How did Susana Dosamantes die? What happened? Cause of death

How did Susana Dosamantes die? What happened? Cause of death

Susana Dosamantes, Paulina Rubio’s mother, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 74. Let’s see what happened, How did Susana Dosamantes die, and what was her cause of death.


What happened to Susana Dosamantes?

The depressing news was revealed by Rubio, 51, on social media on Saturday. “I want to inform you that my mother, the lovely Susan Dosamantes, starts a new cycle today, in complete peace and surrounded by her family, with my heart in my palm and great grief.”


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“My example of life, a being of light, a powerful lady, today enters the everlasting life,” the Mexican singer concluded.

Rubio continued by showing appreciation to the hospital’s staff, including the nurses, physicians, and other personnel, for providing excellent care for her mother, whom she referred to as her “angel.”

She went on, “We sincerely appreciate your consideration and respect during this trying [period]. Please respect our need for privacy from your loved ones.”

Before the announcement, according to PEOPLE en Espaol, Rubio talked to the media from Mexico about the “delicate period” her family was going through. I need your best prayer for my mother, who is constantly by my side and we live in uncertain times as a family, she added. “I am at a really sensitive phase in my family, and vulnerability is something that you have to teach,” she said.

Dosamantes was not just Rubio’s mother, but also a well-known actress in her native Mexico.


How did Susana Dosamantes die?

Susana Dosamantes was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is hospitalized at Mount Sinai Medical Center in the city of Miami, reported her son Enrique Rubio Dosamantes.

Through a statement, he pointed out that his entire family is focused on the recovery of the singer’s mother, Paulina Rubio.

“Her children, her grandchildren, and her entire family are united and focused on her recovery and with full confidence in the medical team that is assisting her and that has the maximum experience in this type of cancer,” he said.

He also requested respect for his mother’s state of health and to avoid rumors.

“In the most attentive way possible, the respect that this type of situation deserves, avoiding false and unnecessary speculation,” he said.


Susana Dosamantes Cause of death

As per the reports Susana Dosamantes was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2 months back and she was on chemotherapy and radiotherapy for the whole time. But even after her struggle against cancer, her body didn’t allow her withstand it. Now her daughter confirmed that her mother died of pancreatic cancer on social media.


Tributes to Susana Dosamantes

Raul Gutierrez tweeted, Mrs. Susana Dosamantes had one of the most beautiful faces in Mexico for many years, and a unique personality!



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