Release time for Ashwin’s ‘Enna Solla Pogirai’ Fans in anticipation!

enna solla pogirai release


Enna Solla Pogirai release: It has been reported that Ashwin’s ‘Enna Solla Pogirai’ film, which is popular through the show ‘Cook with Comali’, has been released ahead of Pongal.

‘Enna Solla Pogirai’ is a film produced by Trident Arts. It stars Aswin Kumar, who is famous for his role in ‘Cook with Comali’. The film stars Avantika, Teju Aswini, and ‘Cook with Comali’ fame and is directed by Hariharan.

Release time for Ashwin's 'Enna Solla Pogirai' Fans in anticipation!

The film crew officially announced that the film would be released in the first week of last December. Earlier, the music release ceremony of the film was held in Chennai. Aswin’s speech at the event is currently causing controversy. Speaking at the event, Aswin said, ‘Enna Solla Pogirai’ Vijay TV has been the biggest turning point in my life.

I have a bad habit. I would fall asleep if I didn’t like listening to the story. I fell asleep listening to 40 stories. The only story I heard without sleeping was “Enna Solla Pogirai” His speech was widely criticized on social media.

Enna Solla Pogirai release on Pongal

In this situation, all the big-budget films planned for the Pongal release have been postponed due to the fear of COVID19 spreading. Ajith’s ‘Valimai’, which was especially anticipated by the fans, has been postponed from the Pongal release. Thus, small-budget films are aimed at Pongal.

It has been reported that Ashwin’s ‘Enna Solla Pogirai’ film has been released for Pongal. Similarly, some other small-budget films have been released targeting Pongal.



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