Jake Paul challenges on KSI: Will the fight happen on Aug 27? Explained


Jake Paul challenges on KSI: Will the fight happen on Aug 27? Explained

Since KSI’s battle with Alex Wassabi was in doubt, Jake Paul has offered to go to England to take on the longtime opponent. Let’s see why Jake Paul challenges KSI and, will the fight happen on Aug 27 in detail

Why has the exact battle schedule changed?

Although fights between the two celebrities were initially planned for this month, they are currently without a challenger.
Before claims that Hasim Rahman Jr.’s failure to make weight caused their fight to be called off, Paul, 25, was scheduled to fight him on Saturday.

On August 27, KSI (actual name Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji) was scheduled to face off against Wassabi at the O2 Arena.
However, there are rumors that Wassabi’s ailment has made him uncertain, so that match may be in danger of meeting a similar demise.

Jake Paul challenges on KSI

On August 6, there were rumors about Wasabi’s potential support, which prompted Jake to publicly propose to be KSI’s substitute combatant.

KSI has accepted Jake Paul’s invitation to a boxing match in London later this month after hearing that the British fighter’s planned fight with Alex Wassabi may be postponed.

On August 27, KSI will square off against fellow YouTuber Wassabi in London’s O2 Arena. However, there are indications that Wassabi had a concussion during training and is no longer fit to fight, casting doubt on the event.

“The bout between @KSI and @AlexWassabi that was set for 8/27 has been canceled.  Wassabi is unable to compete due to a concussion, “Ariel Helwani tweeted.

Since defeating Jake Paul’s older brother, Logan Paul, in their rematch in 2019, it was to be KSI’s first fight. Hasim Rahman Jr. and Jake Paul were scheduled to square off at Madison Square Garden this month.

But a dispute over the weight class for the fight forced the Saturday event—which was scheduled to take place—to be postponed with seven days’ notice.

As a last-minute replacement for Wassabi, Paul has now issued a challenge to KSI and declared his willingness to fly to the UK to face him.

What did Jake Paul tweet about KSI?


Paul tweeted, “Heard Alex is out due to a concussion.” “F****d up. For Alex, this was a significant chance. He will return. Everything has a purpose, KSI. I’ll travel there to compete. your boxing organization The A-Side is you. I also consent to put on 180 pounds on August 27. You agree?”

Paul tweeted a video mocking the British star along with his challenge to KSI.

We all know he’s terrified if he won’t accept a battle with me, Paul continued. Only last week, KSI made fun of Paul for having his bout against Rahman Jr. canceled since the original opponent Tommy Fury couldn’t enter the country. Rahman Jr. was brought in as a replacement.

Paul was also given a berth on the undercard of Paul’s fight with Wassabi by KSI. Your card is no longer valid at this time.
So allow me to throw you a lifeline,” KSI wrote in a tweet.

“Fight on my card as the co-main event if you want to fight Tommy. Everything is prepared for you by me.

You owe me one though. It’s now your turn to play.

Even more, Paul posted a poll on his website asking his supporters if they believed KSI would consent to the battle if both parties agreed to weigh 180 pounds in London on August 27. It might be the biggest bout of the year if Jake takes the place of Alex Wasabi.

KSI vs Alex Wassabi

A recent report claims that Alex Wasabi is pulling out of his battle against KSI. And that Jake Paul of the United Kingdom would take his place. One of the best boxing matches of the year was KSI vs. Alex Wasabi.

Although the battle is scheduled for August 27, a source has reported that Wasabi may have to withdraw due to worries regarding a recent trauma. Another boxing figure eager to defend his title could benefit from the injury: Jake Paul.

Boxing fans look forward to both dates. KSI could have his chance to hush both Paul’s brothers for good. While Jake eyes his event at vengeance in the family’s name.

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