How did Lynsey Bennett die? Cervical Check campaigner cause of death Explained


How did Lynsey Bennett die? Cervical Check campaigner cause of death Explained

Lynsey Bennett, a CervicalCheck advocate, passes away at age 34. Let’s see what happened to her and Lynsey Bennett cause of death in detail

What happened to Lynsey Bennett?

Lynsey Bennett, 34, is being remembered after passing away. Her kids Zoe, 13, and Hailee, 8, as well as her father Coote, are left behind. Invasive cervical carcinoma was discovered in Longford native Ms. Bennett in 2017. 

In 2021, she reached a settlement with the High Court about the alleged incorrect reading of her cervical smear slides. “To my daughters Zoe and Hailee, I hope I have done enough to give you both a future free of financial worries and that even with me not here to guide you, you can both achieve your ambitions,” she said in a statement at the time outside the Four Courts.

And always remember, Mammy loves you. X,” she sobbed. In a statement, attorney Gillian O’Mahony acknowledged Ms. Bennett’s passing. “The family of Lynsey Bennett would like to let everyone know that Lynsey passed away peacefully yesterday night. 

Lynsey was a highly unique individual, “She spoke. “Lynsey passed away at the young age of 34, and her lovely girls, father, sisters, relatives, and friends are sad. We would beg for privacy at this time.”

The funeral for Ms. Bennett will be held on Monday at noon in St. John’s Church, Battery Road, Longford. A ceremony will also be held on Sunday at Glennon’s Funeral Home, Ballinalee Road, beginning at 5 p.m Considering the above all reports Lynsey Bennett cause of death was confirmed as Cervical Cancer.


Lynsey Bennett died after a lengthy cancer battle.

On December 29, 2020, Lynsey shared a message about her health issue. As she fights cancer for the third time, Longford’s mother Lynsey Bennet has sent a touching and moving letter to Taoiseach Michael Martin.

To speak for all the children “who have been and will be devastated by the early death of their mothers owing to the CervicalCheck debacle,” the 32-year-old posted a video of herself reciting the moving words to her Facebook page Curing Lynsey Bee on Monday.

At the age of 28, Lynsey, the mother of Hayley, 7, and Zoe, 12, received a cervical cancer diagnosis. Regarding the alleged incorrect interpretation of her cervical smear slides obtained as part of the national screening program, Lyndsey filed a lawsuit in the High Court.

Dear Taoiseach and Leaders, I’m a 32-year-old victim of the cervical cancer scandal, Mum Lynsey opened the painful statement by addressing Micheal Martin. 

I’m the sole parent of two lovely kids, Zoe, 12, and Hayley, 7. “My cancer has come back for the third time, and it is now Stage Four Terminal, with a very terrible prognosis and a short life expectancy,” the woman stated.

The High Court expedited my case and scheduled an urgent hearing for this January. I am quite concerned about the cost of the care that Hayley and Zoe will need in the future. The Supreme Court ruled in the Ruth Morrissey appeal that damages for lost services, care expenses, and lost domestic assistance cannot be recoverable in certain situations. Ms. Bennett informed Ireland AM earlier this year that she had only six to eight months to live as of November 2020.

It’s mind-blowing to be here after a year and still be well, she added. She also disclosed that she had discussed her illness with her two kids, Zoe and Hailee.

“I have always been open and honest with them, but I have done so in the kindest manner possible.“Unfortunately, Hailee’s friend’s mother passed away unexpectedly at Christmas, and ever since, she’s been terrified. 

Two weeks ago, while she was saying goodbye to me as she left for her dad’s house and turning to leave, she suddenly said, “I pray you don’t die.” She now recognizes that mothers do pass away, Ms. Bennett said. Lynsey talked about the exchange she had with her youngest, telling Hailee that “no one knows when they have to go to heaven” and that she can’t guarantee how long she’ll be here. 

