Who is Tanya Pardazi? How did the TikTok star die in Skydiving?

How did Tanya Pardazi die in Skydiving? TIkTok star Cause of death

Glam TikTok star and Miss Canada finalist Tanya Pardazi, 21, dies in a freak skydiving accident. Let’s see what happened to her and Tanya Pardazi cause of death in detail


How did Tanya Pardazi die?

In her first solo skydiving, a 21-year-old TikTok star and aspiring beauty queen sadly perished after “opening her parachute too late.” On August 27, at roughly 5.40 p.m., Tanya Pardazi of Toronto, Canada, reportedly passed away after completing her first solo dive with Skydive Toronto in Innisfil, Ontario.

The “adventurous” Miss Canada finalist “launched” her parachute “at a low height” without giving it enough time to inflate, according to the skydiving school.

She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where she was discovered to be dead. Before her passing, she had completed one day of ground school and was certified to dive alone.

Tanya Pardazi cause of death

According to accounts, a tragic skydiving accident last week claimed the life of a Tik Tok influencer. Tanya Pardazi Around 5.40 p.m. local time on August 27, Tanya Pardazi, the popular TikTok user under the handle @philosatea, made her maiden solo jump in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. According to local media, the celebrity is believed to have opened her parachute too late during the drop, which was conducted by Skydive Toronto.

The University of Toronto philosophy student was taken urgently to the hospital, but there was nothing that could be done to revive her; she was declared dead when she got there. After meeting at school, Melody Ozgoli, the victim’s companion, knew the victim for more than ten years. She stated to the local news outlet Barrie Today that the afterlife and the meaning of life were two of her favorite subjects to discuss. “I recently spoke with her. I was unable to believe it. It seemed like a joke to me. Even after a few days, I still cannot believe it.

What did Skydive Toronto state on the incident?

Skydive Toronto stated: that Tanya is a “recent addition,” and she “launched a swiftly rotating main parachute at a low height without the time/altitude required for the reserve parachute to inflate,” according to a press release. The crew at Skydive Toronto Inc. has been profoundly touched by disaster as they have improved their student training program for over 50 years.

Tanya’s death is currently being investigated by the police.

Tanya was last posted to the social media platform on August 22. Since then, the video has received a deluge of heartfelt tributes from both followers and friends. One of them remarked, “Rest in peace lovely, the world will miss you.” one more said: “Peace be with you, my friend. I regret that you left us so quickly. I wish you an afterlife that exceeds your expectations till we cross paths again.”

Condolences paid to Tanya Pardazi:

Tibutes  and condolences have flooded social media for the Tanya Pardazi. Who had racked up nearly 100,000 followers and fans on TikTok.

Her friends said she had previously taken part in the Miss Canada beauty pageant and had made it to the semi-finals.

Melody Ozgoli told CTV News Toronto: “Tanya had an interest in anything that was new and adventurous.

“Life was too boring for her and she was always trying to do something adventurous. She really lived every second to the fullest.”

Tanya was studying philosophy and had often spoken about Tetris and skydiving on her TikTok page.

Others remembered Tanya as being “brave” and popular amongst the crowd.

Kimia Sepanlou told CTV News Toronto.”Everyone who met her thought the world of her,”

“Whenever we saw her, we knew we were in for an adventure.  she didn’t like letting herself, or the people closest to her, get bored.”

Skydive Toronto said in a statement that Tanya was a “recent addition” to the skydiving community.  Also, she had “released a quickly rotating main parachute at a low altitude without the time/altitude required for the reserve parachute to inflate”.

The company added: “The team at Skydive Toronto Inc. has been profoundly affected by the accident. As they have refined their student training program for over 50 years.”


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