Tomorrow Full curfew in Tamil Nadu! Which is running? And Which does not?

Tomorrow Full curfew in Tamil Nadu! Which is running? And Which does not?

Full Curfew is imposed in Tamil Nadu Tomorrow. Let’s see what’s going to function and what don’t.

Coronavirus is a word that has been widely heard for the last two years. The impact of the corona that made all the people of the world tremble is not yet diminished. They are constantly evolving into different types. Many countries around the world are taking various measures to prevent this. Despite repeated guidelines such as frequent hand washing, wearing a mask, adhering to social spaces, and vaccination, Corona’s impact has not diminished. Also important is the curfew imposed by the government. 

Which is running? And Which does not?

The state of Tamil Nadu has stated that buses, autos, and metro trains would not run tomorrow due to a full curfew.

According to a press statement published by the Tamil Nadu government, public transportation would be prohibited from 5 a.m. tomorrow until 5 a.m. the next day.

Trains from Chennai Central and Egmore would run as usual during the day.

Tomorrow, all city buses in Chennai will be cancelled, automobiles will be prohibited, and no vehicles transporting passengers will be permitted.

Tomorrow, Chennai’s metro rail service will be fully cancelled, and electric trains will only be 50 percent operating.

No ban on going to weddings

The Tamil Nadu government has announced several restrictions due to the spread of omicron and corona disease. A full curfew has been imposed on Sunday.

In this case, as the full curfew has been declared since tomorrow is Sunday, it is already permissible to hold family events such as weddings, but those attending the event are allowed to carry out their travels by showing the wedding invitation magazines.

Anyways be safe before going for any kind of function. Social distancing, Sanitizers, and Face masks are a must.


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