How did Ernie Clark die? Founder of Second Chance Bikes cause of death Explained

According to his family, Ernie Clark, the charming ex-cop who founded the charitable Second Chance Bicycle Shop in Aurora, passed away last week. Let’s see how did Ernie Clark die and Founder of Second Chance Bikes Ernie Clark cause of death in detail.

How did Ernie Clark die?

Ernie Clark is the owner and founder of Second Chance Bicycle Shop. On Wednesday, a medical incident tragically claimed his life.

According to prior Sentinel reports, he was in his 60s. The circumstances of his demise weren’t made public.

Ernie Clark cause of death

Ernie Clark cause of death is still unknown. There are no information available about Ernie Clark cause of death at the moment.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Ernie Clark cause of death will be added soon.

Who was Ernie Clark?

For a while, Ernie worked as a policeman in New Jersey. He went to Aurora after retiring, where he founded his charity organization. He liked Aurora and the residents, according to friends and family.

Nearly 50 years ago, Clark fell in love with the mountains of Colorado and left his work as a police officer in New Jersey to move to the Centennial State.

On November 12 at Aurora Warms The Night, Ernie Clark takes a photo in a garage full of bicycles and bicycle parts. For local homeless individuals and underprivileged kids over the past few years, Clark and a group of volunteers have restored hundreds of bikes.

Second Chance Bicycle Shop

The proprietor and founder of Second Chance Bicycle Shop were Ernie Clark. On Wednesday, he unexpectedly passed away as a result of a medical emergency.

He restores bikes at the shop and donates them to people in need. Giving bikes to Aurora children for Christmas was their preferred endeavor.

“All he wanted to do was to contribute, make sure kids had a smile face, happy that they got a bike,” said his daughter Betty Clark.

Second Chance Bicycle Shop Closed

On July 24, Ernie Clark may be seen sitting at his workstation in his new Second Chance Bicycle Shop at Parker Road and Quincy Avenue.

Due to changes made to the shopping mall, Clark was forced to move his business from its original location at Alameda Ave. and Sable Blvd.

Despite having to repeatedly pick up and relocate Second Chance Bike Shop, Clark was able to complete this. Most recently, the store had to close its doors in October due to the redevelopment of the East Bank Shopping Center in southwest Aurora.

A bike shop in Aurora where anyone could come and get a used bike for free is temporarily closed because the man who was the heart behind it has passed away.

Betty Clark statement about Ernie Clark’s Death

Betty Clark claims that their current site was forced to make room for her father’s store. Michael Abeyta from CBS News Colorado spoke with Ernie about his search for a new location in July 2022.

According to Betty, her father was anxiously hunting for that new area and was in a desperate state of search. She speculates that stress might have been a factor in his demise.

“He felt like he was pushed up against a wall,” she claimed.

A ‘Promise’ made to Ernie Clark

Betty intends to continue operating Second Chance Open. She wants to solve her father’s main issue, which is finding a new place to live, preferably in Aurora.

she added, “It’s worth staying, but if they’re not going to back him up and find a building, we’ll go anywhere that will.”

Taking over her father’s business would be challenging, but she is committed to keeping the commitment she made to him, she claims.

She remarked, “I already told him when he died that come hell or high water I’m going to keep his shop going.”

Neighbor statement about Ernie Clark

“Ernie was probably one of the most gracious, generous, caring men. One of the few that I’ve ever met,” Marc Nading said.

Marc Anthony Flowers, which is close to Second Chance, is owned by Nading. For five years, they were neighbors and friends, and he remembers Ernie as a good man on a mission.

Nading remarked, “He was a man that cared about people in general and that’s what he did.”

Community Support

According to Betty Clark, the community has shown a lot of support for her family after the death of her father.

In a statement shared on social media on Friday, Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman said that Ernie will be “greatly missed” and “made a difference for countless residents.”

Aurora Police Department also shared their grief on the passing of Second Chance Bike founder Ernie Clark by sharing the Mayor Mike Coffman’s Tweet.

They tweeted, “Thank you for being amazing & we will certainly miss you.”

Legacy Left Behind

Clark leaves behind a decades-long history of giving bicycles to young children, the homeless, and those in need, which has assisted thousands of people.

But even though Second Chance’s future may now be uncertain due to Clark’s passing and the East Bank redevelopment, his daughter told ‘The Sentinel’, that she is dedicated to making sure her father’s legacy endures.

Tributes to Ernie Clark

Neighbors and colleagues of Ernie Clark instantly shared their condolences and memories of Ernie Clark as news of him passing spread.

kekoa_22 writes,

“Mr. Clark seemed to be a nice man. Went into the shop twice to look around for a bicycle. Never bought one, but he let me take a few out to try out. Always kind and conversational. The amount of joy he and his team have probably brought to kids by giving away free bikes to those who would otherwise never have their own is immeasurable. I hope the “business”/charity keeps on without him. RIP Ernie.”

69StinkFingaz420 writes,

“rest in power, king.”

Sentinel Editor Dave Perry tweeted,

“Ernie Clark changed not only thousands of lives in Aurora by providing jobs for fraught people, and kids wanting bikes, but he changed the world, too. He was an inspiration to as many people as he served.”

Michelle Lienemann tweeted,

“RIP Erie, thanks for all you’ve done and the bikes you have given to my students over the years!”

Linda Shaw tweeted,

“With great sadness, Sister Enterprise shares Ernie Clark of Second Chance Bikes unexpectedly passed away! You can still lend a helping hand!”

We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.


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