Alex Wassabi Injured: What happened? Will the KSI vs Alex Wassabi happen?

Alex Wassabi Injury: What happened? Will the KSI vs Alex Wassabi happen?
Will the influencer boxing bout between KSI and Alex Wassabi be the newest to be canceled? Let’s see what happened to Alex Wassabi and his injury in detail


Later this month, KSI—who hasn’t competed since 2019—is slated to return to the ring to take against American YouTuber Alex Wassabi. Although Wassabi is rumored to have suffered an injury in camp, reports from Keemstar imply that the bout may be postponed.

At this time there is no confirmation of these rumors, it wouldn’t be shocking if Wassabi did decide to leave because he appeared afraid during the face-to-face.

What happened to Alex Wassabi?

Alex Wassabi’s injury a few weeks before the event made KSI’s return match questionable.

After defeating Logan Paul in a rematch in November 2019, the former YouTuber-turned-boxer will enter the ring for the first time on August 27. He will face fellow social media star Wassabi, who earlier this year defeated Deji’s brother.

The host of the online news program DramaAlert, Keemstar, claims that the American isn’t in fighting shape three weeks out from fight night. In a video uploaded on Twitter, he said: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is breaking news.”
Wassabi is injured.

Will the KSI vs Alex Wassabi happen?

Jake Paul is placed first in the official influencer boxing rankings ahead of opponent KSI. I’ve learned of two distinct ailments at this time, including concussions and a fractured hand. It comes from someone who lives nearby Wassabi’s camp. Furthermore, I have a trustworthy source within Wassabi’s group.

This is what is happening right now. I have double-checked everything and crossed all my ts on this. Wassabi is injured.
Additionally, there are currently worries that he won’t face KSI on August 27.

But he was assured that the show would continue even without Wassabi. Will the event be rescheduled? No,” he insisted.

I met with Misfits Boxing, the event’s organizers, months ago, and they always said that if someone withdrew from the fight, they would be replaced. Despite this, I can assure you that the event won’t be postponed.

“As a result, I don’t think August 27 will ever be changed. There is a chance Alex Wassabi won’t be present, though.

What KSI reply to Jake Paul’s tweet?

Just before the news emerged, KSI tweeted, “Life is so hilarious sometimes,” along with laughing emojis.
His rival Jake Paul, whose own event was supposed to take place this weekend at Madison Square Garden but was canceled, wrote “HAHAHHAHAHAHA KARMAS A B****” around the same time.

Who was Alex Wassabi?

He is well recognized for his humorous videos and challenge videos on social media, particularly YouTube.

YouTuber Alex Wassabi has more than 11 million followers.

One of the most well-known channels on the vlogging site is his YouTube profile. On his YouTube channel, challenges, videos with updates on his life, and team-ups with other well-known YouTubers are all prominently shown.

His vlogging channel is subscribed to by 2 million people.

Alex Wassabi was born on March 28, 1990, and as of 2022, he is 31 years old.

He was born and raised in Montana, United States, in a well-established Christian family. And rose in Lexington, Kentucky, before relocating to Durham, North Carolina.

KSI vs Alex boxing battle

The professional boxing battle KSI vs. Alex Wassabi will take place soon between the two YouTube stars. The fight is slated to take place in The O2 Arena in London, England, on August 27, 2022.

It would be a remarkable accomplishment for Wassabi to overcome KSI as well, given that he has already defeated KSI’s brother Deji in the boxing ring, who is competing in the undercard of this event.

Wassabi Americans may be concerned that the audience will be mostly rooting for KSI British in this fight, but this might be a tremendous advantage.

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