Tragic loss: What happened to Denim Bradshaw? 14 year-old dies after bull riding at stokes county rodeo

Denim Bradshaw
Denim Bradshaw, 14

A boy died Saturday night after riding a bull at the American Legion Post 290 on South Main Street in King. Let’s see what happened to Denim Bradshaw in detail.

How did Denim Bradshaw die?

According to Brandon Gentry, Director of Emergency Services in Stokes County, units responded to a call for cardiac arrest at the Rafter K. Rodeo Winter Series at about 8:24 p.m.

The rider’s name, according to the rodeo’s Facebook page, was Denim Bradshaw.

Bradshaw was riding a bull when the report came in, but it’s unclear if that’s what caused the heart attack.

After being transferred to the hospital, Bradshaw passed away. Following the passing of her son, Shannon Bowman, Bradshaw’s mother, published a Facebook post.

The statement reads,

“Last night was the longest night of my life!! My beautiful, handsome 14 year old son had went to be with the lord! I awoke in a nightmare for the rest of my life!

I hate myself for this call, but he was loving every second of it, I never seen him so happy as I had seen him last night before his departure.
Denim baby you did it!! You did that!! I’m so proud of your braveness and your courage! My lil cowboy I will love and miss you so much and I know God will take care of you.
For the sake of your bull riding friends there really should be emt on site in this sport! That ride was a little to long🙏my”

Denim Bradshaw cause of death:

Denim experienced cardiac arrest while on the bull ride in King, NC. Up until Stokes EMS came, two EMTs from the King Fire Department who were contracted by the rodeo to be on standby provided life saving assistance.

Soon after, EMS transported the young victim to the hospital, where they were later declared deceased. Denim was only 14 years old.

The EMTs have a contract for off-duty work that requires them to be on call every weekend in the arena, according to the King Fire Department.

The rider’s name, according to the rodeo’s Facebook page, was Denim Bradshaw. At the time of the call, Bradshaw was mounted on a bull.

After Bradshaw’s passing, the Union Grove-based Rafter K Rodeo Company, LLC posted a statement on Facebook.

“Everyone here at Rafter K Rodeo Company, LLC would like to give our sincere condolences to the family and friends of a bull rider, Denim Bradshaw. This is a tragic event and words cannot describe the pain felt by this loss. We ask everyone to come together and pray for his family for comfort and healing during this difficult time.”

What happened to Denim Bradshaw?

Denim Brandshaw met with an accident while on bull riding and passed away. On Saturday, January 28, 2023, a bull rider named Denim Bradshaw, 14, died while on a bull near King, North Carolina.

He was reportedly a novice bull rider. According to loved ones, Bradshaw fell off and then the bull came and crushed him.

Tributes flooded online after the demise news of young boy broke out.

Condolences to Denim Bradshaw:

Lois Elizabeth posted,

My nephew Denim Bradshaw passed away last night in a senseless tragedy, please send up thoughts and prayers for his parents, siblings and extended family.

Amanda Paquette posted,

I will never forget the night we had last night.. preston got to ride his first bull.. you can hear him right before leaving the shoot sayin “let’s go boys”. Sadly, the child that entered that same shoot after Preston lost his life in the aren last night. He was only 14 and a first time bull rider.. I am so thankful that god is so good to me and had a hedge of protection over Preston..holding my boy extra tight.Rest in peace cowboy! (Denim Bradshaw)

Joe Cassteven posted,

Denim Bradshaw you done a heckva job cowboy all the members of RFB will always rember and respect you fly high cowboy I’m sure you’re entry fees have been payed.

Shaun Renn posted,

Well my mother just called and my little nephew then I wanted to go for the bull riding contest and he fell off and then the bull came and crushed him and he just passed away rest in peace denim Bradshaw I’m so sorry it happened to you you’re too young.

Katie Meredith posted,
Prayers for my best friends family they lost a beautiful soul tonight while he was bull riding I will miss him so much he was one of the funniest sweetest boys I knew heaven gained another cowboy tonight.

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