Missing: Tatyana Childress found dead, what happened to the North Carolina girl? Explained


Missing: Tatyana Childress found dead, what happened to the North Carolina girl? Explained

Tatyana Childress who went missing on Christmas Eve from Greensboro was found deceased. Let’s see what happened to her in this article

Missing: Tatyana Childress was found dead

N.C.’S GUILFORD COUNTY (WGHP) — A young woman whose family had reported her missing has been found dead. Tatyana Childress, age 21, was discovered dead around one o’clock on Huffine Mill Road in McLeansville, according to the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office. Her mother had reported her missing on Sunday.

Even if the sheriff’s office claims that no wrongdoing is suspected, the inquiry is still ongoing. In McLeansville, a resident found Childress’s body and automobile.

The homeowner claimed that upon returning after a weekend away, he noticed tire marks all over his yard and initially believed that someone had broken into his property. He claimed that after looking around the house, he saw that the gate to his backyard appeared to have been slammed.

Childress Mother’s statement

He claimed that as he drew nearer, he noticed Childress’ black Honda Accord parked in his pond with both front doors ajar and dialed 911 right away. She was last seen at a Greensboro Sheetz gas station on Burlington Road, a mile from where her body was found.

She stated that she is still awaiting information regarding her daughter’s passing. She added that she didn’t understand why Childress was there. Call Crime Stoppers at (336) 373-1000 or Detective Duncan at (336) 641-5968 if you have any information.

Her mother and father have asked for the public’s help to find their 21-year-old daughter on social media. Following this, her missing posts have been shared across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and the search continued.


Condolences to Tatyana Childress

Tamika James

I can’t imagine how their Christmas was. So sad. I pray she returns home safely and unharmed.

Toya Beverly Bender

Their snatch our people to sell their organs and sell them into prostitution from human trafficking we live in a SICK WORLD 

Gemma Shell Firewolf

 I am so extremely sorry to her parents and other family members. I can’t imagine not knowing where one of my children is… waiting for my heart to go out to you. I’m extremely angry this was not covered by more by local News Networks lost in the holiday shuffle. This should have been in our faces like other missing girls recently.

NeNe Barbour

Ok wasn’t a young man missing what is going on there that these young ppl keep coming up missing praying that be found safe?

Charlene Baylor

This is so very heartbreaking. Just read about a young man missing in North Carolina as well. I hope he’s found safe and unharmed. “ sigh”

La Shay Moore

Praying for the family of Tatyana and Nicholas!! Lord touch and strengthen them as only you can. These times are sad and trying



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