How did Fernando del Solar die? Cause of death Revealed

How did Fernando del Solar die Cause of death Revealed

It happens that the star of Argentine origin Fernando del Solar died this June 30, at the age of 49. Let’s see what happened, how did Fernando del Solar die, and what was his cause of death.


What happened to Fernando del Solar?

Fernando del Solar, the renowned Argentine actor, died this Thursday, June 30 at the age of 49. This is how various Mexican media are reporting it, although without revealing the cause of his sudden death.

“It breaks our hearts to report the unfortunate death of our beloved Fernando del Solar! At #VLA we send our condolences to all his family and friends! His legacy will accompany us forever in the whole family, Rest in peace, Fer del Solar!, the program ‘venga la alegriatva’ posted on social media.


How did Fernando del Solar die?

Almost a decade ago, Fernando began a difficult battle that few knew about, lymphatic cancer that in just a couple of months deteriorated his physical and emotional health.

Sadly, his death occurs a couple of weeks after saying goodbye to his father: “I feel very sad and I still can’t believe that I won’t see my old man anymore. Neither eat a roast nor laugh at his occurrences. Today I am going to smile because it happened, because it was him and because of everything we lived together, It’s only been hours and I already miss you. I keep everything I learned, with his successes, but more of his mistakes. Let’s fly to the highlands dad! You will always live in me, I LOVE YOU 🤍 “he shared on his social networks.


Fernando was hospitalized for pneumonia and accidentally found out about the Liver disease

After some media revealed that Fernando del Solar had been put into a coma after an emergency operation and that he had been in intensive care for a few days, his manager clarified to Who the state of health of the television host.

In 2012 the presenter was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that develops in white blood cells and is difficult to fight. At that time, Del Solar suffered several relapses, however, he managed to get ahead.

“I am finding out about this news that they released in a very irresponsible way. As Fernando’s manager, what corresponds to us is to inform the public and the media, because that is how Fer has always handled himself. Due to the conditions that occur on these dates, in the cold and illnesses, the only thing is that Fer must be more careful since a small picture of pneumonia was presented that is already being treated.

We know that this type of disease, if not treated in time, can get complicated. Logically, her doctor is in a hospital, the same one Fer went to, so there was nothing further, there was nothing to worry about, it was simply a case of pneumonia (lung infection that can be treated with antibiotics); I repeat, that it has to be treated with medication, in short, I am not a doctor to know what the procedure is, ”said Aarón Olvera, the representative of the Argentine.

Due to the concern generated by users on social networks, the manager decided to talk about the state of the artist, who was admitted to the hospital three days earlier.

“The only thing I can say is that everything is very calm, Fernando is fine, absolutely nothing is happening. I would ask you to please handle these types of notes responsibly so as not to alert the public and, above all, the family,” he added.

So far, Fernando del Solar has not issued any statement in this regard, however, it is said that the actor entered a hospital in the Pedregal area last December 23 and was assured that he is in the intensive care area.

On that occasion, the driver explained that it was not a relapse of cancer that had affected him years ago, but rather a liver problem that could be alleviated with proper treatment and rest.

“My liver is not absorbing the nutrients, that’s why I’m losing weight and the doctors explained to me that I had to lower my work rate,” he said.

The actor promised that he would recover and that he would gain weight to be able to return, adding that he “entrusted the changarro” to his colleagues because the program had been very successful.

“ Without health we have nothing, and I already experienced that, thank God, thank you ‘boss’. It is nothing of the other and you just have to recover energy, ”he concluded.

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Fernando reported having lung cancer

A few years ago the television host Fernando del Solar reported on the lung cancer that was diagnosed. Since then, he has suffered some relapses and constant respiratory crises.

Because of this, the beloved 48-year-old presenter was hospitalized for a few days on July 2021 “due to oxygen deficiency, ” as reported in this week’s edition of TVNotas magazine.

