Who killed Takayo Nembhard? TKorStretch cause of death, Motive Revealed

Takayo Nembhard killed: TKorStretch cause of death, Motive Revealed

Drill rapper, 21, a former footballer, was killed during the Notting Hill carnival. Let’s see how Takayo Nembhard was killed and TKorStretch cause of death in detail below.

Who killed Takayo Nembhard?

At 8 p.m. on Monday, Takayo Nembhard, 21, was tragically stabbed on Ladbroke Grove beneath the Westway flyover as crowds of people were gathering for the west London carnival. After the stabbing, officers provided the patient with initial care until paramedics arrived, and he was then transported to an ambulance “through significant crowds under challenging circumstances.”

Mr. Nembhard was brought to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead last night. He went by the stage name TKorStretch and has slightly less than a million views across his music videos on YouTube. The Metropolitan Police claimed that his heirs are well-informed and receiving support from specialized officers.

His passing was instantly confirmed by an Instagram post that read:

“Two years ago, a younger 19-year-old man traveled from Bristol to see me at my studio with his father; his name was Takayo Nembhard AKA TKorStretch.

We were taken on a journey by that assemblage. Together, we made some lovely music recordings. He had boundless knowledge, and I can tell you that he was on the verge of greatness! Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I deliver the information that Takayo (TKorStretch) left behind last night. He came to London from Bristol simply to enjoy himself at the carnival, and that is the end outcome in the end!

My sincere condolences to TK’s mother and father, as well as to his brother, two sisters, girlfriend, and unborn child! It aches my heart what happened to TK since he was a decent man and a very good child. My friend, rest in peace.

So far no arrests have been made or no suspects have been identified. Details on who killed TKorStretch will be updated here, once enough data available.

He played young soccer for Bristol Rovers before switching to drill rapping after having to give up the sport due to an injury. It happens as Roy Ramm, a former Met commander in charge of specialized operations, immediately declared that Notting Hill’s final day “degenerates” into violence.




TKorStretch stabbing aftermath video

IN THIS VIDEO(NSFW): There is spilling of blood all over the ground, Don’t watch if you are sensitive to these.


Takayo Nembhard was described as a ‘talented kid’ by his manager:

Takayo Nembhard, a 21-year-old rapper from Bristol was killed by a knife at the Notting Hill Carnival on Monday, according to his manager. The rapper traveled to Carnival with his younger sister and pals to have a good time, according to a statement from the musician’s manager Chris Patrick. The worst possible outcome for a gifted child, one might think.

On Instagram, he wrote: “Takayo Nembhard, also known as TKorStretch, was a youthful 19-year-old who came from Bristol to see me at my studio. “The atmosphere over the previous two days has been mostly cheerful and good-natured as carnival should be,” stated Commander of Local Policing Dr. Alison Heydari. Sadly, there were a number of violent occurrences on Monday night, and a man, age 21, lost his life. “As they cope with their awful loss, our sympathies are with his family,”

The Met’s Specialist Crime Command homicide detectives are in charge of the ongoing murder investigation. To find the perpetrators and bring them to justice, “they will investigate every avenue of inquiry.” “TK was a good boy and what occurred crushes my heart because he was a good guy.” Peace be with you, dear friend.

A Series of crime scenes happened.

The Met said several violent incidents and serious stabbings prompted a section 60 order within the event’s borders until 1 am, giving officers the right to search people without reasonable grounds.

A total of 209 arrests had been made by early Tuesday, including 46 for assault, 36 for possession of drugs, 33 for possession of an offensive weapon, 27 for public order offenses, and eight sexual assaults.

There were 35 arrests labeled ‘other’, 10 for possession of psychoactive substances, seven for drunk/drug driving, five for criminal damage, and one each for theft and robbery.

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