How did 10-year-old twins save dad using ‘The Sandlot’ CPR technique?

twins save their dad using CPR technique

The boys assisted their father by performing CPR using procedures they had seen in movies. Let’s see 10-year-old twins save their dad using the CPR technique.


What did the twins do to save his dad?

After his twin boys’ fast thinking helped save his life last month, an Alabama father is grateful.

Brad Hassig was practicing underwater meditation techniques in his personal pool, something he claimed to have done before many times.

“We had only been swimming. The lads enjoyed themselves. I enjoy doing some simple breathing exercises in the water, which involves simply sitting there, “Hassig told WBMA, an ABC affiliate in Birmingham. “My prayer was the Lord’s Prayer. And I simply can’t recall ever finishing it.”


What happened to the 10-year-old boy’s father?

While swimming in the pool with Hassig, his 10-year-old twin boys Bridon and Christian, as well as an 11-year-old neighbor named Sam, they sensed something was wrong with their father, who had turned a bluish color.

They acted swiftly, pulling their 185-pound father out of the water and toward the pool’s edge.

“I weigh 185 pounds, and they must weigh roughly 80 or 80-some pounds. Therefore, they shouldn’t have been able to act as they did physically, Hassig stated. “I mean, everything just went exactly as it should have,” she said.

Bridon continued, “There is no way we should have been able to achieve that. I just saw that Jesus was seated behind us the entire time.


Twins save their dad using CPR technique

The boys remembered everything they had seen in the movies, including “Hook” and “The Sandlot” from the early 1990s, despite the fact that they had not received formal CPR instruction.

After the boys were unable to unlock their father’s iPhone, Christian and Sam also started performing mouth-to-mouth and started chest compressions.

Hassig claimed that he heard his sons calling to him when he first awoke.

He remembered the boys calling out, “Daddy, come back!” and “Daddy, you have to be OK!”


What does Hassig advise to Swimmers?

The incident involving Hassig and his sons reminds me of another recent near-death encounter involving synchronized swimmer Anita Alvarez, who needed to be brought to the surface by her coach, Andrea Fuentes while competing.

Hassig has advised others not to swim alone since the incident, and the family encourages everyone to become CPR certified. For children and adults to receive adequate instruction in CPR, they are organizing a neighborhood-wide event.



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