Who was Hayley Thompson? What was her cause of death?

Who was Hayley Thompson? What was her cause of death? Explained

Hayley Thompson died: Despite not being aware that she was ill, a MUM who passed away unexpectedly on her 36th birthday from an unidentified disease left a terrible statement for her daughter. Let’s see what actually happened.


Hayley Thompson, 36 died

In August, south Manchester resident Hayley Thompson passed away tragically just two days into a vacation in Devon.

She had not long opened her presents when she fell ill. Hayley reported feeling nauseous when she and her companion, Adam Woodhall, arrived back at their tent. She abruptly collapsed to the ground as she entered the bathroom.

Despite calling for paramedics, it was already too late. Inside her tent at Budleigh Salterton’s Ladram Bay Holiday Park, Hayley was found dead after three seizures.


‘If I die young’ – Hayley posted 4 months ago

Her family has now disclosed that just months before she passed away, she posted a TikTok instructing her daughter Ciana on what to do if she “died young.”

“If I die young…,” the note says. My baby can have my jewellery.

Notice that I was happy. To the funeral, everyone is required to wear yellow.

“I want FULLY yellow suits or dresses, no ties or suits. At the after party, please bring a DJ. You are not allowed if anyone refers to it as a wake.

daily remind Kiana and Adam how important they are to my life. Never forget how much I love my family.

“Wherever you see sunflowers I will be there.”


Liver scarring diagnosed in 2016

Although Hayley had been unwell in the years before to her death, her family was unaware of the true severity of her illness.

In 2016, she started vomiting blood and was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Doctors found liver scarring there, but they were confused as to what was causing it.

It was decided that Hayley should be added to the liver transplant waiting list after many hospital visits.

Her mystery disease was terminal without a transplant, something her family was unaware of.

Both times the hospital contacted to see if they could find Hayley a liver match, but tragically neither liver was the correct size. Her family claims she only wanted to “live her life to the max” as a result of being let down numerous times.


Her sister about her condition

Liah Thompson, her sister, remarked that she had been living life to the fullest for the last two years while she had been with her boyfriend. She used to be a rather big girl before 2016. She drastically cut her weight. She managed to achieve a state of genuine happiness and contentment in her life as a result.

We all knew she was ill and required a transplant, but we didn’t realise it would be necessary so quickly. I believe she exaggerated it since she had previously been rejected for transplants and wanted to go on living her life.

She merely desired to have fun, and I believe that is what makes me comfortable—that she was content.

Hayley loved Disney and was regarded as having a “heart of gold” and a willingness to “do anything for anyone.” A touching video that she posted on her TikTok account just months before she passed away has also been made public by her family.

“After it all happened, we found a TikTok video saying: ‘If I die young, just know I was happy,'” said Liah, a mother of three. It’s quite tragic.

“I’m aware that it’s rather trendy, but my sister genuinely did believe that. Hayley was a wonderful person with a large heart who always went above and beyond to assist you.

In order to hire a funeral director to transport Hayley to Manchester, Liah and her family are currently trying to raise money. Her body is still presently in Devon. Additionally, the funds will be used for a funeral.

It’s been difficult, Liah admitted. It was crazy; it was like riding a roller coaster. I’m still attempting to understand it. We just want her home because she has died away and is located all the way in Devon. I just want to get her laid to rest as quickly as I can. It breaks my heart.




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