What Happened to Anna Karen? And How did Anna Karen die?

What Happened to Anna Karen?


Anna Karen, who starred in On The Buses and EastEnders died in a tragic way, Let’s see What Happened to Anna Karen and How did Anna Karen die.

Quick Preview on What Happened to Anna Karen

  • Just after 10.30 pm yesterday night, firefighters were rushed to the site of the tragedy at her east London house.
  • The fire was put out in an hour, but the actress was pronounced dead at the site.
  • After hearing pleas of ‘help me, help me’ coming from inside the residence, neighbors were alerted.


What and How is Anna Karen famous for?

Anna Karen, who starred in On The Buses and EastEnders, died in a house fire in east London after neighbors heard pleas of ‘help me, help me’ from inside the wheelchair-bound actress’s home.

Tributes have flooded in for the star, who was lifetime friends with Barbara Windsor, including one from Bucks Fizz singer Cheryl Baker, who termed her an “absolute treasure, both on and off the screen.”

She had a long list of acting accomplishments, including roles in the Carry On films and a number of pantomimes, but she is best known for her part as Olive in the 1970s comedy On The Buses.

She was well recognized for her role as Aunt Sal, Peggy Mitchell’s sister, in EastEnders, which she played on and off for more than 20 years.

Karen was married to Terry Duggan, a fellow humorous actor who played Nobby in On The Buses and later starred in shows like Only Fools and Horses and Are You Being Served? He died in 2008 at the age of 76.


What Happened to Anna Karen?

The exact cause of the fire that started downstairs is unknown. However, the fire started to spread, maybe as a result of Anna Karen’s mistake or the external sources. Then it spreads throughout the downstairs. She did everything she could to stop the spreading of the fire. But she couldn’t stop herself and started shouting for help.

Then a few of the neighbors came to the door, noticed smoke pouring from a vent, and phoned the fire department right away. They couldn’t do anything since the fire had already reached its height and was preventing them from sneaking in.

The cause of the tragic incident, which a crew of roughly 20 firefighters was called to handle at around 10.30 pm on Windsor Road in Ilford yesterday night, is still being investigated by fire chiefs.

The fire on the ground floor of her terraced house was brought under control within an hour, but emergency crews were unable to save the star, who was declared dead at the scene.

‘We are really devastated at the news of Anna,’ a family friend said this afternoon.


How did Anna Karen die?

Post mortem reports of Anna Karen say she died because of severe thermal injures to the body cells, Which in turn caused her Hypovolemia (Blood or other fluid loss causes the heart to be unable to pump enough blood to the body) and loss of normal heart function.

Hypovolemia, which caused her burnt tissue to be hypoperfused, resulted in a lack of nutrition to vital organs, resulting in multiorgan failure and edema throughout her body.

Also because her tissues were necrotized in huge quantities, she suffered significant harm to her skin, which resulted in reduced protection over the body.


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What did the neighbors say about the incident?

Neighbors told News channels that they were alerted to the fire after hearing shouts of “help me, help me” coming from Karen’s home.

Sumi Popat said,

‘It was approximately 10.30 pm and we could hear loud shouts of ‘help me, help me,” recalled Sumi Popat, 62. When I came out, there was smoke rising from Anna’s house, and the shouts for aid were becoming increasingly loud. Some of us phoned the fire department right away.’

Kirti Munnasinghe said,

Kirti Munnasinghe, 42, claimed he was returning home from work about 10.30 p.m. when he heard the cries as he approached his front door.

‘I could hear someone yelling ‘help me,’ and I realized it was coming from Anna’s house,’ he stated. Then I observed smoke streaming out of the vent. We all knew her around here; it’s a little town with a tight-knit population, and she was well-liked. The calls for rescue became more urgent as more smoke spilled out; it was terrifying.’

Anna lived alone in the three-bedroom house and was limited to the ground level due to her disability and use of a wheelchair, according to her neighbors. Carers came four times a day to check on the former actress.

Mrs. Popat said,

‘We all knew about Anna’s renowned history but none of us made a big out of it,’ Mrs. Popat said, adding that she regularly cooked for Anna, who preferred Indian food. Although there is a sizable Asian population in the area, she was simply one of us.

‘Anna adored Indian food, and my sister and I would cook it for her on a daily basis since she was alone and disabled, and it made her happy.’

Sunny Soodh said,

‘It was horrific to hear those screams,’ recalled Sunny Soodh, a neighbor. We all knew Anna; she was a wonderful person who had become increasingly isolated in recent years. Three fire engines, two ambulances, and the police arrived, but they were unable to save her. It’s a tragedy, and we’ll miss her.’

Sivalai Pavananthakumar said,

‘There was a lot of smoke and flames, and others in the street had noticed what was going on and came out to help,’ Sivalai Pavananthakumar, 33, added. Because there was so much smoke, the fire department and police arrived swiftly and knocked down the door.’

‘I recognized her and would see her every day when I took my kids to school; she was a wonderful elderly lady who always said hello,’ he continued.

Another neighbor said,

‘I knew her from Eastenders, it was like having a superstar living in the street, she was a wonderful lady who always spoke to everyone,’ said another neighbor.


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Fan’s reaction to Anna Karen death on a house fire

BadWolfSFC said,

Terrible news. RIP

Trixietime said,

Oh, how awful! She was a great character.

TheycallmeCal said,

It’s terrible news. She had some fantastic on-screen scenes with Barbara, and their off-screen connection resulted in tremendous natural chemistry. Harold, Sal’s husband, was mentioned on the show but I don’t believe he was ever seen. She also had a daughter around Sam’s age, so bringing her daughter in but making her cut from the same cloth as Sal would be perfect.

Omairk25 said,

That’s such a horrible and depressing way to end her life!! Indeed, my thoughts and prayers are with the family!

-Sanj- said,

Very depressing. I had no idea she was on “On the Buses” all this time. I’m hoping for a nice mention of Aunt Sal on EE soon, and even a montage on their YouTube channel. She will be sorely missed.

CollarOrdinary4284 said,

Oh, I didn’t even know she was Aunt Sal. I was just reading the news about an EastEnders actress who died in a house fire.

Heartbreaking news, RIP

I hope I clearly explained What Happened to Anna Karen and How did she die. What are your thoughts on Anna Karen, Let me know in the comments section.


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