“I can only guarantee that I’m doing my best,” the speaker said. Through the Cancer With Gratitude Instagram feed, which has nearly 65,000 followers, Ms. Bennett shared her experience with living with cancer. 

Lynsey’s final post

On September 2, in her final post, she talked about the hospital staff’s support and her excitement at seeing her daughters start their second year of secondary school and third grade, respectively. A “huge thank you” was added to people who have followed her page for their “messages, checking in, and giving love.” 

For their assistance, she expressed her “eternal gratitude.” This is wholly inappropriate and wrong, and despite the court’s ruling that the legislature should make any modifications to this complicated section of the legislation, the government has done nothing, failing me and other victims in a similar situation. I, therefore, call on you to correct this mistake and give me the peace of mind that my children will be adequately cared for in the future. “The refusal to modify the law to allow for the recovery of services can care costs in our cervical cancer cases is a further scandal and failing by the State,” you said.

We may try to be as prepared as we can, and that’s precisely what I tried to do, even from the time I started receiving smear tests at the age of 22, even if we can’t always predict what the future holds for any of us. At the age of 22, I actively sought out a doctor and paid for one.

I don’t think that they will completely understand the horrible hell I’ve gone through to still be here for them today because as a mother, you simply go into that mode of being protective and making any sacrifice you need for your children.

Lynsey stated: “I tried all in my power for my two lovely girls, for us not to have to be in the position that we are in, for the impact that my treatment has had on their life.” Their childhood recollections are of a sick and worn-out mammy who always leaves at the drop of a hat and spends so much time in the hospital; I’ve already lost almost four years of their young lives.

“Without me, Hayley and Zoe have lived more than half of their lives. I’ve missed going to plays, and events, traveling, snuggling on the couch, and creating memories.

“At 28 years old, I had my womb removed, I had to grieve for a kid I didn’t get to have, sat in waiting rooms for radiation and chemo, while not nearly recognizing my name because I was being pumped with so much poison.”

“I’ve tried so hard to do this with a smile, and be grateful that I’m still here, but I tell you what, it is so hard to be alive but not living,” Lynsey stated as she concluded her message. Currently, I’m sitting here crying as I worry that my daughters won’t have their mommy by their sides to support them in the future. I also worry that I won’t be able to protect them and ensure that they have access to the chances they need to be happy, successful, and loved. “I wouldn’t want this on my worst enemy; the agony, grief, and suffering I have gone through, and now I have to stay in court in January 2021 and listen to what has been my life, is something that I pray no more women will have to go through,” she said.



Tributes have flooded in today for the much-loved mother of two.

Campaigner Stephen Teap shared an emotional tribute to Ms. Bennett on social media, describing her as a “beautiful person and mother”. “Overwhelmed with emotions at the shock of learning of the passing of the beautiful person and mother that was Lynsey Bennett,” he wrote. While her pain ends today, it only begins for those who loved her most, my thoughts are especially with her two little girls.”

Singer Una Healy, who was a close friend of Ms. Bennett, said she was “heartbroken beyond words”. “I am so grateful for all the special memories we made together. Always in my heart, forever in my soul. Life is so precious and you lived and loved it to the fullest,”

Ms. Healy wrote. “Rest in peace, my beautiful friend. My thoughts are with your family and friends especially your babies Zoë and Hailee.”

One person wrote: “Overwhelmed with emotions at the shock of learning of the passing of the beautiful person and mother that was #LynseyBennett. While her pain ends today it only begins for those who loved her most, my thoughts are especially with her 2 little girls.”

Reporter Frank Greaney added: “Devastated to hear that Lynsey Bennett (34) has passed away. She, like so many other brave women, brought the horror of the CervicalCheck scandal home to us all. In the end, all she cared about was securing her daughter’s future. She should have been able to watch them grow.”

Another friend said: “RIP my girl may you get the best bed in heaven!! such a strong girl fighting right till the end will be lost without your positive chats and advice will miss seeing this smile and having all gossip.”


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