Fred Meyer shooting: What happened? Active shooting Explained


Fred Meyer shooting: What happened? Active shooting Explained

A shootout in broad daylight in front of a Wood Village Fred Meyer left shoppers running for cover and deputies hustling to the scene, but initial reports say no one was harmed during the hail of bullets. Let’s see about Fred Meyer shooting, what happened there in detail

Active shooting in Fred Meyer:

Police looked into a shooting in front of a Fred Meyer in Wood Village. No one was hurt, according to reports. Moreover, two males engaged in a gunfight, with shots striking nearby vehicles and a storefront. While deputies arrived at the scene, people ran for cover as shots rang out in front of a Fred Meyer in Wood Village.

Is anyone harmed at shooting?

Investigators claim that two individuals engaged in gunfire on Friday at around 5 p.m. at the Fred Meyer in the Wood Village Town Center at Northeast 223rd Avenue and Glisan Street. Numerous vehicles and the shop were struck by bullets. As stated by a Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office representative, no one has been injured so far.

What did the spokesman report?

According to Jeffrey Temple, a spokesman for the retail chain, “All colleagues and customers are safe. We are working with local law authorities while they investigate an altercation that occurred outside the store in the parking lot.”

The news site was also informed by Kenzie Bates, who works at the Pico Berry frozen yogurt business next to Fred Meyer, that everything was normal until “we heard pretty loud cracking noises. Perhaps we mistakenly believed it to be an automobile.

At first, I assumed it was a car, but when people started fleeing, like ducking, and my coworker saw the shooter, that’s when we recognized it was gunshots. According to Bates, there seemed to be two shooters exchanging gunfire, and cars in the parking lot were hit “It’s, I don’t know, with all the shootings that have been going on lately.

It seems to be frightening everywhere you go right now “she said to Oregon Live. Theresa’s Country Feed & Pet manager Jaime Sidor reported that at about 5 PM, her coworkers heard gunshots, and she peered out of her head to see people running towards her business after waiting ten minutes. Sidor let them in and shut the doors after informing her of the active shooter situation. Her place of employment is located in the structure next to the Wood Village Town Center Fred Meyer. Less than a week ago, a 20-year-old gunman rampaged through a Safeway grocery store in Bend killing two people before turning the pistol on himself.

Investigators assigned to the case are interviewing witnesses and examining store footage, police said in a Friday evening release.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

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