KSI vs Dillon Danis: Date, Time, How to watch, Odds Analysis & Betting


KSI vs Dillon Danis: Date, Time, How to watch, Odds Analysis & Betting

Next month, KSI will meet Conor McGregor’s former teammate Dillon Danis in his greatest bout to date. Let’s learn more about KSI vs Dillon Danis: Date, Time, How to watch, Odds Analysis & Betting in detail.


KSI vs Dillon Danis: Has the world of combat sports resembled the movie “Idiocracy”? That very well may be the case as the boxing battle between YouTube star KSI and Dillon Danis has been officially booked. The fight will take place on January 14, 2023, at Wembley Arena in London, England. DAZN will stream the PPV live.

Following the weigh-in brawl, KSI named Dillon Danis as his next opponent in boxing. Conor McGregor’s teammate and a competitor for Bellator  After a protracted injury fight, Danis has never boxed before and hasn’t engaged in combat in a cage since 2019. Following a ruckus at Friday’s Misfits Boxing weigh-in, KSI will fight Dillon Danis on January 14 in London.



The British man was in Austin, Texas, to formally announce his return to the ring, which will happen at the Wembley Arena following his triumphant comeback event in August. He defeated two opponents that evening, including rapper Swarmz and 2-5 professional boxer Luis Pineda, but Danis will be a far stiffer test for him.

Before the main event on Saturday night at the Moody Center featuring Deen The Great and Walid Sharks, KSI entered the ring to officially announce the match-up. Danis then entered the ring shortly after for a face-off. He revealed that he would compete against the Bellator champion while speaking with Wade Plemons during the broadcast on DAZN.

As a result of Danis confronting KSI this past weekend and a brawl that ensued, there has already been some buildup to this circus.

Additionally, not long after that incident, Anthony Taylor struck Danis in the face, which sparked a fight between rival clans in the parking lot.

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On January 14, KSI makes a comeback to the MF & DAZN: X Series when he battles MMA fighter Dillon Danis in London.

The British YouTuber, who defeated two opponents in a single night at the inaugural X Series event in August, is about to advance to a higher level of competition when he faces Danis, a rising star in the MMA world.

After several heated exchanges leading up to the MF & DAZN: X Series 003 event in Austin, the rivalry between the two has already begun to simmer, and it will now reach an exciting conclusion at the beginning of 2023.

Here is all the information you require for KSI vs. Danis.


  • Date: Saturday, January 14, 2023
  • Time: 7 p.m. GMT / 2 p.m. ET 
  • Main event ring walks (approx): 10 p.m. GMT / 5 p.m. ET

The main event ring walks are slated for 10 p.m. GMT / 5 p.m. ET, with the event beginning at 7 p.m. GMT / 2 p.m. ET.  Due to the duration of the fights on the undercard, these schedules could alter.


KSI vs Dillon Danis will be broadcast on DAZN PPV UK in the UK, while the fight will be broadcast in the United States by DAZN PPV.

The KSI vs. Dillon Danis pay-per-view is available in the UK on the DAZN app and platform. In the UK, current subscribers pay £19.99 for the battle.

New DAZN subscribers pay £27.98, which also grants them access to all other live events and DAZN’s content for one month. The app is available for PC, Apple, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Smart TVs, and many other platforms.

Existing DAZN PPV UK subscribers pay £16.99, while new subscribers pay £24.98. The KSI vs. Dillon Danis pay-per-view is available to stream in the US via the DAZN app and platform.

For access, current customers must pay $64.99. In addition to a month’s worth of access to DAZN’s other live events and content, new DAZN subscribers pay $84.99.

The app is available for PC, Apple, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Smart TVs, and many other platforms. Existing DAZN PPV members pay $14.99, while new ones cost $34.98.

Odds Analysis

We regret; we were unable to locate any odds for KSI vs. Dillon Danis just yet. When odds are originally unavailable after a contest is announced, bookmakers typically reveal them closer to the fight day.

How to Place Bets in the USA on the KSI vs. Dillon Danis Fight?

On January 14th, 2023, KSI will begin his comeback to boxing with a match against Dillon Danis. The fight will be the main event of the MF x DAZN: X Series 004 pay-per-view at the OVO Arena in London.

This past August, KSI made a comeback to boxing and defeated two opponents. However, because both of KSI’s opponents were of a relatively low caliber, it was difficult to assess his skill level at this stage of his influencer boxing career.

Dillon Danis has expertise in combat sports, having competed at a high level in jiu-jitsu, but he has no boxing background. Despite this, his level of competition should still be higher than that of KSI’s opponents in August. With a victory over Danis, KSI should continue his path toward taking on Jake Paul at the year’s end.

On this page, I will suggest a sportsbook accepting wagers on the fight, examine the odds, and offer a step-by-step tutorial for placing wagers online.

How US Bettors Can Bet On KSI vs. Dillon Danis?

