Charlbi Dean died of Septicemia: Black Lightning star Cause of death Revealed

Charlbi Dean died of Septicemia: Black Lightning star Cause of death Revealed

Charlbi Dean, a well-known among DC fans, independent cinema enthusiast, and fashionista, has passed away. Let’s see what happened to Charlbi Dean, how she died, and her cause of death in detail.


What happened to Charlbi Dean?

Dean died on Monday after an unexpected, sudden illness, a representative for the South African actress and model told TMZ. Although a source informs us Dean passed away in a hospital in NYC,

Her most significant part to date has just been cast for Dean in “Triangle of Sadness.” Although it hasn’t yet opened in theatres, it made an impression at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Palme d’Or. Charlbi plays the lead and co-stars with Woody Harrelson in the movie about a cruise liner that goes down and its passengers end up on land. The actors created a major impression in France in May by attending events and walking red carpets together.


How did Charlbi Dean die?

The terrible passing of the brunette beauty occurred four months after she engaged to Luke Chase Volker, her partner of four years, on the same Manhattan street where they had their first kiss.

In addition to her birthplace of Cape Town, where she and the 26-year-old South African model were raising their pet, Kanicki Deathbat Dean, Charlbi also had residences in New York City and the Hollywood Hills.

Her loving parents, Johan and Joanne Kriek, as well as her brother Alexi Jacobs Kriek, also survive Dean. So far there is no official information on how the actress died.

Charlbi wrote in response to their film’s success “Congratulations to our family, we did it! @ruben ostlund You’re the GOAT, and I’ll always be grateful that you allowed me to share in your brilliance with my darling @sinaostlund. I find it hard to believe that while creating this, I enjoyed the happiest year of my life. Here are some images from the pandemic-affected year in Sweden and Greece. Our family at @triangleofsadness, always and forever.”

She is also well known for her performance on the CW television series “Black Lightning,” where she portrayed Syonide, an anti-hero with assassination talents comparable to those of a hitman with indestructible skin. Blood in the Water, Don’t Sleep, “An Interview with God,” and “Porthole” are a few more movies she has contributed to.

She has also been on several magazine covers and walked a lot of runways. CD has modeled internationally.


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Charlbi Dean Cause of death

On Tuesday, Alexi her brother posted a poem he had written in honor of his sister on Instagram. “I was unsure when writing this poem who it would be about but life has answered my question in the cruelest way. The poem follows,


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A post shared by ~ALEX JACOBS (@alexx._jacobs)

Effortlessly I glide.
The motions, like tides, I go through them.
I go through the motions and ride, soaringly, my excitement subsides
as I am bound to this line of redemption.

The sound of my mind’s intentions, is formidable.
On the surface it’s innocent, but what’s internal, isn’t.- portable.
I can’t carry this around with me anymore.
I need to be free and you need to let go.

But somehow I’m free of the need for you to let me go.

And with that I plant the seed, inside me, that without you I am no-thing.
The same as you and I combined, yet no wind.
I can’t take off to begin.
It is but merely a string- of emotions,
keeping my ship safe at harbor
But that’s not what ships are for.

Received when you were but only 11.
The higher you soared, the taller I got.
You was on such a high-
till one day, you got stuck.
In my mind, you were sticking around.

Until you were stuck dangling,
tree-bound, with no luck.
Unreachable even after I climbed the trunk.
You let out your final sigh.
I wish I could fly
in the wind of your lungs.

Tears in your eyes as I ran to mum.
Pointing to you, but by then you were gone.
Flying and gliding, silhouetting the sun.
Waiting to land, in whichever hands- you were soon to belong.

– Alexi

In Loving Memory of
Charlbi Dean Kriek

Update: Charlbi Dean Cause of death

The cause of Charlbi Dean’s death is revealed by her brother!

Alex Jacobs Kriek, Charlbi Dean’s brother, officially opposed the allegation that his sister had died from the COVID-19 vaccine on August 31, 2022. He said that Charlbi Dean died from a lung infection that may have been made worse by the fact that she had previously lost her spleen in an accident. Jacobs claims that Charlbi’s “mild” symptoms worried her so much that she requested her fiance, Luke Chase Volker, to take her to the hospital’s emergency room. Then, within a few hours, she passed away on the same day. In 2009, Alex’s sister was involved in a “very, very nasty vehicle accident” that left her with a damaged back and several broken ribs. Her spleen eventually had to be removed, which might have contributed to her passing away in 2022.

To discover the exact reason for Charlbi Dean Kriek’s demise, an autopsy is performed. A side effect of a vaccination cannot have caused Charlbi Dean’s death because they manifest within hours or days, not months. Mild side effects, such as soreness at the injection site, fever, headache, and fatigue, start to appear minutes to hours after the vaccine. While other severe adverse responses like myocarditis and VITT take days to manifest, anaphylaxis happens within minutes.

Additionally, the COVID-19 vaccinations’ spike proteins do not last for months. We would have lifetime immunity if these spike proteins were permanent, as anti-vaxxers contend. The spike proteins will be recognized by your body’s immune system as foreign and destroyed in a matter of days, but some may persist for as long as a few weeks. This is one of the ways that vaccines train your immune system to recognize and eliminate the adversary. This is just another instance of anti-vaccination advocates fabricating stories regarding the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations by using celebrity deaths and injuries. Until now, every accusation that the COVID-19 vaccination caused celebrity fatalities or injuries has been disproven.

