What happened? Is Yazmin Oukhellou alive? Jake McLean Cause of death

What happened? Is Yazmin Oukhellou alive? Jake McLean Cause of death

Jake McLean, the TOWIE star Lauren Goodger’s ex-boyfriend, died tragically in a vehicle accident that also seriously injured Yazmin Oukhellou, his on-off lover. Let’s see what happened, Is Yazmin Oukhellou alive and her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean Cause of death.


What happened to Yazmin Oukhellou

Yazmin, 28, is allegedly in critical condition following the incident; according to reports, the car exited the road and plunged down a cliff.

It’s believed that Jake, 33, who had dated Towie actress Lauren Goodger, was in the car when he lost control of the vehicle in Bodrum.

While Yazmin was brought to the hospital, emergency personnel arrived quickly but were unable to rescue Jake.

It is believed that Jake, 33, was driving in Bodrum, Turkey on Sunday when the horrific accident happened.


Is Yazmin Oukhellou alive?

Yazmin, 28, who gained renown for her TOWIE performances, is thought to be recovering in critical care.

It’s a tremendous tragedy and a devastating loss of life, a source told MailOnline.

“Everyone is shocked and praying Yazmin recovers completely,”

Another insider told The Sun that Jake was apparently driving when he lost control of the vehicle, which caused it to crash into a cliff.


Yazmin Oukhellou and Jake McLean’s Relationship

Yazmin and Jake have been dating on and off. They first got together approximately a month after she ended her romance with James Lock, another Towie star.

A year after they started dating, she took the life-changing choice to go to Dubai with Jake to live. They had confirmed their relationship with a series of photos taken in December of the previous year as they had a romantic date night.

The relationship quickly soured, however, and Yazmin was left feeling “devastated” when Jake was spotted leaving a club with another Towie star, Ellie Jones.

After learning that Jake had cheated on her with Ellie Jones, a previous Love Island competitor, Yazmin ended things with Jake in January.

Since Yazmin last shared a picture of herself in London on Tuesday, it is unclear when the couple reconciled and why they are in Turkey.

After tricking his way into a mother’s house and assaulting her before a masked group ran in and raided the family home, Jake was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in 2008.

He allegedly conned his way inside the building by posing as an estate agent. Jake was 18 at the time.

After Yazmin told her Instagram followers that they had broken up, Yazmin and James lock were spotted having lunch together at a restaurant in Essex and it was believed she had found James Lock again.



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