Why did Scarlette Douglas and Lyndrik Xela split? Cause of separation Explained


Scarlette Douglas and Lyndrik Xela split

Scarlette Douglas, star of I’M A CELEBRITY, has unofficially split from musician lover Lyndrik Xela. After a two-year romance, the host, 35, has signed up for the upcoming series of the Australian jungle show. Let’s see why Scarlette Douglas and Lyndrik Xela split and the cause of separation in detail.

Why did Scarlette Douglas and Lyndrik Xela split?

The television host, who left her seven-year post as host of A Place in the Sun in August to devote more time to Channel 4’s new property series Worst House in the Street, According to the source, “They split up quietly early this year—it was difficult with her schedule and his work.”

“She was upset when it first happened, but she is doing okay now and is looking forward to her I’m A Celeb journey.”

They initially met more than a decade ago while performing in the West End play Thriller Live. Scarlette previously confessed that balancing her work schedule and personal life is “tricky,” given how much time she spends abroad filming A Place in the Sun.

She frequently works “crazy” hours, according to the property expert, and is frequently absent from the house that they both share. Scarlette Douglas and Lyndrik Xela split up because of their busy work schedule.

Cause of separation

Scarlette separated from her boyfriend Lyndrik because of her schedule. Scarlette said, “There are a few things that are a little difficult, but this is the hardest part. I’ve done this show primarily being single and I’ve got a partner now.”

Scarlette continued, “We’ve been together since the first lockdown, and we’ve known each other for years, but we’ve only recently been together.”

But it’s a bit tricky going away because I’m leaving him at home and he’s doing his thing and I’m away. My hours can be crazy sometimes so I guess that’s what’s hard.

Scarlette Douglas and Lyndrik Xela split happened because of Scarlette’s crazy work hours.

Lyndrik gained attention by winning the voice competition and winning over the judges. Scarlette will now appear alongside Boy George and Mike Tindall in the new ITV series, which premieres on November 6.

A TV insider states that,

“Scarlette has what it takes to become a big household name like Stacey Solomon and Joel Dommett after her time in the Jungle. She has proved to be a hit amongst viewers following the success of her property shows and there is no doubt that she will be inundated with offers for more telly gigs.”

Together with architect George Clarke, Scarlette and Stuart form the front line for Flipping Fast. As part of Channel 4’s Black to the Front project last year, they replaced Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer for a special edition of Love It or List It.

Scarlette, who has previously appeared in the West End, discovered her place on TV after landing a screen test through her and Stuart’s property development activities.

Statement from Scarlette

Scarlette said: “Last year we couldn’t really travel because of Covid and Brexit and all of that sort of stuff, but then in August I got stuck in Spain with Covid for two weeks.

“I experienced a little burnout and a little meltdown at the end of last year when I looked at my diary for this year.

“I thought, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but by the grace of God and a lot of vitamins and a lot of water, it is kind of getting me through.”

Who is Scarlette Douglas?

Scarlette Douglas originally known as Charlotte Patricia Louise Douglas is an English television presenter, singer, dancer, and property expert. She gained notoriety for her work as a presenter on the Channel 4 drama A Place in the Sun from 2015 until 2022.

She has additionally frequently appeared as a guest reporter on Points of View, The One Show, and Jeremy Vine. Alongside her brother, Stuart Douglas, she has presented George Clarke’s Flipping Fast and Worst House on the Street for Channel 4 since 2022.

Who is Lyndrik Xela?

Lyndrik’s distinctive voice has helped him gain a sizable fan base. He has even shared the stage with his girlfriend Scarlette Douglas. He is “A multidimensional singer, composer, producer, and performer, Lyndrik Xela lights up a stage in the style of musicians like Michael Jackson and Prince.

Lyndrik’s distinctive vocal range and tone provide individuality. His music is varied, broad, and unique to Lyndrik, fusing various genres and influences to produce an entirely new sound. His voice will set the mood for all occasions. Recently, Lyndrik teased fans about the possibility of new music being released along with some amazing visuals.


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