa County jail on charges of committing a hate crime. Carlson wrote on social media on Monday, “Thank you to everyone who has helped by submitting information related to the racist and homophobic acts over the previous few days. The chief promised that more details about the case would be made public later.


Victim’s Statement

“I caught this on camera, but incidents of this type occur frequently. The incidence is not unique, Kim told The Mercury News. Before things got out of hand, Kim, a UCLA student who is from Moraga, and Ha, a Duke student who is from Livermore, tried to shrug the man off as a “fear response.”

“When he made his first remark, I didn’t give it much thought in my brain… However, when he kept approaching us later and the moment he brought up Kim Jong Un, he continued to speak to us. I thought, “Oh, okay, maybe I’ll pass away.” I could pass away today,” Kim remarked.

Kim & Elliot appeared uneasy in the video

In the video, the customer is heard saying, “Normally, I could spit in your face, that’s some Filipino [crap],” as she asks a couple more questions.

Kim begged Ha not to respond because they appeared uneasy in the video. The patron greeted them with “see you outside in a minute” and then sat outside the eatery to observe them while they ate while peering in through the glass. After the man left, staff from the In-N-Out led Kim and Ha to the parking lot.

The following day, on December 25, at 11 a.m. outside a store in Danville, a similar incident occurred where Abigail Hailili was subjected to a racist tirade from a man in a Silver Mustang with Florida license plates. According to her, a man attempted to spit on her and her family and then referred to them as “Filipino stupid.”

Denton Carlson San Ramon Police chief Statement

Denton Carlson, the chief of the San Ramon Police Department, announced on Twitter that the event is still under investigation.

“We’re still looking into it, and we’ve come a long way. We will disclose all the information whenever we have additional information to share, according to Carlson.

Kim described the incident as a manifestation of the bigotry she experienced as a child in the East Bay’s predominately white neighborhood.

Kim stated, “Not much has changed, and I hope more people are aware. “I think this film truly captures our terror and really brought attention to the idea that, although though it happened to only us, this could also happen to anyone,” the speaker said.

Reddit users’ reactions to this incident

No-Dream7615 posted,

I mean a DA can always charge someone for assault for saying mean or racist things, but that isn’t assaulted. it comes down to what he said. I haven’t been following but from the down thread, it appears “that he spat on them and threatened he would be waiting outside” – spitting was always technically a battery, but courts have taken spitting-as-battery seriously since HIV and hepatitis have become risks. And “I’ll be outside waiting for you” is definitely enough to get to a jury on assault.

LowHangingFruit20 posted,

I went to school with the racist dude’s younger brother. He tried hard to be a bully, calling anyone smaller than him a fa**ot and generally being a shithead. I remember calling him out for some bullshit (I was bigger than him) and he hurled a fist-sized rock at me. Rock nailed the kid behind me in the face and was gushing blood and he got suspended. There were issues with this kid and it’s not surprising in the least that these two are siblings.

mrmudzi posted,

None of those things are particularly surprising. I don’t get this impression that being a democrat means you aren’t just as racist as any conservative. Look at the school desegregation order that the 80% blue-voting Sausalito got hit in 2019.

biznash said,

Good. Public shaming is how you shut it down. This ain’t no 1st amendment right to harass two people trying to enjoy their dinner. Fuck around and find out I also really think this sends a message in this area. San Ramon has a huge population of Asian and Indian folk, and they pay the tax base of the cops. This is the right thing to do to shut this sit-down.

mydogatestreetpoop said,

San Ramon is fine. Eastern Contra Costa might not have as high of an Asian population as SF or the Peninsula. And it’s a bit higher in the Trumpster count, but overt racism is still pretty rare. Honestly, I’m super impressed SRPD went after this and got results quickly.



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