Valimai Review: How Is Valimai Film? Twitter Valimai Reviews From fans

Valimai Review: How Is Valimai Film? Twitter Valimai Reviews From fans


Valimai the most anticipated movie for about 3 years has now dropped on theatres. Let’s see Valimai Review, How Is Valimai Film and Twitter Valimai Reviews From fans.

Cast: Ajith Kumar, Karthikeya, Huma Qureshi

Production: Bonnie Kapoor,

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Zibran

Movement: H. Vinod

Chennai: Director H.S. Valimai is the film directed by Ajith Kumar again following Vinod’s interview.


Valimai Review: How Is Valimai Film?

Actor Ajith Kumar is the best bike racer known to all fans. A separate bike stunt scene will be created for his fans in the monolithic films Mankatha, Beginning, and Wisdom.

But, Ajith has given the movie Bike Racing Plus Crime mixed with the strength of the fans throughout the movie. Vinod.

Valimai Festival

Valimai Festival

Director H. Directed by Vinod, Nerkonda Parvai is a remake of the Hindi film Pink. Since there are so many things beyond Ajith in that film, the fans are not much connected in it. However, the Valimai festival is being celebrated in theaters today as the Valimai movie is aimed solely at Ajithism as a whole.

Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking

The same thing that was seen in the drug trafficking monologues begins in this strength film. But, those who engage in it differently are bike racers. Just how bike thieves who do chain snatching get involved in drug trafficking. The first scene, which opens in Colombia, shows how the drug shifts from there to Pondicherry and is transferred to many places. Chennai Police is seeking a Special Police Officer to find this out.

Ajith Intro in Valimai Movie

Ajith Intro in Valimai Movie

Ajith Kumar, a police officer in charge of Madurai, is coming to Chennai to deal with the case. Actor Ajith Kumar’s opening scene is set in the rain. After the Dina Rain Fight, the fans cheered in the theater as this rain fight was the Mass.

Different Level Game Valimai Review

Different Level Game

Ajith’s opening song Nanga Veramari could not be seen playing Ajith. To that extent, Ajith fans went near the theater screen and they stabbed differently. Ajith is dancing on the bottle, taking the steps that come to him as usual.

Uneducated to F9 in Valimai

Uneducated to F9

Sumitra plays Ajith’s mother in the movie Valimai. Ajith has a brother (Achutha Kumar) and a brother (Raj Ayyappa), a sister and Ajith is the only person in charge of the family. Ajith Kumar’s extravagant brother villain Karthikeya joins the team in the movie Valimai as well as how his brother goes astray in Rajinikanth’s illiterate movie. In the 9th episode of Fast and Furious released last year, brother John Cena joins the villain gang and becomes a reaction to the hero’s diesel.

No romantic scenes Valimai Review

No romantic scenes

Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi plays a technology-savvy police officer in the film. Able to draw and give as it is identified. The scenes of how he and Ajith catch the thief gang with their computers together are a bit boring.

Kartikeya Gummakonda Valimai Review

Kartikeya Gummakonda

Karthikeyan, the young hero of Tollywood, plays the leader of the Satanic Slave Gang in this film. His body is intimidating. Also, the bike adventures he and his team do are a huge plus for the film.

Worthy Interval

Worthy Interval

The bike chase scene that starts just before the break just lifts the strength image. Fans are mouth-watering enough to have such a Hollywood-level stunt scene in the Ennada Kollywood movie. But it also appears that the scene does not need to be overstated in monolithic promos.


Second half soon

The second half of the Strength film will be completed in a little while more. We leave the whole critique to see how the second half was and whether Arjun released his brother from the villain crowd for his mother’s affection. Chema treat for strength Ajith fans!


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Hope you have a clear review of How Is Valimai Film. Whatever give it a shot on theatre that’s my honest opinion.


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