How did Yousuf Shaaban die? Omanian footballer cause of death Explained



How did Yousuf Shaaban die? Omanian footballer cause of death Explained


Yousuf Shaaban al-Busaidi, also known as Yousuf Shaaban, one of the Sultanate’s all-time favorite football icons, passed away on Friday at the age of 38 as a result of sickness. Let’s see how he died and Yousuf Shaaban cause of death in detail

Yousuf Shaaban cause of death

Youssef Shaaban, a former member of Oman’s national football team, passed away after battling Cancer sickness, according to a statement from Oman News Agency.

Youssef Shaaban had stomach cancer, according to information that was previously reported by the local media. He received a number of treatments before moving abroad to finish his care at His Highness Sayyid Theyazin Bin Haitham Al Said’s expense.


Football Career of Yousuf

Yousuf Shaaban Al-Busaidi, also known as Yousuf Shaaban and born on November 4, 1984, is an Omani football player who competes for Dhofar S.C.S.C.

He transferred to the Barka-based Al-Shabab Club in 2011 and played there for two seasons, collecting six goals. Yousuf agreed to a one-year contract with his first club, Dhofar S.C.S.C., on September 24. On July 24, 2013, he once more agreed to a contract with Al-Shabab Team, his previous club.

Up until 2008, Yousuf was a member of the Oman national football team’s first-team squad. In 2004, he was chosen for the national team for the first time. He has participated in the qualifying rounds for the AFC Asian Cup in 2004, the AFC Asian Cup, the AFC Asian Cup, the qualification for the AFC Asian Cup in 2007, the AFC Asian Cup, and the 2009 Gulf Cup of Nations.

He played for Dhofar Club and Al Shabab Club in the Sultanate of Oman, where he was one of the most well-known football talents.

The late Yousuf Shaaban was regarded as a member of the national football team’s golden generation. He had an important role in the 19th Gulf Championship, which was held in Muscat, as well as the three consecutive Gulf Cup finals.

Yousuf participated in four matches during the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifying. In a 2-0 victory over Singapore in the Second Round of the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification, he scored his sole goal for Oman.



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