Who is TikTok star Ayala Bratt? Why did she put a tattoo stencil on a baby? Explained


Who is TikTok star Ayala Bratt? Why did he tattoo his baby? Explained


A woman goes viral for “tattooing” a baby, and 22 million users of TikTok are astonished by what they see. Let’s lookout Who is that TikTok star Ayala Bratt and Why did she tattoo a baby in detail

Who is TikTok star Ayala Bratt?

Ayala Bratt, who posted a video of a mother, father, and infant getting matching tattoos on TikTok, thinks exposing kids to the world of tattoo art can be beneficial.

After posting videos on social media that appeared to show babies getting tattoos, a tattoo artist became extremely popular.

The 22-year-old Ayala Bratt has received criticism from people on TikTok after a video of a mother, father, and child having similar tattoos garnered more than 22 million views.

The body art enthusiast, who has been tattooing people since 2013, has defended her conduct and thinks exposing kids to the tattoo industry may be beneficial.

In the popular video, which has received over 564,000 likes and 22.5 million views on TikTok, a cute baby is shown snoozing on its father’s knee.

The father, who has just had Ayala tattoo his thigh, is seen attempting to divert his son’s attention by clicking his fingers while the artist meticulously paints a purple stencil of sun and moon on the infant’s leg.

Ayala told need to know. Online, “I think exposing kids to the world of tattoos is perfectly okay.

“It’s merely art and a means of self-expression. It is not exclusively a gangster-related issue.”

How do people react to Ayala putting a tattoo stencil on a baby?

However, bewildered social media users have flocked to the comments area to vent their confusion, with some believing that the ink is permanent despite the stencil’s temporary tattoo-like effect.

Some people have slammed Ayala for putting a tattoo stencil on a baby

One commenter replied, “Noooo, seriously,” followed by the emoji “mind-blown.”

One more person stated: “A minor under the age of 18 cannot get a tattoo done! Even worse, he is a little child.” “I can’t believe they did this,” said another. I hope it’s a prank, someone else said in the audience. Other people appeared to comprehend that the child would just receive a stencil instead of ink.

One user commented, “This is what they do to my kid when we get tattooed and it makes her extremely happy.”

Someone else questioned, “Do folks genuinely believe they tattooed a baby.”

Another person added: “The best part of the video is the people freaking out lol.”

Ayala has no regrets about posting the video 

Ayala, who has 272,000 followers on her Instagram page @ayalatattoo1, has no regrets about posting the video and thinks more kids should be let to appreciate the realm of tattoo art.

“There was a mixed response after I shared my films on TikTok,” she stated. “There was a lot of hostility, but there was also humor.

Additionally, I’ve received a tonne of inquiries from clients asking if they can now bring their children in to have them “tattooed”; of course, I’ve replied yes.

“After we attempted a fake tattoo on her, she became infatuated and decided it was okay for her mother to have more tattoos even though she had previously requested her mother not to because she disliked them.

“I believe that we should let children know that getting tattoos is OK since they are a form of expression and art, not only a sign of being a “gangster.” “My movies make it quite evident how pleased the kids are. They even ask their parents if I can tattoo their buddies at their birthday celebrations in addition to them.


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