KSI vs FaZe Temperrr betting: Where & How to bet? Odds Analysis & Complete guide


KSI vs FaZe Temperrr betting: Where & How to bet? Odds Analysis & Complete guide


KSI vs FaZe Temperrr: On January 14, DAZN will hold the fourth MF & DAZN: X Series competition at Wembley Arena. KSI and FaZe Temperrr will compete in the main event. The fight will feature a YouTuber versus. YouTuber contest as well as a Sidemen vs. FaZe rivalry match.

In place of Dillon Danis is Temperrr. The YouTuber is prepared to demonstrate why he is one of the world’s best influencer boxers. It will work if you defeat one of the top men in YouTube boxing with KSI.

A potential opponent for KSI in large fights is Jake Paul. KSI will have to defend himself against a different YouTuber, just like he did in 2022. He has demonstrated that he takes every training session and battle seriously. What will happen if these two influential people face off in the ring? Also, we will give guidance on how to place a bet on this fight.


Why is KSI fighting FaZe Temperrr in battle?

Dillon Danis, an MMA competitor with a perfect record, was to fight KSI. After a protracted period of disagreement, this would have been Danis’ first fight since 2019. The manager of KSI, Mams Taylor, said that Danis pulled out because he was “underprepared” for the fight.

Initially, KSI wanted to fight Tyron Woodley, a former UFC welterweight champion. Harvey Ubhi quoted KSI as saying, “It’s funny, I should have just picked Woodley at the start, honestly,” according to Mirror. “We had planned to do it. We were preparing for Woodley and working out when, yep, the entire Danis incident occurred.

“We believed that it would provide more entertainment, that more people would want to watch it, and that this would also play a significant role in the MMA world, where I was attempting to establish my reputation. This is my attempt to integrate myself into that community, much like Jake did with [Ben] Askren, etc. The fight was scheduled as soon as the Danis news broke since Temperrr was available to take on KSI.


KSI vs Temperrr: Start time date, and venue

KSI vs Dillon Danis start time of main event- 10 PM GMT, 5 PM ET (Approximately)

  • Date- Saturday, January 14, 2023
  • Time- 7 PM GMT, 2 PM ET
  • Venue- OVO Arena Wembley, London

Even if the opponent has changed, the match’s date, location, and start time have not altered. Additionally, the six-round light heavyweight fight is scheduled for Saturday, January 14. The main event’s ring walks are set to begin at approximately 10:00 pm at London’s OVO Arena, where the fight will take place.

KSI vs FaZe Temperrr Odds

Fighter Odds
KSI -1200
FaZe Temper   700


KSI vs FaZe Recent Fights

Luis Alcaraz Pineda, win via KO Fight 1 Overtflow, win via KO
Swarmz, win via KO Fight 2 Slim Albaher, loss via KO
Logan Paul, win via SD Fight 3 King Kenny, win via UD
Logan Paul, Draw Fight 4 N/ A



How to watch KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr and the betting odds

The fight between YouTube Sensation will be broadcast live in 200 countries, but viewing it will require a premium DAZN subscription. However, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina will not be able to use DAZN services.

The DAZN app must be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store in these nations. They can then register without a web browser after that.

According to the betting odds for the matchup between KSI and Faze, KSI is a huge -1200 favorite. Faze Temper, on the other hand, is at +700.

Given his past performances and his skills, the British boxer is now riding a wave and is predicted to win a fight. But if Temperrr wins, we won’t be surprised.

KSI vs FaZe Temperrr: Fight card

  1. Main Event: KSI vs FaZe Temperrr (6 rounds, light-heavyweight)
  2. Slim Albaher vs Tom Zanetti (4 rounds, light-heavyweight)
  3. Salt Papi vs Josh Brueckner (4 rounds, catchweight)
  4. Ryan Taylor vs Swarmz (4 rounds, heavyweight)
  5. Faith Ordway vs Elle Brooke (4 rounds, featherweight)
  6. Anthony Taylor vs Idris Virgo (4 rounds, light-heavyweight)


Prediction for KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr

Despite all the criticism KSI receives from the boxing community, he has stood by his words.

KSI landed 80 of his 225 attempted punches in his first fight with Logan Paul or 31.4% of his total efforts. Paul connected on 72 of 316 attempts (22.8%). With 29 jabs and 51 power shots, KSI was quite evenly matched.

KSI gave it his all when the Paul rivalry transitioned from an amateur to a professional level. He made 61 of 220 shots (27.7%), compared to Paul’s 56 of 264 shots (21.2%). Compared to his opponent, his accuracy rate kept shining. 40 jabs and 21 power punches by KSI were landed.

In the second round, KSI eliminated the green Swarmz. A few hours later, KSI defeated real boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda by knockout. It appears that conditioning is present. The one difference between Temperrr and Swarmz is that he has boxing experience.

Temperrr has only ever achieved a knockout. In the first round back in November, he defeated Overflow. KSI will be outmatched by Temperrr by one inch in both heights and reach. Temperrr is focused on getting his second knockout.

Temperrr could come out as aggressive at first. The education and expertise of KSI should not be discounted. His strategy should be meticulous, then he should adopt a bully-like demeanor and try to knock you out. When they connect, his shots hurt. We might witness another quick knockout if KSI doesn’t strike recklessly and lets Temperrr come to him.

What was stated between KSI and FaZe Temper?

KSI said: “I mentioned at the Press Conference that Dillon was being haunted by me. He made his excuses and knew he couldn’t handle what I bring to a boxing ring. This answers the question of whether he’s a fighter or not. He’s a warrior alright, a keyboard warrior, and hopefully, he’s learned to leave the real men to speak with their actions rather than hollow words.”

“That being said, my focus won’t be distracted from the task at hand and that’s Faze Temper. We’ve come head-to-head plenty of times with the Sidemen and FaZe Clan competing against each other, and it looks like we have another challenge on our hands. Credit to Temper for stepping up like a REAL fighter.” After a destructive performance against Overtflow at the MF & DAZN: X Series 003 event in Texas, FaZe Temper is primed and ready to dethrone the King of crossover boxing, KSI.

FaZe Temper said: “I showed exactly what I can do in my last fight. At any moment in the fight, I can catch my opponent and you can see how they respond when that happens. The Sidemen have been on top for too long, and it’s time for FaZe and me to show them exactly what we’re made of. Sure, KSI is a huge name, but only one man is going to come out of this victorious. I hope he’s as prepared as he says he is, because I’m coming to London to do one thing, and that claims a massive win inside that ring.”

Mams Taylor, the manager of KSI and the head of Misfits Boxing, announced Danis’ withdrawal in a video posted to the campaign’s YouTube account. As you guys are aware, Mr. Danis has given quite a few justifications, he signed a legally binding short-form contract, and no significant adjustments have ever been made, he stated.

“His team, who I feel bad for because they’re so courteous and cooperative, arrived and told me that Dillon was withdrawing from the battle. According to what they told me, the underlying cause is that he is unprepared. He doesn’t have a coach, he might be underweight despite the lack of rehydration, and he hasn’t been able to locate a team that will help him enter the battle.


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