How did Eunhyuk’s father die? Lee Kang-heon Cause of death


How did Eunhyuk's father die? Lee Kang-heon Cause of death

SUPER JUNIOR Eunhyuk’s father passes away. Let’s see how did Eunhyuk’s father die and Lee Kang-heon Cause of death in detail

Who announced the news?

The terrible news that Super Junior member Eunhyuk’s father had gone away was announced by the artist’s agency, Label SJ.

Through its official social media pages, the organization declared: “The father of Super Junior member Eunhyuk has gone away.

The bereaved family has requested that the funeral be held in secret.”

Eunhyuk won’t be able to participate in Super Junior World Tour – SUPER SHOW 9: Road in Manila due to the devastating loss, the agency announced.

The organization expressed regret for the unexpected news and said it would make additional statements regarding the performance.

The agency then pleaded for fans’ patience and encouraged them to show Eunhyuk their love and support.

Lee Kang-heon Cause of death

Lee Kang-heon Cause of death has not yet revealed.

We do learn or have information on what caused the death of the above-mentioned individual. We will update this publication once we got the details and are authorized by the deceased family to do so.

Who is SUPER JUNIOR Eunhyuk?

Young South Korean rapper, singer, actor, choreographer, and songwriter Eunhyuk originally came to public attention after taking first place in the Goyang Citywide Dance Competition.

As a member of the 12-member band “Super Junior,” he eventually achieved success. One of his early hits was his solo song “One Love” from Super Junior’s performance “Super Show.”

He continued to perform and focused on choreographing songs for Super Junior and other artists while working with co-artist Donghae.

Also, he has acted in several popular South Korean movies, such as Super Show 3D and SM Town The Stage.

Moreover, appeared in several well-liked prime-time television series, including “Rainbow Romance” and “Dream High.”

He has been in several Korean variety shows and served as host and MC on significant occasions including the “SBS Entertainment Awards” and the “Seoul Music Awards.”

With “Fame,” Eunhyuk made his stage debut. He also appeared on the Super Junior Kiss the Radio program.

He received the Gaon Weibo Chart Individual Award for his contribution to South Korean show business as well as the Best Newcomer Award for his work in “Strong Heart.”

Fans tributes to Eunhyuk’s father death

frznadia_725 tweeted,

My condolences to Eunhyuk. This is really sad, i watched their family in mr house husband, Eunhyuk was really sweet to his family and he worried about his mom’s health too. His father also seems like a sweet person.

Ellie_ELFCaratExoLSTAY_ tweeted,

My condolences to Hyukjae, his sister and their mother 💙 This news comes so soon after they returned from their trip to Switzerland and France (they posted vlogs on Hyukjaes youtube). He gave his dad such a beautiful family memory 🥺

No wonder the members looked so upset at the airport leaving for Manila 🥺 I was wondering why Teukie kept checking on all of them.

Kategirl265 tweeted,

i hope he and his family is ok after the news

craftywithyarn_126 tweeted,

Very saddened to hear of his father’s passing 🥺 wishing for he and his family to find solace in each other and sharing the happy memories they have together. May he Rest In Peace

cheenasoltis_118 tweeted,

My deepest condolences to Eunhyuk oppa and his family and friends.


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