Is Rapper Dave Still alive? Santan Dave death rumors Explained

Is Rapper Dave Still alive? Santan Dave death rumors Explained

Rapper Dave, better known as “Santan Dave,” the internet has been flooded with rumors about he passed away last week. Let’s see Is Rapper Dave Still alive and debunk this death rumor.

The 24-year-old, whose true name is David Orobosa Omoregie, is one of the most well-known British rappers and has released two studio albums to date. Dave made his start on a little platform called Street Starz before moving on to Black Box, a freestyle rap channel on YouTube.

His two greatest singles are “Funky Friday” from 2018 and “Thiago Silva” from 2016, both of which he co-wrote with AJ Tracey.

But is the rapper actually dead, or was it merely a hoax on the internet? Here is all the information you need.


Santan Dave death rumors

Rumors suggesting that the rapper had been stabbed to death on his birthday first surfaced on Tuesday (5 July).

These statements are untrue, and Santan Dave is only a victim of another celebrity death hoax; he hasn’t truly passed away.

The popularity of the Facebook group “R.I.P. Dave,” which has almost a million likes, contributed to the spread of the rumors about Santan Dave’s alleged death.

As soon as the news of the brilliant singer’s passing was publicized, many fans immediately sent condolences on the Facebook page.


Is Rapper Dave still alive?

According to reports, the singer’s agents said on Tuesday that Dave was still alive.

Dave has been active on Twitter and Instagram since the news of his “death” surfaced when he snapped a photo in front of a London bus.

The rapper Dave was born on June 5, therefore his birthday isn’t even in July. The 24-year-old rapper, also known as Santan Dave or Dave Santan, was born on June 5, 1998.

Santan Dave will perform at the Wireless Festival in Birmingham on July 8.

Death hoaxes are really rather common online as individuals try to play nasty pranks on others and mislead them.



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