How did Nelly Trenti die? Cause of death Explained


How did Nelly Trenti die? Cause of death Explained

Nelly Trenti, the announcer who gave voice to Mirtha Legrand’s programs, died. Let’s see what happened to her and Nelly Trenti cause of death in detail

How did Nelly Trenti die?

Nelly Trenti, one of television’s most recognizable voices and a legendary announcer passed away at the age of 85. The producer of StoryLabNacho Viale, who broke the story, verified it in a tweet. “Today is the day that Nelly Trenti must leave us. We send our sympathies to his family and friends. They shared a picture of the legendary persona along with the statement, “That voice will be missed.

The news of the death of the announcer Nelly Trenti mourns television. She is a distinguished professional, her voice became massive because she was the presenter of Mirtha Legrand’s programs. Hers “her lunch today with Mrs. Mirtha Legrand…” became a hallmark of the diva’s cycles. However, Trenti was much more than that role that gave him massiveness.

Nelly Trenti Cause of death

Nelly Trenti, Mirtha Legrand’s historic announcer, died at 85. The sad news that occurred on Thursday night was confirmed through social networks. Though her cause of death has not been revealed as of now. Attempts have been made to contact the family and close friends for comments on the incident by Medico Topics. There have been no answers as of yet. Once we get enough data, we’ll update this page. We’ll soon include more details on Nelly Trenti cause of death.

Who was Nelly Trenti, Mirtha Legrand’s first announcer?

Nelly Trenti ( Buenos Aires, February 20, 1937 -Buenos Aires, September 1, 2022 ) was an Argentine host and announcer, famous for being the voice of the lunch program hosted by Mirtha Legrand for almost 50 seasons. She was one of the first announcers to win the Martín Fierro.

She began lending her voice to various radio projects at a very young age, when she was just 17 years old, according to a recent ISER report. “There were no ads that were recorded. In an interview with the newspaper Clarion a few years ago, she explained, “We lay the sheets on the floor and, if we forgot the lyrics, we peered down. I wanted to trace the way they recorded those areas.

Nelly’s Career

Nélida Haydée Trenti started at the age of 17, replacing Nelly Prince in an advertisement for the old Channel 7. Her voice and her perfect diction quickly led her to climb the career ladder. She was a pioneer of a fledgling medium that came out live and in black and white. she started working before graduating from ISER and was the voice of advertisements for famous brands such as Gath & Chaves stores.

She was deserving of the Martín Fierro award, an award for which she was nominated on several occasions. For years, she was the face of the ATC (Argentina Televisora ​​Color) newscasts, where she said goodbye with all the honors. When Mirtha Legrand took her programs to Mar del Plata, the announcer also used to travel and settle in the seaside resort to fulfill her task, until she had to suspend the ritual to stay in Buenos Aires to care for her already a very old mother.

Nelly Trenti, although she played her role behind the camera, looked as elegant and youthful as the lunch hostess, with whom she had established a warm relationship, although they were not friends. At this time, Mirtha Legrand and her grandchildren Juana and Nacho Viale lamented the loss of a faithful and talented collaborator.

With the departure of Nelly Trenti, one of the last referents of the founding times of Argentine television leaves. Trenti returned to add his voice when Mirtha Legrand did following COVID-19’s rigorous quarantine. In conversation with Catalina Dlugi at the time. she had talked about how it felt to go back to the area he so dearly loved and that he had left to take care of his health during his radio cycle.

“Since I turned 18, I’ve worked, and these months have been quite difficult for me. At the time, he had said, “I missed all the guys in the studio, the entire production, and, most importantly, Mirtha Legrand, who had developed into a dear friend of mine after 30 or so years of working on the program. At that time, Juana Viale, the diva’s granddaughter and the presenter of that cycle, allowed Trenti the luxury of sharing his professional assessment of the voice, something you will still do today. Trenti also shared his professional judgment of the performance of Juana Viale. “He did really well. Because it comes to me that and her responsibility has been huge, he was learning, settling down, although shedding his fears, he had thought.

Nelly’s achievements:

In 1959 among other awards, she received the Martín Fierro Award for the best female announcer. In 2018 , she was nominated for best female voice talent for Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand and La noche de Mirtha .

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