How did Todd Goodling die? Central York volleyball coach cause of death explained


 How did Todd Goodling die? Central York volleyball coach cause of death explained

He was without equals: Coaching Legend and beloved long-time boys volleyball coach at Central York High School passed away earlier this week. Let’s see how he dies and Todd Goodling cause of death in detail.

What happened to Todd Goodling?

His sister, Jenni, released the following statement on Wednesday: “Coach Todd lost his battle this morning. I announce this with the utmost grief.

Every single Central volleyball team member was cherished by Todd as if they were his children. He struggled to get out of bed every day because of them.

He was interested in the athlete, but he also considered the bigger picture of how these youngsters improve the world and how their leadership will motivate those around them. A good coach can influence a game, but a great coach can change a life. Todd will always be one of a kind.


Todd Goodling cause of death

Even though his team had just won the most anticipated game of the year, Todd Goodling refused to take the glory. Goodling instructed media to “talk to the players” when they approached him following Central York’s five-set victory against Northeastern in the 2019 state quarterfinals. It concerns them, That was standard Goodling behavior.

After defeats, he would respond to queries, but rarely after victories. He desired that his players receive the attention and not himself. Anyone who knew Goodling was not surprised by that attitude.

After all, he expressed his desire for spectators to “see me as little as possible” when he was appointed head coach of the Central York boys’ volleyball team in 2016.

Former Central York assistant Dwayne Warehime stated, “If you tried to offer him a compliment, he was kind, but it was all about the kids. He was aware that the goal of coaching is to benefit the athletes.

He imparted knowledge in a way that made people accountable. The program is for you. You need to talk to each other. What you do is what matters. And they were able to gain from that.

Todd Goodling cause of death: “Todd was never the focus. He was sincere when he said that. After a protracted struggle with an unidentified disease, Goodling passed away this week. Age-wise, he was 63.

Who was Todd Goodling?

Goodling has been Central York’s head coach for the last seven years, during which time the Panthers have won two District 3 championships and made two trips to the state championship game. In 2017, the Panthers defeated North Allegheny to win the state championship.

However, he began working with the Central York program in 1984. Brad Livingston, Bruce, Barb Koller, and others were his great coaches while he worked as an assistant. In total, he assisted in coaching 12 District 3 championship teams and four state championship teams.

Todd Goodling, who graduated from Dallastown Area High School in 1977, went on to attend Wake Forest. Todd is the son of veteran U.S. representative Bill Goodling. He was an architect by profession, but he also served as an assistant coach for the Duke women’s volleyball team and a club player for USA Volleyball.

Legendary former Northeastern coach Matt Wilson lamented the loss of a “great one” on Wednesday. “He comes to me first when I think of the top coaches in the state.

I had never seen a Central squad that wasn’t focused, competent, and ready for the big game. He adored this activity.” Coaches that worked with and against Goodling praised his volleyball expertise and instructive skills.

“No equals as a coach”

Wilson lauded Goodling for altering his tactics each year based on the skill sets of his players and claimed that he had “sleepless nights” attempting to prepare for Central York. Goodling, according to Warehime, was just as enthusiastic to coach a novice athlete as he was an all-state great.

When Livingston took over the volleyball program in 2002, he had already been Central York’s longstanding football coach. He claimed to get along well with Goodling. Livingston would entice student-athletes to join the squad as a teacher at the school.

Then Goodling would instruct them in the sport. He has no equals as a coach, Livingston stated on Wednesday. “I would do all I could because I knew that as soon as the kids entered the gym, they would fall head over heels for Todd and develop a volleyball mania. He was excellent at imparting knowledge and encouraging learning in the young.”

However, Livingston claimed that he considered Goodling to be his buddy first and his colleague second. There are “very few better men” in the world, according to Warehime. Goodling was consistently honest and never cheated when completing a task, according to both coaches.

And above everything things, he was concerned about his players. Central York senior setter Brock Anderson used Twitter to discuss how the volleyball program influenced him as a person after the coronavirus epidemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 spring season.

He referred to Goodling as a “second father figure” and expressed his desire for every athlete to have a coach “like him,” saying that Goodling “changed my life for the better.”

When he was in York County for business with a consulting firm, Carter Luckenbaugh, the setter for the Panthers’ 2017 state-championship team, would still stop by Central York open gyms. Many former Panthers volleyball players, according to him, engaged in similar behavior.

With many high school programs, you’re done with it once you quit playing, so that says a lot about Todd as a person, said Luckenbaugh. “He created a culture based on that. He was one of the most meticulous coaches I have had, both in sports and in life.

I played four different sports, including college soccer. He showed me how to be dedicated, selfless, and have a winning attitude.”

These life lessons, according to those who worked with Goodling, were always the coach’s primary objective. Even though Goodling rarely gave interviews, when he did, he always brought up the same line. Trying to win a state championship, in his opinion, was more significant than actually doing so. In other words, both the journey and the destination had value.

He used to tell me, “We want to play volleyball at a high level, but the program’s success will be determined by how well they do after the program,” said, Livingston. “He was constantly more concerned with that. The best player he could make them into, but when they graduated, they entered the world as better people. And a portion of that was because they interacted with Todd.”


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