Medico topics have made an effort to get in touch with the family and close friends to ask them about the tragedy. As per the inquiry, Charlbi’s family revealed, Charlbi died of Septicemia. The medical term for bacterial blood poisoning is septicemia or sepsis. It is the body’s most extreme response to an infection. Depending on the type of organism involved, sepsis that develops into septic shock has a mortality rate as high as 50%. Sepsis is a medical emergency that requires prompt medical care.

Ana de Armas, a Cuban actress best known for her relationship with Ben Affleck and her impending portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s Blonde, was one of Charlbi’s several friends.

The upcoming actress’s appearances in the 2018 episodes of The CW’s Black Lightning, the 2018 movie An Interview with God, or the 2010 and 2013 sequels to Donovan Marsh’s Spud may be known to viewers.

Rumors according to social media posts claimed the Triage of sadness actress died in a tragic car accident. But there is no official source to support this information. They might not be aware that the actress was involved in a car accident in 2008 and unknowingly linked that to her cause of death. To know more about her near-death car accident scroll down.

Charlbi Dean’s car accident

International model Charlbi Dean Kriek, who has been on the pages of Tatler and Vogue, was recovering in a hospital in Cape Town after a near-fatal vehicle accident over the weekend back in 2008.

Just before her boyfriend’s car caught fire in the early hours of Saturday morning, 18-year-old Kriek was saved from it.

They collided with the back of a truck on Marine Drive, and her boyfriend, model Ashton Schnehage, told The Times from the Milnerton Medi-Clinic, where the model remains in the ICU, that he battled to pull her out of the car.

To free his partner from the seatbelt, Schnehage had to completely tear it out.

Kriek, who has posed boldly for fashion heavyweights Gucci, United Colors of Benetton, and Ralph Lauren, fractured her wrist, four ribs, elbow, and two vertebrae. Other internal injuries she had included a ruptured left lung.

25-year-old Schnehage fractured his left shoulder blade. Four other passengers also had limbs broken.

However, Schnehage claimed Kriek was in a jovial mood: “Despite her pain, she was hopeful.

A month prior, Kriek and Schnehage had just arrived in Cape Town following a modeling spell in Paris and London.

Charlbi’s acting career:

Charlbi first acted in a 2010 film called Spud. The movie is an adaptation of a popular South African novel about a boarding school. The film also starred Troye Sivan and John Cleese. The late actress reprised her role in the movie’s sequel in 2013.

The role of Syonide was played by Charlbi Dean in the CW Network’s superhero program “Black Lightning.” She portrayed an assassin anti-hero with unbreakable skin and exceptional fighting abilities. The movies “Blood in the Water,” “Don’t Sleep,” “An Interview with God,” “Porthole,” and “Triangle of Sadness” are among her other credits.


Early life

At the age of 14, Kriek began her modeling career. She later quit high school to pursue homeschooling and worked in a commercial for the renowned Guess clothing line.

Additionally, in 2006, she starred as the first South African designer to present a collection at Paris Fashion Week, Gavin Rajah’s couture line.

The late actress is survived by her parents, Johan and Joanne Kriek, and her brother Alexi Jacobs Kriek. Charlbi also leaves after her fiance Luke Chase Volker and their dog Kanicki Deathbat Dean.


Tributes pour on social media for Charlbi Dean

One of Charlbi’s friends shared a heartfelt tribute to the actress on Instagram.

“She was a beautiful woman, and a beautiful soul who always lit up the room,” she wrote. “She was probably the coolest person I ever met.”

Charlbi’s mom mourns,

Joanne Muller, Charlbi’s mom, posted a picture of her late daughter on Instagram with a heartbreaking caption. “Our beautiful breath, will never breathe again,” the grieving mother wrote. “We love you forever and always.”

One fan said,

“Very sad that an up and coming young actor died right before their movie could’ve been a big break for them.”

Jeremy O Harris tweeted,

This is absolutely devastating. Charlbi Dean was such an exciting performer to me after seeing her in Triangle of Sadness. Her work had a vulnerability and intellect a lesser actor would have denied the character. A true talent and sending love to her family. RIP.

Film critic Guy Lodge tweeted,

What a massive shock and tragedy. She’s so witty and deadpan and clockwork-precise in Triangle of Sadness, and I was so excited to see a new South African talent on the international scene. My thoughts are with all her loved ones and collaborators.

Chief Culture Reporter of Independent Jacob Stolworthy tweeted,

Charlbi Dean was a genuinely lovely person whose talent and warmth the world was about to discover. beyond sad to read this

Shane said,

I saw it a little over a month ago. While I didn’t care for the movie, her performance was excellent. She really seemed talented. RIP

Alejandro Guillier said,

32 years old. What a loss. She died in a New York hospital from “Sudden Illness” 🙁

Shatner said,

She also survived a near-death crash back in 2008, you would think that would be enough brushes with death at such a young age.

John said,

On the eve of a movie that she was apparently very good in. Life is cruel. RIP.



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