According to the magazine, informed in turn by a person close to the man born in Argentina, after he overcame the deficiency he was discharged and returned home with his partner, Anna Ferro, and his family. However, he was instructed to return to the hospital in case of any discomfort.

“He was at home and began to feel bad, it was difficult for him to breathe and they immediately took him to a hospital in the south of CDMX, where they have treated him since 2012,” the source close to Solar told the publication.

“It was just a lack of oxygen, thank God it wasn’t strong, it was controlled and he was only in the hospital for a few days. Due to his illness, it is normal to see that Fer is given this type of picture, ”he detailed.

Later, the source told the magazine that the driver faces this type of discomfort without a certain frequency. Even months could go by without any crisis and, without apparent warning, it can become destabilized.

“When they give him his crises, they can be controlled as long as they take him to the hospital on time, as happened on this occasion (…) the doctor recommended that he rest for several days until he gains strength and takes his medications at the foot of the letter”.

“At the slightest symptom, you must go to the hospital again, and, above all, you must be calm,” concluded the source close to del Solar in an interview with the Mexican magazine.

In addition, the publication showed photos of the driver in a wheelchair and with a nebulizer to help his breathing in what is presumed to be the hospital that the source mentions. In the snapshots, Fernando is helped by a nurse and accompanied by his partner.

Fernando was captured while leaving the vicinity of a hospital south of Mexico City in the morning. Although he did not want to stop to clarify the reasons why he was there, various cameramen recorded the driver in his vehicle.

As seen on the Venga la Alegría program, Fernando left the vicinity of the hospital in a car and with a companion: “ We were concerned about the image, but we know that it is fine, that it is treating a condition, that at this time we are not could say, but we send a greeting, “said the journalist Flor Rubio at the time of broadcasting the video.

Later, Horacio Villalobos revealed that del Solar had left the same hospital where Eric del Castillo and Silvia Pinal were treated over the past week. The first was due to a domestic accident that did not cause major damage and the first actress to treat an alleged urinary infection and a cardiovascular issue.

At the moment, Fernando has not stated if his visit to the hospital is due to this latest episode reported by the magazine. However, on different occasions, del Solar has spoken about her health and the complications he has had with her.

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Fernando del Solar Cause of death

The TV Azteca morning confirmed the news through its social networks.

So far the causes of death are unknown, but it is known that the 49-year-old Argentine suffered from lung cancer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that develops in the body’s white blood cells. The illness leads to the spread of cancer cells throughout the body, frequently in places like the lymph nodes.

Fernando, however, fought bravely against his illness and was diagnosed with most cancers. According to reports, Fernando beat his disease after a long battle that lasted several years. Even though he beat cancer after a long struggle, his issues persisted even after the treatment. The post-cancer remedy issues have been quite problematic. He was unable to regain his health because of his problems. He was struggling with problems following his treatment.

The American Cancer Society website states that the condition results in unchecked cell growth that can turn malignant and spread to different parts of the body. These lymphomas, which start in white blood cells, are what the disease is known for.


Anna Ferro said goodbye to the actor

The death of Fernando del Solar shocked everyone because of how endearing the driver was throughout his career, however, one of the people most affected by the sudden departure of the famous was Anna Ferro, his wife.

And it is that in mid-April 2022, Anna and Fernando would have married in a romantic wedding, which they once told Venga la Alegría that it was one of the happiest memories they had.

Thus, before the sad news that the former host of Hoy passed away, his partner shared a heartbreaking message for him from his Instagram account.

“I love you with all my being to infinity and beyond, simply thank you. And now how do I live without you … You did it, love, you lived each day as if it were the last, ”she wrote.

After the death of the former host of Hoy, his relatives issued a statement in which they made a very special request.

“Fer, always with her smile full of light, the best attitude and love sprouting from every cell.  Tireless fighter of his dreams and ideals of him. Today he went flying even higher… and that news reaches the hearts of all of us who knew him, ”the message began.

