Who is Jo Wilson? Sky sports host diagnosed with cervical cancer

Jo Wilson Cervical Cancer

Jo Wilson, a 37-year-old host for Sky Sports, recently revealed she had stage 3 cervical cancer and is currently receiving medical treatment. Let’s see Jo Wilson Cervical Cancer.


Who is Jo Wilson?

Scottish television host Jo Wilson is presently employed at Sky Sports News.

Wilson competed for Perth and her county in the sprint and jump events. When she was 17, she was awarded an athletics scholarship and spent a year playing basketball and participating in athletics at Stony Brook High School in New York.

She is a fan of St. Johnstone FC. In November 1992, when Wilson was 7 years old, she attended her first game at McDiamid Park against Motherwell.

The game was abandoned due to snow at the half. Wilson gave birth to a girl on September 23, 2020, and gave her the name “Mabel.” On April 20, 2021, Wilson returned to Sky Sports News after a 13-month maternity leave caused by Covid-19 limitations.


Jo Wilson Cervical Cancer

The 37-year-old TV host disclosed she was given a stage 3 cervical cancer diagnosis this summer and is currently receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

During Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, Jo, a frequent face on Sky Sports News since 2011, stepped out to urge women to get screening tests.

According to Jo, Jade Goody was the last person with cervical cancer who was well-known.

“After Jade’s passing, more women sought out smear tests; but, today, just one in three eligible women do so. I sincerely want to alter that.

“It’s worth speaking out if I can only save one other life by being honest about my struggle.”


Sky Sports host diagnosed with cervical cancer

When Jo went for her screening test in June, her gynaecologist instantly noticed the signs of cancer, according to Jo, who lives in the Cotswolds with her spouse Dan, 42, and daughter Mabel, 2.

The presenter was diagnosed with stage 3b cervical cancer, which had progressed to two of her lymph nodes, after additional tests.

She described the moment she received the terrible news as follows: “I sobbed while a sweet nurse held my hand.

Dan was quite surprised because he didn’t really expect it to be cancer when I sobbed to him after that. You’re holding out hope against hope that it might not be.


What is Cervical Cancer?

In the UK, cervical cancer claims the lives of about 850 women annually. 3,200 cases each year, or almost all of them, are avoidable. The NHS Cervical Screening Programme invites women between the ages of 25 and 64 for routine cervical screening.

Smear tests don’t seek for cancer; they prevent it. A sample is collected, and HPV is examined because it is a prevalent virus and can occasionally result in cancer.

It identifies cervix abnormalities that, if left untreated and undiscovered, could turn into cervical cancer. Unusual bleeding, which can happen before or after intercourse, between periods, or after menopause, appears to be the most prevalent and early indicator of cervical cancer. Knowing what is typical for you is important because everyone’s discharge is unique.

Has she had a Smear test?

Over the years, Jo had maintained a schedule for her smear tests.

The host had been due one while she was pregnant, but she put off getting a smear after having a difficult delivery with her daughter in September 2020, during which they both contracted sepsis.

Jo says, “I asked the doctor, ‘Am I going to die?'”

“He told me, “You’re not going to pass away.” “It’s highly treatable and very curable,” the expert said.

Since the diagnosis, Jo has lost a stone, and her calendar is full of hospital visits.

Jo advised other females to have a smear test, saying: “Nobody should experience what I am going through right now, I hope.



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