To put your wagers on the boxing match between KSI and Dillon Danis from anywhere in the United States, simply follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Create An Account With BetOnline.ag

To open an account, click the aforementioned link, choose “Join Now” on the home page, and fill out the registration form.

Step 2: Open a Bank Account

Click “Deposit” after signing into your BetOnline account. To fund your account, select your preferred deposit method, enter the desired amount, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, American Express, and other payment methods are all accepted by BetOnline. The majority of those options, as well as bank wire or postal check, can be used to withdraw your winnings.

Step 3: Place your bets on KSI vs. Danis.

Choose “Other Sports” -> “Boxing” -> “Bouts” from the “Sports” menu on the BetOnline website. The odds for KSI vs. Danis can be found by scrolling to January 14th, 2023. Input your risk amount on the Bet Slip, choose the fighter’s odds, and then click “Place Bet” to place your wager.


Press Conference Speech

At Thursday’s press conference promoting the fight, KSI discussed going through a dark period, how boxing has helped him climb out of it, and how his career trajectory will lead him to a big fight with Paul down the line.

“I’m just a progress-driven person,” KSI said. “I think it gives me purpose, and I think, for me, that’s it. That’s what gives me purpose. In the dark, I lost my purpose and lost my way a little bit. I felt very empty, whereas now I feel so fulfilled and so good about my life. Therapy has helped tremendously, and also just have a purpose in my life.

“For me, [it’s] making sure I break Dillon Danis’ face on Jan. 14 [because] it’s going to give me so much joy, and then breaking the next person, and then the next person, or whoever it is, and then eventually get to Jake Paul and destroy everything that he has built. I think it’s going to be fantastic.”

Paul is coming off of a unanimous decision win over former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva earlier this year, while KSI holds a win over the YouTube star’s older brother, current WWE wrestler Logan Paul.

The push for a KSI vs. Paul fight is likely to pick up steam as both combatants continue to occupy the spotlight. When the time comes, KSI believes he’ll retire from the sport.

“I could fight Jake middle of next year if I wanted to,” KSI explained. “I was offered to [fight him], but I said, ‘Nah,’ because I’m enjoying this too much. I didn’t think I’d be so obsessed with just being able to improve so much. I think I’m on a level where I can just keep going and keep going, way further than I thought. I never thought I could [run] a 5K in less than 20 minutes, I breezed passed that. Now that’s nothing.

“To I know I can go further beyond, it’s just sick. I don’t want it to end so quickly, because I know as soon as I fight Jake, it’s done. I’ll have no interest or intrigue to do anything else boxing-wise.”

Dillon Danis Training Video 

In preparation for his forthcoming boxing contest against KSI, Dillon Danis has made a fresh training video available. Celebrity boxing, and more specifically YouTube boxing, has long played a significant role in the sport. There is no disputing how successful it has been, regardless of how much people love or dislike it.

One of the key players in getting it to where it is now has been the Paul brothers. However, in equal measure, the British YouTube phenomenon KSI has played a significant role in organizing events that support the growth and potential of this subgenre.

Since a few years ago, Danis hasn’t participated in mixed martial arts competitions, focusing instead on his trash-talking skills. He has made sure to maintain appearances and keep his name in the spotlight, whether it be through interviews, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms. When he clashes with KSI, also known as JJ, next month, we’ll have the chance to observe just how much his striking has improved.


Following the online posting of a video of his training session, MMA competitor Dillon Danis received amusing trolling from fans of combat sports.

Fans mocked his fighting style and are confident that he will lose against KSI. Certainly not in his favor are the betting odds. Danis started off as the underdog, and since then, things have only gotten worse.

Neil commented,

Those punches are so bad

Real Jiu Jitsu commented,

Almost looks as bad as your mum’s plastic surgery

Kodee_Hill said,

He’s overreaching leaving his head open for abuse….. again.

One fan wrote, “still gonna get ur a** beat.” 

Another wrote, “Bro u almost got rocked ur gonna lose.”

Despite not competing professionally since 2019, Dillon Danis has gained quite a following among fans of combat sports, especially those who are younger. All of this can be attributed to his relationships with a number of online stars, such as KSI, Jake Paul, and Logan Paul. On social media, he abused and tromped on the majority of well-known MMA competitors.

As Conor McGregor’s former colleague and sparring partner, Danis is most recognized in the MMA world. He gained notoriety primarily in the lead-up to the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor fight at UFC 229 in 2018. He was also the target of Khabib’s onslaught following McGregor’s submission victory.

Fans want to see Danis beaten up because of his annoying behavior. A well-known UK YouTuber named “KSI,” who has won multiple exhibition boxing contests will be Dillon Danis’ opponent.

At the MF & DAZN X Series 004 competition in January of the following year, the two will trade blows. The OVO Arena in London, England will host the event.




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