“As a family,  we are comforted to know that everyone will lovingly understand this moment of intimate farewell and we are infinitely grateful for all the signs of affection, support, solidarity, and respect,” continues the message that was placed at the bottom of a black and white image of the remembered driver.

“If you want to accompany Fer,  light a candle that shines honoring his life and helping this world to have more light,” asked the message issued by the family this Thursday night to the 415 thousand followers of the official account of the late presenter.

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Fernando del Solar and Anna Ferro’s romantic wedding

Fernando del Solar and Anna Ferro officially married, in a very intimate ceremony that was captured forever by a famous social magazine.

“Finally, after proposing to her…. I married this hottie @annaferro8!! In paradise itself @breathlesscancunsoul  It was March 22nd and he gave me the “Yes” … we succeeded. Thank you @hola_mx for such a nice interview,” Fernando wrote on his Instagram account.

It was in April 2021 when, through a publication on this same social network, the Argentine shared the moment in which he proposed to his current partner, causing excitement among his fans for the wedding that has now been confirmed and applauded by many Mexicans. and Argentines.

Likewise, during an interview for the  TV Azteca morning show, the celebrities reappeared a few days after becoming married, and, with all the happiness that this new life deserves, they told some little-known details of the entire process they went through to get to the altar.

Anna Ferro narrated that, contrary to tradition,  she was not involved in how the ceremony would be carried out and confessed that at first it was “hard work “, but later it was easy to enjoy the experience.

Both she and Fernando delved into the fact that the wedding was a ceremony that sought to connect with nature and that is why they decided to do a shamanic ritual.

“The votes were interesting because it is when you touch the heart in my case it was what is said to love and respect you every day of my life because  I want to spend my life with you always every day I choose you, “said the former member of Come Joy.

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Tributes to Fernando del Solar

Del Solar is remembered for having presented TV Azteca programs such as ‘Insomnia’, ‘Sexos en Guerra’, ‘Life is a song’, however, the one that marked his career was ‘Venga la Alegría’, where he served as one of the main drivers for 6 years, from 2006 to 2012.

He also managed to develop as an actor in 4 telenovelas, including ‘Perla’ and ‘Háblame de Amor’. He even ventured onto the big screen with the films “La Familia de mi Ex” and “Don de Dios”, the latter film in 2005.

Fernando leaves his wife Anna Ferro, with whom he married in April 2022 in an intimate ceremony held in Cancun, Mexico, after three years of relationship. And two sons: Luciano and Paolo, fruits of his relationship with Ingrid Coronado.

The presenter of “Hoy” did not know that his friend died this Thursday until a group of reporters informed him

“No Yes? No chingu * s , really? Don’t tell me that, bastard, too bad. No moms. Pardon the words, I didn’t know. Damn, you bastard. You don’t know how I love him”

Through its official Instagram account, the renowned Ajusco television station spoke about the news and published a photograph of Fernando Del Solar accompanied by an emotional message: “We regret the death of @fernandodelsolar. His legacy will be with us forever throughout the @azteca family. Rest in peace”

Additionally, Tábata Jalil -one of the most stable hosts within the program- lived with the Argentine for a long time: “I am very saddened and I suppose that also in their homes,  I did not see it coming, a few days ago we were tweeting and joking, but I think that Fer del Solar is an example to follow, he is a man of light, he is a great friend who taught me that life is beyond the forums, he is a man who gave an example of being a witness in love and Honestly, he never lost his attitude.”

After the announcement of the sensitive news, users of various digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and even TikTok did not hesitate to share with a slight touch of humor, but mostly in a very respectful way, some memes or farewell images to the presenter.  Among the comments you can read emotional messages that allude to the good times that millions of viewers had thanks to their company:

“Every morning my mom and I spent the only time of the day together while Fer was driving VLA, I’m really sorry for this loss.” “After all, he fought until the end, although I feel that it is very unfair.” “Fucking cancer once again proved that it doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not, rich or poor, everyone is treated equally .”



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