Who is Taylor parker ? Texas woman sentenced to death for killing pregnant woman




Who is Taylor parker ? Texas woman sentenced to death for killing pregnant woman


A woman gets the death penalty for killing a friend and snatching the unborn child. Let’s learn more about Taylor Parker, her heinous deed, and her murderous intent in the below article.


Who is Taylor parker? 

A Texas jury on Wednesday found the defendant guilty of murdering a pregnant lady with the intent to take her unborn child. After just over an hour of deliberation, the jury returned with Taylor Parker’s punishment, according to the Texarkana Gazette. 

Taylor Rene Parker

The same Bowie County jury found Parker guilty of capital murder on October 3 in the 2020 killing of Reagan Simmons-Hancock, age 21, whose unborn child was removed from her womb but did not survive.

“Evil piece of flesh devil” 

Parker was referred to by Simmons-mother Hancock as an “evil piece of flesh devil” in a statement to the court. Jessica Brooks stated, “My daughter was alive and fighting for her babies when you tore her apart and removed her baby from her stomach.”

On October 9, 2020, Simmons-body Hancock’s was discovered at her residence in New Boston, a town of around 4,600 people located 160 miles (258 kilometers) to the northeast of Dallas. When her mother was killed, her 3-year-old daughter was at home.

Later that morning, after being stopped by a state trooper for speeding and erratic driving, Parker said she had just given birth. 

Braxlynn Sage Hancock, the infant, was transferred to a hospital in Oklahoma, where doctors declared her dead.

Suspect Parker’s Motive explained:

Richards claimed that the evidence proved Parker’s motivation and intent, citing the timeline they presented as evidence that her search for a way to “prove everyone wrong” grew after her boyfriend received an anonymous text warning on September 16 that she was fabricating her pregnancy and was running out of time as her fictitious due date drew near.

Prosecutors claim that at that point Parker began looking for information on how to obtain a birth certificate and record births that didn’t take place in a hospital. They claim that’s also when she allegedly began trolling pregnancy clinics and businesses in search of possible victims.

She was desperate to find a child. She was aware of the consequences of not having children. She would always be without him. But she was unable to give it up because she was obsessed with Wade, Richards claimed.

Richards once more presented the timeline to the jury, beginning with the weeks preceding the murder. All the preparations she made, Richards said, were those. “She arrives at the residence next. Talk about premeditated murder!

The goal in this situation, according to Richards, is to keep Wade as a friend at all costs. She killed Reagan because she felt so strongly about that reason. You were informed of the type of bloodletting that took place in that house by crime scene investigators and the medical examiner.

A cruel killing: Reagen assaulted with a hammer

Richards guided the jury through what transpired after Taylor got herself welcomed to her residence that morning while displaying the x-ray from the medical examiner of the scalpel blade embedded in Reagan Hancock’s neck.

She strikes Reagan Hancock with a hammer at one point, knocking her unconscious.  In addition to sending Kynlee to daycare, Reagan Hancock is preparing for her last day of employment at Flying Burger. 

She only succeeded in removing her from her nightly pull-ups. One, two, three, four, and five times, Taylor strikes her in the head with the front and back of a hammer.

Parker starts slicing Reagen’s hip 

Taylor Parker manages to control her long enough to obtain the infant following an assault and beating that occurred “all around the house,” according to Richards. 

The agony Reagan must have experienced as Taylor Parker began slicing across her stomach from hip to hip. The sorrow she must have felt is indescribable. She had to be screaming. She kept going. She went too far and couldn’t turn back. Richards stated, “‘I have to get what I’m here for. You watched the video. You are aware of what she had to remove to reach the infant. 

Removing her uterus to snatch the baby

To retrieve the baby, she removed her uterus and sliced it open from the rear. And Reagan’s defensive wounds on her hands, including the nearly amputated finger, demonstrate how hard she battled. Reagan was alive when Parker removed the baby from her womb, according to the evidence, but Richards made it obvious to the jury that Parker was aware she could not leave Reagan alive when she left the house.

“Taylor Parker begins slicing and cutting because she can’t leave Reagan Hancock alive when she had the baby and she was still living. It didn’t happen quickly. In reality, it would finish with the scalpel, remove the bay, and then, just for kicks, attempt to decapitate her with the scalpel still in her neck.

Richard then reminded the jury that Texarkana Texas Police Department crime scene investigator Marc Sillivan had testified that the deep, clean-cut slashes on Hancock’s neck did not bleed because they most likely occurred after she was already dead or very close to it. This served to underscore the attack’s cold-bloodedness.

She simply kept slicing her. Reagan probably wouldn’t pass away quickly enough for Taylor to escape and carry out her plan. By Richards Parker then changed her shoes, made an effort to tidy up, and walked away. She was worried about that, not the baby. 

CCTV footage exposes Parker’s identity

Parker was last seen wearing the black jacket, crew-neck shirt, and shoes on this morning’s CCTV footage from the EZ Mart close to Hancock’s Austin Street residence. These items have never been located. 

Neither have Reagan’s phone, the alleged assault knife, the remaining scalpel or the false belly Parker bought online and wore for months to give the impression that she was pregnant.

Taylor Parker was given the death penalty

Richards continued, anticipating the defense’s principal counterargument that since the child wasn’t formally born, she couldn’t have abducted Braxlynn. She desired to bring her home and claim ownership of her. According to testimony, Braxlynn had a heartbeat and was going to pass away on October 9, 2020, at 1:22 p.m., Richards observed.

Medical professionals concur that they would not have been able to detect a pulse if she had been stillborn. Despite her denials to the police, Parker admitted to Bi-State prisoner Shonnaree Yeager that the baby was alive in the car when she left Reagan’s residence and went to the hospital to get the newborn’s birth certificate as hers. They could have convicted Parker to life without the possibility of parole, but she now joins death row. Her lawyer said they plan to appeal.



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